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Hit a snowboard in the baptized frost right from Perm!

Hit a snowboard in the baptized frost right from Perm!
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2 Days


By Car


471 km




Active Leisure🎅 Winter Trips
On the route, we will experience two types of activity: downhill and trekking.
We'll visit the Tacman and Gubaha ski resorts. During the breaks before and after we enlighten ourselves in the ethnocomplex of the Chusova River, as well as looking for inspiration in the Usyvinsk Pillars and Stone Town.
Pavel Ivshin
Pavel Ivshin
Travel Expert
  • Elk Lair Rifle Range.
  • Chusova River History Ethnographic Park.
  • Tachman GLC.
  • GLK "Gubaha".
  • Stone Town.
  • Oswi poles.
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Travel Itinerary

To the mountains!
Day 1247 km

To the mountains!

After morning discharging at the shooting gallery, we go to two ski complexes: Takman and Gubaha. We go snowboarding and skiing, we have a rest! And to keep your eyes open, there is a cultural-historical layer in the face of the ethnographic park of the history of the Chusova River. No nudity - everything in essence, everything is the most interesting.
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In the rocks!
Day 2224 km

In the rocks!

In the first half of the day we conquer the slopes of "Gubahi" and then move to Usva and make trekking to Usva pillars and Stone Town.
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