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History and Freedom at the Very Edge of Europe

Road Trip Route. You will discover cultural Lisbon with its museums, panoramic views and traditions, Explore restaurants and small cafes for local cuisine, Meet new people and hear dozens of stories, Look at the monasteries, churches and fortresses, Visit the beaches of Cascais, Walk through the art district of the city with its shops, installations and souvenir stores.

Pousada is a separate cultural component of Portugal. In many cities, you can stay in a picturesque building, resembling at least a small palace. Each of these hotels is decorated in Portuguese style, complemented by traditional interior details and equipped with modern technology. A stay in Pousada will make your holiday unforgettable and give you a mood of luxury. You can learn more about what awaits you on a journey from this pre-made scenario. Do not think about anything, just relax properly in Lisbon and Cascais.

History and Culture. From: Lisbon

Alexey Lukin. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Starting our introduction to Lisbon

Today marked the beginning of our fascinating journey through Europe's westernmost capital. Our plans for today include numerous walks around the most popular spots in the city, as well as the start of an introduction to the local cuisine.

Concha D'Ouro

The best way to start a vacation in Lissbaon is to have dinner in a fish restaurant, where you should try one of the most popular dishes in the country - cod. A table at Concha D'Ouro restaurant is better to be booked in advance, because the national cuisine of this institution is appreciated not only by tourists, but also by locals, so free tables are rarely left unused.

Igreja de Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa

Not only the exterior and interior of the cathedral are of historical and architectural interest. Especially impressive is the unique history of the region, it is located. Many years before it was built, there was a Roman temple on this territory, which was later converted to Christian. There was even a time when there was a mosque in this place. The cathedral undoubtedly deserves special attention, and its two high bell towers can be seen from anywhere in the city.

Praça do Comércio (Terreiro do Paço)

Lisbon has an extremely large number of places where history is intertwined with modernity and where it is combined. Praça do Comércio is no exception. When you return to the hotel with your first impressions, you should take a look around the pause in which you will live for five days. See Praça do Comércio itself, also known as Palace Square. In the 18th century, the entire square with the building of the Ribeira Palace was destroyed by a powerful earthquake. It has been restored and today we can admire only the architecture of this spacious square with a great past, but also the bright city events, festivals and festivals that are held here. You can meet a large number of walking tourists and locals in the square, breathe in the ocean breeze that always accompanies the people of Lisbon and go unpacking and preparing for a new day.

Day 2: Lisbon's breathtaking views

Today's day has a lot of interesting things in store for us. Firstly, we are going to take a long walk through the streets of the capital and get to know its stunning architecture. In addition, we will visit various viewpoints and small shops.

Elevador de Santa Justa

You can have breakfast at the hotel and go exploring the city right after. In the center of one of the streets, next to other buildings you can see an elevator separated from other buildings in the neighborhood. Its function is extremely simple - it helps the locals walk the steep slopes from Rua do Ouro to Praça Largo do Carmo. In 2002 this building was recognized as a monument of national importance and is very popular among tourists, as it offers a fabulous view of the city.

A Vida Portuguesa

If you believe that globalization is erasing not only the borders between countries, but also our history, then you need to go for real Portuguese products in the store "A vida portuguesa". Here you can find real traditional cosmetics, household utensils and even clothes of old Lisbon manufacturing factories, which passed their designs and skills to create things for centuries from generation to generation.

Flor da Estrela

Lunch at the Flor da Estrela restaurant. Kitchen, quality of service and neat room, what else do you need for a pleasant and leisurely lunch on the road? It is not necessary to book in advance, but if you are worried about availability, it can be easily done over the phone. It's a small but atmospheric restaurant. Prices are moderate and the staff is responsive and always tells you if you have any doubts about the names of dishes or would like to try something specific. Please note that the facility is closed on Saturdays and is open until 3 pm on Sundays.

Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

The best way to get acquainted with the culture of any country is to study its past. As a rule, all cultural and national peculiarities of each state are born from distant times. The National Museum of Ancient Art tells a lot about the origins of modern culture in Portugal and Lisbon and visitors can see sculptures, paintings, works of art in gold and silver from different eras and from different authors. This museum contains works by the greatest artists of XV-XVII centuries (Bosch, Dürer, Velasquez and many others). The museum is closed on Mondays, and on other days is open from 10:00 to 18:00.

Basílica da Estrela

If you've already seen a huge white dome on a walk through the city, you should know a little about it. This dome belongs to the Basilica da Estrela. The building was erected in the XVIII century, the construction itself was carried out during the second half of it. It is worth visiting to appreciate the interior of the basilica and the intricate interlacing of three types of marble, as well as the huge nave designed by Joaquin Machado de Castro, which consists of more than 500 figures. The basilica is linked to several major historical events and can easily be called one of the obligatory places to visit in Lisbon. Don't miss your chance.

Placa Implantação da República

When passing by, pay attention to the architecture of the beautiful square with the same beautiful name. It is a square reminiscent of the Portuguese Revolution, which is of great importance to the local people. This is a monument to the victory of the Republicans over the inaction of the King, the victory of ordinary people who believe in their own strength.

Amoreiras 360º Panoramic View

The observation deck with a breathtaking view is located in the shopping center "Amoreiras". It is the highest point of the city (174 meters above sea level), from which you can see the most famous sights of the city: Belém Tower, Estrela Basilica, Sé Lisbon Cathedral, 25 de Abril Bridge, Cristo Rei (Christ the King with outstretched arms in the manner of a cross) and, of course, breathtaking views of the city. The observation room works from 10 to 22 with a break during the day (from 12.30 to 14.30), except Saturday and Sunday. A visit to the Amoreiras 360 panoramic platform can be a great end of the day or an inspiring start.

