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Heart of Georgia

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This time we went to Georgia! We decided to dedicate the first trip to the state capital and nearby places of interest in order not to watch everything in a hurry, but to give everyone enough attention. During the time allocated for this trip we managed to visit the national park and climb the mountains, marvel at the architectural beauty of Helen, walk through several city parks and enjoy the fresh air. Also, we have not forgotten about museums and cultural attractions! Have a good trip and new emotions!

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Adventures Begin!

Atlanta! Georgia's capital city! Today we will spend the night here and go on a fascinating journey around the state, and at the end of the route we will spend a couple of days here and see the city properly.

Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta

Turns out there's a Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta, too! Of course, for the first dinner, we chose it to compare it with the ones we've already had. The interior here is gorgeous! Everything is full of musical instruments and paintings. This cafe, as well as all its brothers, has its own measure, which is sold inside, in a separate store.

Day 2: The Road to Chattahoochee

It's time to move on. We had to get to one of the state's national parks. On the way there are very beautiful places, waterfalls and vineyards, which we will definitely stop by.

Corner Bakery Cafe

Before we left, we went to the nearest bakery to get some refreshments. Got porridge and croissants. It's a nice, quiet place, but we shouldn't have stayed up, it's time to go!

Roswell Mill Waterfall

The first stopover point on our route today was the Chattahuchi National Recreation Area. Morning is a great time for walks, as there are few people to enjoy the beauty of nature. There is a waterfall on the territory, but there are no signs to get to it. As we found out to get to it, after the wooden bridge you have to climb up the stairs and stick to the left side. Shoes need to be comfortable, in some places there are dirt roads and small rises.

LongHorn Steakhouse

After such a walk, I really wanted to eat, but I had to move on, so we decided to have lunch somewhere along the way. We're staying at a little restaurant. There's everything you need not to go hungry: steaks, burgers and a variety of salads. Tasty and fast!

Top of Amicalola Falls

A beautiful observation deck with a waterfall. The park is big, but we just didn't have enough time to walk through it. There's still a lot of interesting places ahead, so we're getting a little warmer on the road!

Cartecay Vineyards

It's a beautiful place. Unfortunately, you can't taste the wine and drive the car, so we decided to take a few bottles with us and try them when we had the opportunity, as well as refill the bar at home.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

The train outside looks very nice! It's an attraction, and if you have enough time, you can go on a Blue Ridge tour. We chose to go for a walk around town.

Fightingtown Tavern

Great place for dinner, with a small terrace and a nice interior. Everything is fresh and delicious, and the staff is very friendly, which is typical for a small town. Eating, we, happy today, went to the room. By the way, the restaurant works on weekends, but on Wednesday and Thursday it's closed. But don't worry, there are a lot of interesting cafes in the neighboring houses, so you won't be hungry.

Day 3: Blue Ridge National Park and Neighborhood

Today we'll go to the Chattahoochee Nature Reserve, spend a day outdoors and have a picnic outdoors. In the evening we decided to organize ourselves a little entertainment, movie viewing, also in the open air.

Waffle House

Most cities have a Waffle House. Works 24 hours a day. If you need breakfast in the morning and all the places start working in the afternoon, this is a great place to eat deliciously and nourish yourself.


Of course, you can't go to the park without food and water, especially a picnic in the open air - the perfect solution for lunch! We bought everything we needed at the local store and set off on the road.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Stunning views are a short description of the park! The mountains, the lake, it's all beautiful! You can ride the car and stop by admiring the beauty of the landscape, or you can get up in the parking lot and explore the area on foot. In such places you can feel the benefits of travelling by car - you can go to the farthest point of the park as far as the road allows.

Fall Branch Falls

Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful places in the park, in my opinion. Here we stayed longer to not only take a picture against the background of water currents, but also to walk along the park's hiking trails. The advice about comfortable shoes and clothes is still valid!

Boro Inn Irish Pub

Back in town, we decided to sit in a cafe for a little rest. It looks like an Irish bar. In the evening, people gather here and it gets pretty noisy. If you want to relax and rest in the campaign, this way! The food is delicious, but it's quite standard for a bar. You can see that this place is not a place to eat, but to have a drink and have fun.

Swan Drive-In

How do you spend the rest of the day in a small town? We've never been to a place like this, and here, the open-air cinema was a great option for evening entertainment. This place has its own website that has a session schedule and rules of conduct written on it.

Day 4: Little Germany

We haven't been to Germany yet, but it's not a problem! Georgia has its own Little Germany, Helen City. That's where we're going tonight!

Waffle House

Before we left, we stopped by Waffle House. The place is network, not particularly suitable for lovers of fine cuisine, but proven! Eat, take the coffee with us and go on the road.

Crane Creek Vineyard

Very beautiful vineyard with a fine selection of wines. We already have a couple of bottles from one winery. We've got more here, for comparison. The hosts were very friendly, advised which variety to take and wished them a good trip.

Brasstown Bald Observation Deck

The observation deck with a very beautiful view! If you're lucky, on a clear day you'll be able to see the landscape 360 degrees from the observation tower. They say it's the highest point of view in Georgia. There is a souvenir shop where you can buy a T-shirt or any other souvenir for yourself or your friends.

