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Horseback rides, zoo, trampolines: family trip from Krasnodar

Road Trip Route. Learn to cook pizza, Go horseback riding in Abrau-Dyurso, Jump in a trampoline centre, See a camel and a llama in the park of wildlife "Dodo, .

You don't have to go to the tridevyas to get up on mountain skis, go horseback riding or see kangaroos. The most interesting things are literally under your nose - a couple of hours drive from Krasnodar, if not closer. As part of this family mini-trip you will visit a bunch of interesting places and spend time with interest and benefit. Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Multivan](

Families with Kids, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Krasnodar

Volkswagen Multivan.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Cooking master class, horseback riding, developing center

Start your day by visiting the "Valley of Lefkadia", where children's pizza cooking workshops are held. Then move to Abrau Durso for a walk in the beautiful lake park and horseback riding. And after dinner, check out the Edison Children's Development Center in Novorossiysk.


музей Вина Лефкадия

"Lefkadia Valley" is a huge winery complex where you can learn all about the birth of wine. The territory of the complex is impressive: the original tower, from which, as if in the palm of your hand, you can see the whole valley with endless vineyards, French garden, the magnificent lake Gechepsin, bridges and rotundas. And for children there is an hour-long master class for making Italian pizza - the lesson should be booked in advance [here]( or by phone 8 (800) 200-30-33.

Amphora Restaurant

You can have lunch here, too. Amfora Restaurant is prepared exclusively from local products and the menu includes special seasonal offers.

Russia" horse-racing complex

In the afternoon, hurry to Abrau-Durso for a horseback ride along the forest paths, past the lakes and mountains. There are also riding lessons, a tour of the stables and a photo session with the equestrian theater actors. Telephone for booking 8-918-064-56-43. In winter [Club]( is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00.

Аллея Абрау Дюрсо

Finally take a stroll along the Abrau-Durso alley and park, which is a small creative space with sculptures and installations.

Эники Беники

You can have dinner in Novorossiysk: the restaurant "Eniki Beniki" is created for family rest. The authors of the project decided to focus on "simple and clean food". The menu includes salads, snacks, soups and, of course, dumplings with about 10 kinds of fillings. You can reserve a table at [site]( or by phone 8 (8617) 30-30-66.

Edison Children's Development Center

You can spend the rest of the evening at the Edison Children's Development Centre, which provides entertainment and useful activities for children from 3 years old. The average duration of the class is 1 hour. You can sign up for a master class on making neon lizards, decorate a water bottle with a drawing of your favourite hero or listen to a fascinating lecture about space. The cost of the class - 2500 rubles, time can be agreed (private lessons are held no earlier than 17:00). You can make an agreement about individual lesson by phone +7 (989) 245 52 49 or via the form on [site](

Day 2: Novorossiysk, trampolines, zoo, snowboarding and tubing

After a morning stroll through winter Novorossiysk, jump in a trampoline centre and then head to the Dodo wildlife park. From there the way goes to the "Countryside Recreation Club", which offers a bunch of entertainment - from snowboarding to snow slides and a bathhouse.


Winter Novorossiysk is a very special spectacle. Don't miss an opportunity to walk along the quay to admire the winter sea and, if you're lucky, snow-covered vessels and sculptures.

Cosmos Trampoline Center

Warm up and feel free flight in weightlessness go to Cosmos Trampoline Center. For trampolines, grab your sports clothes without zippers or clasps. An hour of classes costs 300-500 rubles, children under 5 years of age are free. [Center]( is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00. Phone for contact +7 (918) 66-777-18.

Дом Советов DS

"Dom Sovetov" is considered one of the best restaurants in the center of Novorossiysk. Impeccable service, highest level of food serving. Prices are not cheap, of course, but you will not regret your visit. Book a table by phone 8 (918) 466-65-55.

Park Zhivoy Prirody "Do - Do"

In the Wildlife Park ["DoDo"]( in Natuhaevskaya village you can watch the life of kangaroos and camels, llamas and meerkats. Important pelicans and swans walk along the bank of the pond, while a huge glass enclosure is home to lemurs. Ticket for children over 12 years and adults costs 600 rubles. The park is open daily, all year round from 9:00 till dark. After a walk you can have tea with a bun in a small cafe on the territory.

Klub Zagorodnogo Otdykha

The "Country Holiday Club" offers a whole bunch of entertainment for the whole family. Bath, bowling, billiards, tubing (even without snow), snowboarding, alpine skiing, ice palace, sports ground - almost all of this is available every day from 10.00 to 22.00. Some attractions need to be booked in advance by phone, which you can find [here](


Restaurant "Oshaley" is a grandiose complex with its own subsidiary farm, where products for future treats are grown - from birds, rabbits and fish to vegetables and greens. Dinner in such a place will be the perfect end of a family trip. The restaurant is often rented for festive events, so you'd better call +7 (988) 528-07-70 before visiting.