DOTE - Cervejaria Moderna

After visiting the breathtaking panoramic area, it is worth having dinner and a glass of beer in a good bar. This evening we offer you to visit a modern brewery, where you can try your favorite or new beers in a cozy atmosphere, relax and remember everything that pleased you during this day. The bar is open long enough, until 1 a.m. every day, so if you like the end of a busy day, you can stay here longer. However, the script goes further, back to the cozy pudding.

Day 3: Historical heritage of the capital

At the height of our trip, we plan to devote a full day to exploring the historical heritage and culture monuments of the capital. We will also stroll through neat and picturesque streets and visit several museums.

Museu Nacional dos Coches

This national museum is considered one of the most popular in Lisbon. Here, old luxury and attention to detail are concentrated. Its exhibitions focus on a variety of carriages as well as buses. Previously, the museum was located in the old arena in a building built in neoclassical style. However, the exposition grew and the museum moved to a new modern building made of glass and concrete.

Vela Latina

If you've ever dreamt of having lunch on the riverbank with a beautiful view of the historical sites and the sunny city, you'll love lunch at Vela Latina. All the names on the menu (especially the fish ones) are worth your attention, and the atmosphere will make you really relax and rest before you go further. The restaurant is open from 12.00 to 22.30 with breaks in the mixing from the day of the week. Open the details to check the day.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

Want to be part of the historical events that took place in Lisbon during the era of great geographical discoveries? This is the last spiritual stronghold for Vasco da Gama and his companions on the threshold of India's discovery. In this largest historical complex are buried Portuguese kings, as well as Vasco da Gama himself and famous Portuguese writers. You can also visit the National Archaeological Museum, located in the Western wing of the monastery.

Belém Tower (Torre de Belém)

Walk along Belem Park to the Tower of the same name on the Tagus River on a small island. The tower is not only an example of the Portuguese Renaissance, but also has a history of five centuries ago. Access to the tower is available from 10.00 to 17.00. On Mondays, the tower is closed. If you are interested in all the details of its history, you can book tickets in advance and spend 2 to 3 hours to get to know the sights. However, it is also a valuable opportunity to take a walk in the park, get out to the promenade of the beautiful river and admire its views.

Jardim De Belém

The park is perfect for walks and sightseeing around. Walking through the park, you can have a snack in a small dessert cafe, go to the Cultural Center Belem, visit bookshops and souvenir shops, breathe fresh air, explore the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, as well as stumble upon the monument to discoverers, located nearby.

Miradouro de Santa Catarina (Adamastor)

It is not just a small viewing platform, it is a park located on one of the seven high hills of Lisbon. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and some of the sights. The observation room is open all day. Here you can also relax and have a snack at the local café. If you are interested in all Lisbon's sights, visit the Pharmacy Museum near the Belvedere.

Pensão Amor

This place is worth a visit not only because it is open for a very long time - up to 3 a.m. Here is a special atmosphere of an ancient cabaret, where sailors often came back from long journeys. Segdonya has a nightclub that has preserved its historic interior, but brought in modern music and a quality menu, which was a good addition to the rich history of this restaurant. The easiest way back from Jadrim de Belem is by bus 15E, 728. You can call a cab.

Day 4: Magnificent views of Cascais

Today we plan to leave the capital of Portugal and head west along the coast to a small town called Cascais. Here we will find beautiful scenery, interesting architecture, beautiful beaches and delicious food.

Tasca da Sé

To get started as soon as possible with our plans for today, you can have breakfast in the hotel restaurant or in this cafe, where a variety of confectionery and fragrant coffee is served. It is also worth visiting this place because of its authentic atmosphere, the smell of fresh bread and friendly staff. Please note that the restaurant is closed on Sundays.

Palácio da Cidadela de Cascais

You can learn more about the various castles and fortresses of Portugal's past by visiting this historic XV-XVII century building, built at a time when the country needed the protection of all its shores most. Inside, the rooms of the Portuguese royal family were recreated. Visitors here are offered guided tours. It is also worth remembering that the museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Baía do Peixe

A hearty lunch after a rich program of educational excursions will help to feel the inspiration better. The fish restaurant in Cascais with a beautiful view of the sea should restore your strength for further impressions. The restaurant is characterized by a pleasant atmosphere and an interesting concept, the so-called "rodizio", when every time the plate of the guest who paid a special fixed amount of money is empty, the waiters bring more until the guest is full. You can experience this every day from Tuesday to Sunday from 12.30 to 23.30.

Praia da Rainha

After a hearty lunch it is worth to take a walk and go to one of the cleanest and coziest beaches of this city. The last day before you leave should be remembered for a long time. Whether it's a relaxing holiday on the beach or a nautical sport in the warm season, it's up to you.

Tágide Wine & Tapas Bar

Traditional tapas and wine in the evening can be found in this bar, located in the port of Cascais, with beautiful landscapes of the seaside town and in a relaxed atmosphere. Perhaps here you will even feel like a character in a romantic movie, where you are not in a hurry, but enjoy life and every day, paying attention to the details of a beautiful small town, are proud of it.

Day 5: Saying goodbye to the city

Today is the last morning of our trip, and to make the most of the day, our plans include walking around the city's most memorable neighborhood, as well as breakfast at a nice restaurant.


You can have breakfast at the hotel or in this nice and cozy place. The place is open every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., closed only on Tuesdays, so you will always have the opportunity to enjoy exquisite dishes from the freshest products. Be prepared to wait here for your order, so you can adjust your time in the morning and prepare to leave the hotel in advance.

Palácio da Cidadela de Cascais

The ideal end of the trip will be a visit to the art district of Cascais called "Citadel". Here you will not only find funny objects of art, but also enjoy a walk along beautiful streets. There are many souvenir shops in the area where you can buy gifts for yourself or your loved ones.