Müllers Famous Fried Cheese Café

Here we have reached the final point of the route today - the city of Helen. The first thing we did was go to one of the restaurants to grab a bite to eat. If you want to try real Czech or German cuisine, go to this place with confidence! Like the whole town, it's pretty atmospheric, and the food is delicious!

Helen Square

Amazing! It feels like you left the U.S. in an instant and ended up in Germany. The whole city is stylized as a provincial village somewhere in Bavaria. Cobbled streets and low colorful houses, just a fairytale place!

Bigg Daddys American Tavern

For dinner in the city there are several places we chose Bigg Daddys. A place with American cuisine, cozy. One burger to eat, they're huge here! You can sit in the institution itself or, if the weather permits, outside.

Day 5: Nature and Waterfalls on the Way to Macon

The road to Macon runs through several interesting places, a park with waterfalls and a wonderful botanical garden. In the evening, we'll be in town and have an evening promenade.

Hofers Bakery

The atmosphere of the fairy tale is preserved! When I walked into that cafe, I felt like I was in a magic gingerbread house. The baked goods and cakes here are delicious, I wanted to try each of them, and I'm sorry it's too much for me.

Anna Ruby Falls

We didn't go that far from the city to Lake Unique to see the waterfalls. We were advised to come here by the locals we met yesterday in the tavern. The park they're in is very beautiful. Clean, asphalted paths, all for a comfortable stroll.

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Wonderful botanical garden, an oasis on the outskirts of the city! A great place to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the beauty of nature! Variety of flowers and plants, near each tablet with the name, description and interesting facts.

Peppino's Pizza

It's been a while since we ate pizza. The whole place is very good, but the interior is boring. The waiter assured us that this place is the best pizza place in town. The bottom line is, the pizza is delicious, but I can't say it's the best I've ever tasted. The service is fast, the prices are reasonable for such a place.

Tatnall Square Park

Tattnall Square has tennis courts, a pergola, a fountain and footpaths all over the park. After a long move, we decided to take a little walk through it before dinner.

Francar's Buffalo Wings

They didn't choose a place for dinner and went to the first place they liked. The wings are delicious, with a side dish of French fries or vegetable sticks, not expensive. The interior is simple, but quite atmospheric, reminiscent of my room when I was a teenager.

Day 6: Aviation Museum

Today we're going to the Aviation Museum, one of the biggest in the U.S.! Let's look at the huge planes, as well as sit in the cockpit and feel like a real pilot.


Morning starts with coffee! We've found an interesting place and we'll go there in front of the Aviation Museum, taking a box of doughnuts in the car to have a snack on the road if we want.

Ocmulgee National Monument

The Okmalgi Park is open daily. There are hiking trails, as well as an archeological museum of local Indian cultures. Next to the tourist center is a restored thousand-year-old dugout, which you can enter.

Museum of Aviation

The highlight of today's day is the Aviation Museum! Here you will find an amazing collection of planes and a description with detailed characteristics. Some people can sit around and feel like a real pilot. It is one of the largest museums in the U.S., it consists of an indoor area and a huge outdoor area.

The Taco Shed

It's a great place with tacos! Big portions, delicious and not expensive - the perfect combination! This place even has tacos named after Warner Robins! You can take the food with you, or you can eat at the restaurant.

Terminal Station

Back in town, we left our car and just walked for a couple of hours enjoying the architecture. We walked down the streets and the promenade. Each city has its own atmosphere, people, and sometimes it is worth just looking into places where tourists do not go. Sometimes such walks are no worse than exploring national parks and attractions.

Margaritas Mercer Village

With places to eat tonight, the city was pretty sad. We've found a place that's more or less acceptable to us. In general, the food is not bad, Mexican cuisine with various tacos, fajitas and salads.

Tatnall Square Park

The rest of the day was dedicated to a walk through the night city. Every city is transformed in the dark, in the light of lanterns and signs looks completely different. If you're not too tired, it's a good idea to organize an evening outing.

Day 7: Through the Parks to the Capital of Georgia

Let's go to Atlanta! On the way we will stop at several natural parks, one of which has hot springs. We'll walk around the city near the capital, and then we'll go to Atlanta itself.

Roasted Cafe & Lounge

Coffee and sandwiches are a proven option for breakfast, especially since coffee is very well made here. Barista was quite positive and pleasant, I had a short conversation with him, which made me very happy. It didn't make sense to sit for a long time, so we took our order and went to find a grocery store to buy food and water for a picnic.

The Fresh Market

The store on the way bought everything they needed and drove on.

High Falls State Park

The state continues to delight with its beauty. In addition to the waterfall itself, the park has walking paths and excursions can be booked. There are quiet seats with benches where you can relax and unwind.

Indian Springs State Park GA

We have another park on the way. Indian Springs is one of the most prominent hot springs on its territory. There are also clean picnic areas and showers. Very beautiful places for photos, especially the rocky river.

