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Horseback riding, bathhouse and mysteries of Serebryanoye village

Road Trip Route. Take a horseback ride through scenic fields, Admire the beauty of the mysterious "Collapse of the Earth, Learn all the secrets of Serebryanoye village, Visit a pagan temple, Take a steam in a Russian banya.

Got a free day? Don't stay at home! Go and explore the beauty of Omsk region. There is a lot of interesting places and entertainment along the route: horseback riding tour across the snow-covered fields, geological miracles, myrrh-streaming icons, pagan temples. Get dressed warmer and let's go!

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Marina Selivanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Horseback riding and miracles of Serebryanoye village

Start your day with the horse-riding trip around the picturesque surroundings of Petrovskoe village, then hurry to Serebryanoye village which hides many secrets. You can also drop in at the resort "Belaya Vezha": you can go down the hill, visit the pagan temple or enjoy the Russian banya.


Gazpromneft filling station #15

So, guys, shall we go? Just to avoid any surprises on the way, fill up to the full with quality fuel, inflate the tires, fill up the washer and take a coffee with some healthy snacks! Have a great travel experience!

Talisman Equestrian Club

For a horse ride through scenic fields and forests, head to the Talisman Club. It's fun for beginners and advanced riders alike. The duration of the ride varies depending on the weather and your wishes. After the ride you can visit a mini zoo with rabbits and guinea pigs, and drink hot tea with pancakes. Visits must be arranged in advance by phone in the official [group](

"Alina" cafe

Stop by the roadside cafe Alina for lunch. The establishment offers hearty home-cooked food, ample parking and a beautifully decorated space in the spirit of Russian fairy tales and Soviet cartoons around the main building.

Temple of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

One of the miracles of Serebryanoye village is a myrrh-streaming icon of the Mother of God in the Church of Peter and Paul. With the arrival of the Bolsheviks it was decided to blow up the old church of the XVIII century. There is a legend that the night before the decision the church was blown up one meter underground. The second life of the temple appeared in the beginning of the 90s, when the survived icon of the Mother of God started to exude a precious myrrh.

Holy spring Panteleimon

Serebryanoe is also known throughout the region for its healing springs. There are more than a hundred of them here, but only three are blessed, including a spring in honour of Panteleimon the Healer. The spring is well-equipped, a wooden path leads to it, and there is an open baptismal font; those who dare to take a dip in it will have an unforgettable experience.

A land failure.

On the bank of the Irtysh near the village of Serebryanoye there is a unique geological site, which the locals nicknamed "The Failure of the Earth". A century and a half ago, something amazing happened here: just before sunset, a part of the high bank collapsed into the river with a terrible rumble. Thus, a steep cliff and a sandy ridge were formed that were gradually overgrown with forest. And the towering clay ledges resemble rocks - they are now called "Devil's Fingers". Why the banks of the Irtysh collapsed, is unknown. But the landscapes are truly impressive! The road gradually narrows, so part of the way is better to walk.

Belaya Vezha

You may spend the rest of the day at the tourist camp "Belaya Vezha" on the bank of Irtysh. Besides wonderful views on the river, the base offers to visit pagan temple of six idols (new-made), to go sledging from the hill, to fish or to be steamed in Russian banya on firewood. And there is also a cosy cafe, where you can have a tasty lunch after walking outdoors. You can get detailed information and book activities by phone at [website](