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Husky, bison, protected groves and medieval fortresses.

Husky, bison, protected groves and medieval fortresses.
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


2 Days


By Car


398 km






Kids Friendly🎅 Winter Trips
You will have a rich family trip with bright emotions and impressions. You will walk along ecological trails, enjoy winter landscapes and fresh air of forests, go skiing, skating, husky and horseback riding. You will be able to set foot in two medieval towns - Vyborg and Svargas. And finally, you'll meet real furry bison. Book hotels along the route with up to 10% cashback. A special offer for Mastercard holders awaits you at the end of the route!
Mastercard Routes
Mastercard Routes
  • Toy Riding on the Puhtolova Hill.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Walks in Old Vyborg.
  • Medieval town of Svargas.
  • Husky riding.
  • Acquaintance with the bison.
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Fabulous trails and alpine skiing
Day 1167 km3 km

Fabulous trails and alpine skiing

The morning will begin with an environmental trail in Komarovo. Then your way lies on the ski resort, where you can go skiing, cocktails and even skating. In the afternoon you will find another eco-trail in a linden grove, which was planted by Peter the Great. And, of course, the day will not do without horseback riding - children will be delighted with these cute creatures. In the evening you will walk along the historical centre of Vyborg, which has been perfectly preserved since the Middle Ages.
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Middle Ages and bisons
Day 2231 km3 km

Middle Ages and bisons

Your morning will start slowly, as yesterday was very active. Take a walk along the Vyborg embankment, enjoy the architecture of the city in the light of day. Have an early lunch here and head to explore the medieval town of Svargas. Get to know Scandinavian culture, this time with husky and bison. Believe me, they will bring you unforgettable pleasure!
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