McDonough Square

They decided to look at other nearby cities in front of Atlanta. They chose the McDonough that was conveniently in the way. Cozy town with a beautiful square and park. Small buildings, there are interesting, unique architecture. There is a tourist center in the city, where you can learn about upcoming events, they are held here quite often.

Daddy D'z

As planned, we arrived in the capital in the evening to have dinner, go to bed and start getting to know the city with fresh energy. We drove into a great place, as it turned out to be by chance, asking passers-by where you can eat deliciously. I'll tell you right away if you want to get a high-end gastronomic extravaganza, with white tablecloths and expensive wine, you're not here. It's a place for those who love great local food and atmosphere. Outside, the place looks very original and may seem strange. Put aside your prejudices and just get inside! That's the kind of barbecue we haven't had in a while! It's delicious!

Day 8: City Tour

We'll dedicate this day to the city. Walk through the parks and streets, go to the botanical garden, and in the evening have a feast in one of the restaurants.

Waffle House

If you don't want to spend time looking for a breakfast shop in your new town, go to Waffle House. Here you can always eat delicious waffles with various additives and syrups.

Piedmont Park

It's a great place in town for outdoor walks. There are lanes for running and biking, lawns where you can play Frisbee, read books on the grass and just relax. Concerts and musical events are often held here. And the view of the city from the park is gorgeous.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Then, through the park, we went to the famous Atlanta Botanical Garden. In the middle of the garden is a pavilion with tropical plants and a terrarium with frogs of different colors. There are also regular exhibitions in the park, the schedule can be previewed on the website. If you have extra time, you can also come here tonight. When it gets dark, the lights come on and the whole park turns into a fairy tale.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site

This historic site includes a couple of city blocks where Martin Luther King's home is located. It is possible to take excursion here, it is rather informative and interesting, personally I have learned some remarkable historical facts.

Chrome Yellow Trading Co

We went to a nearby cafe to eat, the place is hard to miss, the outside is completely painted black. Didn't want to eat too much, I didn't want to. Got a couple of sandwiches and coffee. The place is clean, with a pleasant, minimalist interior, the food is delicious, and there is no need for more for a snack.

Inman Park

Amazing beauty of the neighborhood! You can walk in it all day looking at the architecture of houses. The place is considered prestigious and some houses are made in a rather unique style.

The Fox Theatre

The rest of the day we wandered downtown. Today we decided to explore the area if possible, and tomorrow we will go to museums. As for the cinema, as a full-fledged cinema, it does not function. It often hosts various exhibitions and private events, as well as daily excursions.

Ruth's Chris Steak House

We decided to have dinner with steaks and went to the nearest restaurant, which specializes in this. A place with rather high prices, but here it pays off with service, clean room and of course, delicious fresh food.

Day 9: The Most Interesting Museums in the Capital

In addition to the visual part, we need to learn more about the cultural part. Today we will go to the most famous museums of the city. They've been placed next to each other, which is quite convenient in terms of movement. In addition to museums, we will go to the oceanarium, one of the most beautiful in our opinion.


If you need a quick bite to eat, or better yet, just take it with you, donuts are the perfect choice. I love it with a nutella, don't you?

National Center for Civil and Human Rights

The museum is magnificent! It describes the struggle for civil rights, as well as the global struggle for human rights. The exhibits tell the story in the smallest detail, and there are also interactive objects that make learning even more interesting.

World of Coca-Cola

Here you will see the entire history of the beverage! The museum consists of several halls. The first tells the story of the creation of a cola from the very first bottle, and then you can watch a film about the famous drink in 4D, go to take a picture with a polar bear, or go tasting different tastes of Coca-Cola from around the world.

Johnny Rockets

Then we decided to take a break and went to one of the nearby places to eat. It's a great '50s establishment. It's networked, but it makes it as attractive as it is. The food is simple, but it's all very, very good. Sandwiches, burgers and fries, and amazing cocktails!

Georgia Aquarium

After a hearty lunch, we went to the oceanarium. According to the ratings, this is the best oceanarium in the U.S.! Inside was a very beautiful and fascinating water world. Most impressed by the giant aquarium wall, which you can look at for hours. I was fascinated by tiger sharks, just alien creatures!

Centennial Olympic Park

Most museums are closed in the evening, so we spent the rest of the day outdoors. The park is dedicated to the Olympic Games, which were held here in 1996. The place is nice, clean, you can take a walk or just sit on benches. There are interesting sculptural groups, the fountain in the park also looks very nice.

Park Bar

Last night in town, we decided to go to a bar to have a little fun. I would like to note that there are great burgers and a decent bourbon here! Friendly service, a lot of people, but it doesn't bother.

Day 10: Home! (Laughs)

That's when our trip to Georgia came to an end. This time we drove downtown, saw some interesting cities and visited a lot of parks. We'll definitely come back here and drive to places we didn't have time to get to this time.

Krog Street Market

It's a very cool place, open from the early hours of the morning. You can walk between rows and try a variety of street food, from chicken wings to seafood. By the way, if you haven't bought souvenirs for your friends yet, you can buy some unusual delicacies here, as far as I'm concerned, a great gift from the trip.