Horseback riding, karting and a museum of amusing sciences on a two-day trip from Kaliningrad – Road.Travel

 Horseback riding, karting and a museum of amusing sciences on a two-day trip from Kaliningrad

Road Trip Route. Visit centennial hydroelectric power plants and medieval knightly castles, Take a horseback ride in the picturesque forest, Rock on the biggest swing in the area, To get acquainted with the cities of Gusev, Chernyakhovsk and Gvardeysk., Try your hand at a karting club., Experiment in a museum of amusing sciences, .

If you don't have a lot of time and you want to do a lot, this route is ideal for you and your family. We offer you to spend the nearest weekend in the southern part of Kaliningrad region. In two days here you can have time to climb knightly castles, ride horses and skates, appreciate the creativity of local craftsmen and go for a month ahead. It is better to plan this weekend trip to visit as many places as possible and get the most vivid emotions. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%.

Families with Kids, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Kaliningrad

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Pravdinskaya HPP, Gerdauen Castle, horseback riding, skating and cinema

Start your journey by visiting the Pravdinskaya hydroelectric power plant and Gerdauen castle, and in the afternoon take a horse ride through the picturesque forest and swing on the biggest swings in the Kaliningrad region. In the town of Gusev, go skating, and lastly visit the local 3D cinema.


Pravdinskaya HPP

The small hydropower plant, built about 100 years ago, of which it was in operation for 65 years.

Gerdauen (замок Гердауэн)

The main attraction of the village Railway is the dilapidated castle Gerdauen. It was built in 1315, but no one has lived there since 1678. Only the gate, the ruins of the western wing and the rebuilt well with stables are left of the castle. Despite this, the building is impressive in scale. Be very careful when walking around the surroundings and the castle itself: it is in emergency condition!

Старая Мельница

Not far from the castle is a cozy cafe "Old Mill", where it is so great to eat and warm up cool winter days. Be sure to try a shish kebab here and have a cup of real coffee, and your children will definitely appreciate the delicate curd cake. Please note that the coffee shop is closed on Mondays.

Sports and fitness complex "Rus'"

Under the city of Gusev there is a sports and fitness complex ["Rus"](, where you should definitely look for an hour or two. Together with children you can ride on the highest swings in the region or take a horse ride through the snowy forest. Or you can send your children to the play area and play billiards yourself. You can find out the details by phone at [site](

Health and fitness center of Gusev

FOK of Gusev city is considered the best in the East of Kaliningrad region. Here you can swim in a sports and children's pool or go skating (skates can be rented there). Before visiting it it is necessary to call by phone on [site](, as the schedule of free visits changes every month.

Red Riding Hood

For dinner, stop by the Red Riding Hood Cafe, which offers a good selection of pizzas (including "baby" pineapple and strawberry), snacks and hot drinks.

Cinema Lumen Film

If you still have some energy left, you can stop by the local cinema ["Lumen"]( or visit the Gusev [House of Culture]( if there is an interesting event on the poster.

Day 2: Beauty Gusev and Chernyakhovsk, Cat Yard, Carting and Children's Museum

The second day will be dedicated to the sights of three small towns in the region. In Gusev you'll visit the Mint Garden, in Chernyakhovsk you'll see the Steam Train Monument and Castle of Insterburg, in Gvardeysk you'll have a look at the charming Cat Yard. In the evening, try your hand at a karting club and learn something new at the Museum of Entertaining Sciences, while you can end your day in the chic restaurant at the Radisson Hotel.

Coin garden

After breakfast, go for a walk on Gusev. The town is tiny: only 28 thousand people live here. In 40-45 minutes you can quietly go around its main attractions, lingering for a while around everyone. Park your car near the Mint Garden: if the ground is not heavily covered with snow, you can find enlarged models of vintage coins here. Take a walk to the city's main square. If the children are already tired, turn back. If not, walk to the tank monument and Eiffel Tower model and return to your car through the Alley of Fame and the sculpture of the Humbinn Elk.

Паровоз серии ТЭ № 52-3643

At the entrance to the city of Chernyakhovsk there is an attraction that will be particularly interesting to young fans of technology. The monument steam locomotive TE-3643 is a trophy German locomotive, which is also called the "locomotive of war". Most of the trophy locomotives were converted to a wide track of 1520 mm. However, a European track (1435 mm wide) also leads to Chernyakhovsk from Poland, so there were steam locomotives to work at the depot. Rare steam locomotives (and there are two of them here) can be reached only through the first platform of the station, going towards Gusev along the tracks.

Insterburg (Замок Инстербург)

Not much remains of the Knight's Castle Insterburg, built in 1336 - part of the forge and defensive walls. However, the ruins are incredibly beautiful even in winter, and thanks to enthusiasts the castle does not come to its final decline. There is a museum and a creative workshop on the territory. For a nominal fee, you can take a detailed tour and see everything that interests you. Please note that the museum is closed on Mondays.


A democratic price tag, favorite hot dishes, great portions - there's no better place for lunch than Solokha's!

Koshkin Dvor

Thanks to an indifferent resident, a whole town of local cats has grown up in one of the courtyards of the Guards, laid out of river stones. There is a very special atmosphere: on the facades of the houses you can see painted cats, and in the center of the courtyard grows a luxurious chestnut. The courtyard also offers a magnificent view of the birthplace of the River Deima.

Skul'pturnaya Kompozitsiya "Malysh"

Take a stroll to another Guards landmark. The sculptural composition "The Kid" appeared here in August 2015. The robots collected "from what was" will delight your children. From the robot you can go back to the main square of the city and visit the monument to Russian soldiers of the devil wars.


Stop for half an hour to warm up, eat and drink a cup of tea at the Café Ladybug, which is located near the Cat's Court. Pancakes with different fillings, shawarma, sandwiches, fries - stock up on energy before your upcoming adventures. The café is open all day except Monday.

Leader Karting Club

Check out the Leader Karting Club for an hour. It has a 650m outdoor track and 250m indoor track at the clubhouse. Both tracks are equipped with electronic timekeeping. Children from 6 years of age (height from 120 cm) are allowed on the tracks: the mini-cards are very easy to operate. In winter the club works from Friday to Sunday from 14:00 to 20:00. Before visiting the club, be sure to call the [site](

EinsteiniUm Museum of Fun Sciences

The EinsteinIUm Museum of Fun Sciences is a wonderful place to relax, have fun and gain new knowledge about the world around us. Pendulums, levers and blocks, games and puzzles, optical illusions - all exhibits in the museum not only can be, but should be touched with your hands! Keep an eye on the master class schedule so you don't miss out on something really interesting. On weekdays the museum is open from 13:00 to 16:30 (or by preliminary request), on weekends from 10:00 to 19:00. More information in [museum] group (

Radisson Blu

You can finish your journey at the Radisson Blu Hotel restaurant. Choose your favourite international cuisine or French classics and enjoy your dinner in a pleasant environment with muted lights and quiet background music. **If you are a guest of the city, book a room on a special page on the site [Radisson Hotels](**, pay for it with a premium card Mastercard and get a 15% discount, as well as the possibility of early check-in and late check-out. [Full stock rules](**