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History Day in the Sverdlovsk region

Road Trip Route. Kirovgrad Museum of Local History, Historic center of Nevyansk, Nevyanskaya Tower, House of blacksmith Kirillov, Museum of Military Equipment "Battle Glory of the Urals".

If you want to plunge into history, learn about the life of the locals, get acquainted with the family of Demidovs, this travel itinerary will surely suit you! You will visit the Kirovgrad Museum and learn about how people lived in this region in different historical epochs, in Nevyanovsk you will visit the famous local "falling" tower, and get acquainted with the family of Demidovs, visit a large museum of military equipment, as well as see the amazing beauty of a small house, which is a real work of art.

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Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Acquaintance with history

Historical museum, falling tower and fairytale hut, as well as acquaintance with military equipment - all in one day! Hurry up and go!


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Kirovgrad Museum of Local History

The first point of the route will be the Museum of Regional History, where you will have the opportunity to learn about life in this area from ancient times to the present day, to see various household items, chests, old irons and spinning disks, clothes, samovars, baby carriage and other antique items. The museum also has an exposition dedicated to the participants of WWII. Weekend: Sunday, Monday.

Café Slavyanskoe

Lunch will take place in a cafe. The menu includes various snacks, soups, dumplings, side dishes, meat and fish dishes, pizza, desserts, a fairly large selection of soft drinks. Everyone can find the dish they like!

Nevyanskaya Tower

Let's go on a tour of the falling tower. The tower was built in the XVIII century by order of Akinfiy Demidov. During the excursion you will visit several floors of the tower and learn a lot of interesting things. You will see old photographs and documents, visit the Demidovs' office, the laboratory where silver and gold were supposedly melted to make fakes, get to the hearing room, see the bell, go up to the observation deck and see the city from a bird's-eye view. To get to the tower, you need an appointment. The tour can be booked [on site](https://невьянскиймузей.рф/posetitelyam/jekskursii/nevjanskaja-naklonnaja-bashnja-demidovy/).

Historic center of Nevyansk

After the tour you will walk around the square, where in addition to the tower you will also see the Transfiguration Cathedral and the Historical and Architectural Museum. Walking, enjoying the views and architecture!

House of blacksmith Kirillov

We will go to the village of Kunara, where we will see an unusually beautiful house. Many call it a gingerbread house. The smith Sergey Kirillov created it for over 50 years! On the house you can see birds, flowers, the coat of arms of the Soviet Union, figures of children, church domes and many other elements. You can look at it for a very, very long time. And, of course, here you get beautiful and bright pictures!

Музей Военной Техники "Боевая Слава Урала"

Let's go to the museum and get acquainted with military equipment. There are more than 500 units of military equipment, you can also see models of weapons, domestic awards, uniforms (from the XVIII century to the present day) and much more! Monday is a day off. From Tuesday to Sunday the museum is open until 19-00.

Своя компания

The journey ends with dinner in a restaurant. The menu offers a wide choice of dishes of Russian, European and Japanese cuisine. Snacks, salads, rolls, hot dishes, desserts, there are also dishes for vegetarians. Cozy and polite staff will make your evening truly wonderful.