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History Day in the Sverdlovsk region

History Day in the Sverdlovsk region
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History and Culture🎅 Winter Trips
If you want to plunge into history, learn about the life of the locals, get acquainted with the family of Demidovs, this travel itinerary will surely suit you!
You will visit the Kirovgrad Museum and learn about how people lived in this region in different historical epochs, in Nevyanovsk you will visit the famous local "falling" tower, and get acquainted with the family of Demidovs, visit a large museum of military equipment, as well as see the amazing beauty of a small house, which is a real work of art.
Eugenia Laputina
Eugenia Laputina
  • Kirovgrad Museum of Local History.
  • Historic center of Nevyansk.
  • Nevyanskaya Tower.
  • House of blacksmith Kirillov.
  • Museum of Military Equipment "Battle Glory of the Urals".
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Acquaintance with history
Day 1221 km2 km

Acquaintance with history

Historical museum, falling tower and fairytale hut, as well as acquaintance with military equipment - all in one day! Hurry up and go!
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