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Hiking in Sierra de Las Nieves Park

Hiking in Sierra de Las Nieves Park
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On this two-day route from Málaga you can combine a walk through a village in the interior of Malaga, such as Alhaurín el Grande, with bathing in the river Grande (Coín) and hiking in Tolox and Yunqueras (Sierra de las Nieves Park).
You will stay in a rural hotel, and you will be in contact with nature. The best time to do this route is spring and the first months of summer.
Don't forget to bring appropriate clothing and gear for the river and the hikes.
Aldana Chiodi
Aldana Chiodi
Travel Expert
  • Discover a "city with the soul of a village".
  • Take a dip in the river Grande, in a "hidden" spot in Coín.
  • Enjoy nature on walks near Tolox and Yunqueras.

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Travel Itinerary

Alhaurín el Grande and Coín
Day 170 km4 km

Alhaurín el Grande and Coín

On the first day of the route you will visit Alhaurín el Grande to walk through its narrow streets, visit some of its main viewpoints and eat in its gastronomic center. Afterwards, you will drive to an uncrowded spot on the river Grande, near Coín, to enjoy an afternoon on the river. You will finish the day in a rural hotel where you can rest surrounded by nature.
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Tolox and Yunqueras
Day 281 km10 km

Tolox and Yunqueras

On this second day of the trip, you will get to know two trails near Tolox, within the Sierra de las Nieves National Park. One of them is easier and is known as the Charco de la Vírgen. The other one is a bit longer and more complicated and is called Sendero de las Cascadas. Then, you will drive to Yunqueras to do another short trail surrounded by pine and eucalyptus trees.
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