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How to diversify your trip: travel from St. Petersburg to Moscow

How to diversify your trip: travel from St. Petersburg to Moscow
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Saint Petersburg


2 Days


By Car


884 km






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We suggest you take a trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Sounds trivial, doesn't it? Except that this route is not just a highway march in one day.
Take your time. Visit interesting and beautiful places along the way. You will walk through the most picturesque natural locations, touch ancient times in Veliky Novgorod, spend the night on the shore of Lake Valdai and get acquainted with the wooden architecture in the ethnographic park-museum.
Route from Moscow to St. Petersburg
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Mastercard Routes
Mastercard Routes
  • Novgorod Kremlin.
  • Lake Ilmen.
  • The Iversky Svyatoozersky Monastery.
  • Znamenskoe-Rayok estate.
  • Vasilyovo ethnographic complex.

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Travel Itinerary

On the way to Valday
Day 1430 km45 m

On the way to Valday

Today you have a long, but very rich and interesting journey ahead of you. Explore picturesque ruins, walk along the Kremlin walls, feel the energy of the lakes Ilmen and Valdai.
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Antique architecture and the power of nature
Day 2454 km

Antique architecture and the power of nature

It is time to leave Valday and move towards Moscow. Today you will see even more beautiful historical buildings and natural landscapes. And in order to catch as much as possible, you'd better get up early.
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