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Horseback riding and ATV safari in Krasnodar region

Road Trip Route. A trip to the Countryside Recreation Club, where winter is all year round, Rest on a horse farm, Unforgettable walk in a wildlife park, ATV Riding, Adventures on the Cypress Lake and in the Utrish Nature Reserve, .

A tour for lovers of extreme and outdoor recreation. A journey where children do not get bored and parents will have fun. You will go towards Anapa, and on the way you will visit the most interesting places of the Krasnodar region. Horseback riding and hiking trails are waiting for you in the reserve "Utrish", which can be used even by children. There will also be extreme entertainment in the Succo Valley, and quad bike safaris. A trip to the Wildlife Park and recreation in the Peanut Grove. All this in just two days. We promise you'll come home in a good mood! If you go on this trip in autumn, you will get even more unforgettable experience, because this season cypresses on Lake Succo shimmer with all shades of red. Incredible beauty is a phenomenon! The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Amarok](

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Horseback riding and walks in a wildlife park

Go from Krasnodar to Anapa, and on the way drop in a couple of places where you can have a good time. Start by stopping at the Country Club, where it's winter all year round. Even in summer you can go skating, snowboarding or tubing here. Afterwards, visit a cozy horse farm, which you won't want to leave. But you will have to leave to visit the huge park, where live animals that for some reason can not exist in the wild.


Country Holiday Club

In Severskaya village there is a Country Rest Club, where you can try more than 30 kinds of entertainment. If you come here in the warm season, you will have the opportunity to go fishing in the complex or visit the water park, ride the wave in the wake-park. Winter activities are also available here - you can go skating, snowboarding, tubing and skiing. The uniqueness of the complex is that thanks to a special coating synthetic snowplast, winter fun is available here almost all year round. More details about the services can be found [on site](

Ферма Владимировка

A few kilometres from the Country Club there is a cozy horse farm. In this place it is pleasant to simply spend time walking around the well-groomed territory, where there is a cool playground, several gazebos for recreation with barbecues, and of course, the stables. We recommend taking an hour-long horseback riding tour of the surrounding area: you will get a lot of impressions of the surrounding beauty and an unforgettable experience. Before visiting, it is best to contact the farm and check the possibility of a visit at the desired time. All necessary contacts can be found on [website](

Cafe "Kush"

Have lunch at Kush café in the village of Ilsky. On the menu you'll find Italian cuisine: pizza, focaccia, pasta. Here you will also find delicious desserts and burgers - sometimes you can treat yourself to a hearty fast food.

Natuhaev Wildlife Park DoDo

In the afternoon we offer to go to the Wildlife Park, founded in 2007. The logo of the park shows a fictional bird Dodo, which resembles a dodo. The park is really huge, its area is about 10 hectares. Here you visit animals and must follow their rules. Walk only on specially designated routes and carefully observe the life of camels, llamas, meerkats, kangaroos, deer, fallow deer, alpacas and birds - swans, pelicans, ducks. This is not a complete list of the inhabitants of Dodo Park. The park logo has a big and interesting history, we recommend you to read it [on site]( Prices can also be found on the link.

Ореховая Роща

After moving to Anapa, we suggest going for a walk to the park "Orekhovskaya Roscha". Once there were planted only a couple of saplings of walnut, now the park is decorated with more than two thousand conifers and deciduous trees.


For dinner go to the Georgian restaurant ["Matsoni"]( On the menu you will find dishes prepared according to the best recipes in the best way. Be sure to try "Abkhazura by Chef" here. Reserve a table in advance by calling 8(928) 844-92-92

Day 2: Lake Succo and Utrish Reserve

Today you have a busy day outdoors. In the morning you will go for an unforgettable experience of ATV riding. You will ride on your own along the 20 km route and see the resort city of Anapa from a bird's-eye view. Further on, you will travel to the unique Cypress Lake and the Utrish Nature Reserve tourist route.

Cafe Expa

Today will be a very busy day, so you need a good breakfast and a refreshing coffee. Go to Expa Cafe, where the most delicious pastries and fragrant drinks are served.

ATV Safari

After breakfast go to Kumatyr farm, where there is a wonderful center of ATV rent of the latest models. You'll drive along a scenic route along magnificent lakes to the observation point, from where you'll enjoy a magical view of the mountain peaks. It's up to 20km long and lasts just over an hour. ATV rides are available daily by appointment. You can find contacts at [website](

Кипарисовое озеро

After riding quad bikes you will have a trip to the unique Cypress lake. Surrounded by mountain slopes and forests, the valley with relict trees and junipers has healing properties and special energy. It is best to come to Lake Succo in late autumn, when the cypresses shimmer in all shades of red. The spectacle is unforgettable. On the territory of the lake is an amusement park "Succo Valley", here your rest will be even more colorful and fun. You can rent a catamaran, go fishing, rent a gazebo, get an unforgettable experience by flying over the lake on a zip-line ride or ride a bike surrounded by cypresses. Learn more about the park, services and prices at [site]( If you still don't understand why cypresses are cool. Here's an interesting fact: this species of tree grows only in North America and to meet cypresses in the Krasnodar region is a miracle!


After a fascinating walk, drop in for lunch at the Dambar Café, located in the park. The menu includes kebabs made from different types of meat and fish, grilled vegetables, hot snacks and specialty desserts.


The next three hours will be unforgettable in the nature reserve "Utrish". You'll walk along the tourist trail "Savina Slit", its length is 3 kilometers. The trail starts near Sukko village and ascends the Navagirsky Ridge to the altitude of 270 meters. A walk along the scenic area will be interesting and useful for both adults and children. You may also choose another route - 'Canyon' which is of the same length. The main attraction of this route is Perevannaya rock, to which, according to legend, Prometheus was chained. You can read more about the routes at [website]( Dates and times of both group and individual visits are coordinated by phone, contacts can be found [on the link](

Monument stele Hovering eagle

It's time to go to Krasnodar, but first take a look at another interesting place. The "Soaring Eagle" monument majestically protects the beginning of the Caucasus Range. There is an observation deck with incredible views of the mountains, sea and Anapa. Every tourist vacationing in Anapa should visit this place and take a beautiful photo as a keepsake.


And you can finish this unforgettable journey at the restaurant "Osaley". Very diverse menu, but the most pleasant things are prepared here from what is grown according to ecological standards in the personal farm of the restaurant. The interior is made in medieval style, you can feel the special atmosphere of the old England or Gothic castle.