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How to diversify your trip: travel from St. Petersburg to Moscow

Road Trip Route. Novgorod Kremlin, Lake Ilmen, The Iversky Svyatoozersky Monastery, Znamenskoe-Rayok estate, Vasilyovo ethnographic complex.

We suggest you take a trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Sounds trivial, doesn't it? Except that this route is not just a highway march in one day. Take your time. Visit interesting and beautiful places along the way. You will walk through the most picturesque natural locations, touch ancient times in Veliky Novgorod, spend the night on the shore of Lake Valdai and get acquainted with the wooden architecture in the ethnographic park-museum. [Route from Moscow to St. Petersburg](путешествие-из-москвы-в-петербург/60c2fa9c4382a96f8cb9b234) **Book hotels along the route with up to 10% cashback.**

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: On the way to Valday

Today you have a long, but very rich and interesting journey ahead of you. Explore picturesque ruins, walk along the Kremlin walls, feel the energy of the lakes Ilmen and Valdai.

Saint Petersburg

Аракчеевские казармы

There is a special aesthetics in dilapidated old buildings, especially when the buildings are as large as the Arakcheev Barracks. In the ruins even today one can still guess the austere classical forms, and the columns are well preserved.


Here you are in Veliky Novgorod. The first thing you should do for lunch is to visit a local restaurant "Zavod" - it's a gastrogobar with "Russian spirit and the smell of Russia", and this is where you can taste the most delicious cabbage soup and pirozhki.

Кремлёвский парк

Now go and explore the Novgorod Kremlin, see the ancient fortifications and temples, and be sure to take a picture at the monument "Millennium of Russia". If you still remember the five-ruble banknotes - this particular monument was depicted on them.

Озеро Ильмень

Before continuing towards Valday, take a walk on the shore of Lake Ilmen.

Beer Shop

Thinking about what non-trivial souvenirs to bring from Valday? How about the products of the local brewery? The beer here, by the way, is not craft beer, but craft beer. It even sounds more soulful that way.

Molodezhnyy Tsentr "Mesto.valday"

The Valdai region is rich in magnificent scenery, but, alas, there are not many decent restaurants here. The coziest place in the town is a cafe located on the territory of the youth centre "Mesto", on the shore of the Valdai Lake.


Before you go to bed, take a walk along the city promenade and enjoy the beauty of the lake. Do you see the domes in the distance? That's Iversky Bogoroditsky Island Monastery, tomorrow you'll see it up close.

Day 2: Antique architecture and the power of nature

It is time to leave Valday and move towards Moscow. Today you will see even more beautiful historical buildings and natural landscapes. And in order to catch as much as possible, you'd better get up early.

Валдайский Иверский Святоозерский мужской монастырь

Valday Iversky Monastery attracts pilgrims with its ancient history and tourists with its unusual location. It is easy to reach the island: the road leads directly to the monastery walls.

Вышневолоцкое водохранилище

And again a stop in a picturesque place, this time at the reservoir in Vyshny Volochok.

Казанский монастырь

The real jewel of Vyshny Volochok is the Kazan Monastery, built at the end of the XIX century. The way of life in the monastery is very strict, so you can see it from inside only on holidays and Sundays. But to examine the exterior decoration you can at any time.

Архитектурно-этнографический музей под открытым небом "Василёво"

Architectural and ethnographic complex "Vasilievo" will definitely be of interest to fans of Russian wooden architecture and "Night Watch". It would seem, what does vampire fantasy have to do with it? The answer is quite simple: it is in Vasilievo, on the "Devil's" bridge was filmed scene of the battle between the forces of light and darkness.

Usad'ba Znamenskoye-Rayok

The most famous manor in the Tver region, both luxurious and austere at the same time. Lovers of beauty are attracted not only by architectural forms of the manor itself, but also by the incredibly beautiful park that surrounds it.


Blackbird is a maximally atmospheric cafe located in the centre of Tver. From 11:00 till 16:00 you can get to brunch and taste rather unusual author's dishes. How about a roast beef sandwich in coffee marinade?

Набережная Афанасия Никитина

There is still a road to Moscow ahead, so don't linger long in Tver. Take a stroll along the Afanasy Nikitin embankment before continuing on your way.

Ямской лес

It's a pleasure to walk around the surroundings of Yamsky forest! The scenery looks like it came out of Shishkin's paintings. Even the nearest street has a beautiful name "Picturesque".

Озеро Сенеж

Make a stop at the pearl of Solnechnogorsk - Lake Senezh.


Walking along the lake shore, you probably had time to admire the sailing ships on the water and find the monument to the mermaid. But there is one more beautiful location for photo nearby - Solnechnogorsk lighthouse. It is actually an observation deck. The lighthouse does not show the way to the ships, but it looks very interesting and unusual.

Restaurant 5642 Height

This is the end of an unforgettable journey. You can spend the final dinner in the restaurant with a panoramic view. Beautiful interiors, varied menu. **Pay the bill at the restaurants Novikov Group with an exclusive 10% discount. Tell the waiter that you are a World Elite MasterCard® cardholder before receiving your bill and pay with your World Elite MasterCard®. [Full promotion terms and conditions](**