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Great writers and unusual churches

Road Trip Route. See some of the most unusual churches in Russia, Walk around Melikhovo estate, Visit Leo Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana, Delight in gingerbread and rolls, .

This route is for admirers of the works of Leo Tolstoy and A.P. Chekhov. We will visit the Melikhovo estate and the estate in Yasnaya Polyana. Besides it will be possible to see little known churches that can safely claim to be the most unusual churches in Russia. And during the breaks, take a walk along the cosy streets of Serpukhov and Tula. **Recommendations:** - It is important when visiting public places to keep a social distance, as well as to use personal protective equipment. - It is also worth remembering that when checking into hotels and visiting museums you may need a valid QR code or a negative PCR test for no more than 72 hours. **Volkswagen car rental** It's time for adventure! Take a Volkswagen car for a trip around Russia and travel as you please. Whether it is a family trip out of town or an active vacation with friends, traveling with a Volkswagen helps you see the world from a new angle. **[Download App](**

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: A.P. Chekhov and unusual churches

Visit Chekhov and Serpukhov. Walk around Anton Pavlovich's estate and admire some of the most unusual churches of the Moscow region and Russia.

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It's time for adventure! Take a Volkswagen for a trip across Russia and travel as you please. Whether it's a family trip out of town or an active holiday with friends, travelling with a Volkswagen helps you see the world from a new angle. **[Download App]( *The point on the map is indicated in the centre of Moscow for an approximate calculation of the route kilometrage.

Manor "Dubrovitsy"

The main value of the estate, located on the high bank of the rivers Pakhra and Desna near Podolsk, is the Church of the Sign of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was built according to a completely atypical for Orthodoxy project. If it were not for the curiosity of Peter I Boris Golitsyn would not have completed construction of the church, crowned with a crown, in the style of early Italian Baroque. Intrigued? Let's go have a look at it!

Kafe Oranzhereya

Make a stop at the unusual and cosy Café Orangerie. Regardless of the weather outside, it seems that eternal summer always reigns here. The menu is huge, to any taste. Meals cooked on open fire are worth special attention. Feel the aroma of shashlik and kebab and enjoy fresh snacks.


Visit A.P. Chekhov. Explore the estate where the writer spent the most productive 7 years of his life. In the shade of the local sprawling poplars, he wrote 42 works, including The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, and Ward No. 6. The museum's collection numbers 30,000 items, including an overcoat, a hat, and Chekhov's famous white cape. In addition to the owner's possessions, you can visit the ambulatory, where Anton Pavlovich treated peasants with herbs grown here, and the weather station, where Chekhov's father kept his notes on the weather. If you're lucky, you can become a spectator of the theatrical open-air "Chekhov. The Seagull" or, at least, participants in one of the interactive excursions that take place regularly. (See details [here]( Important: The museum is not open on Mondays and the last Friday of each month.

Tserkov' Rozhdestva Presvyatoy Bogoroditsy V Podmoklovo

The Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in the Podmoklovo settlement is a magnificent example of temple architecture, which embodies many features and characteristics of Italian architecture. Take a short walk around the temple and along the banks of the Oka River.

restaurant FERMA

You have finally made it to Serpukhov! End your unforgettable day with a dinner in a stylish restaurant occupying a separate building on three floors with a show kitchen concept. Here you will be able to watch the dishes of your choice being prepared.

Day 2: Walks in Tula

Start the day at Serpukhov Vysotsky Monastery, founded by St. Sergius of Radonezh. Afterwards, head to Tula, where you can visit the famous Tula Kremlin, eat gingerbread and take photos at local creative monuments.

Vysotskiy Monastyr'

Visit one of the oldest Russian monasteries on the banks of the Nara River, founded by Sergei Radonezhsky and Prince Vladimir the Brave, hero of the Kulikovo Battle. Admire the eight churches of Vysotsky Monastery. Look at the majestic Zachatyevsky Cathedral, which was built under Boris Godunov. The cathedral, having the form of a regular square, is crowned with five onion-heads.

Memorial "Zashchitnikam Neba

On the way to Tula, stop at the memorial "To the Defenders of the Sky" dedicated to the heroes-pilots of the 171st Red Banner Fighter Regiment. The height of the monument is almost 30 meters, diameter - 100 meters. The central element of the monument - German Fokke Wolf Fw-189 and Soviet La-5FN made in 1:1 scale. The German scout seems to be crashing into the ground, while the Soviet fighter, on the contrary, is flying victoriously upwards.

Lepim I Varim

Welcome to the hero city of Tula! The first thing to do is to eat some colourful pelmeni with a variety of fillings. By the way, children up to 7 years old are treated to free pelmeni.

Tula gingerbread

What could be better than going straight after lunch to the place where they not only tell you about the most delicious gingerbread in our country, but also show you how to bake them yourself? Here you can also buy a sweet present for yourself and your loved ones. The tour must be booked in advance by contacting [website]( Important: there will be a break in the museum from 14-15 o'clock!

Tul'skiy Kreml'

Explore the main and, importantly, well-preserved landmark of Tula - the Kremlin, built in the early 17th century to defend the Moscow direction from the Crimean Tatars. The complex includes the 18th-century Assumption Cathedral in the Russian Baroque style, the late 19th-century Epiphany Cathedral built in honour of the soldiers of 1812, shopping malls and the city's first 20th-century power station. There is an opportunity to take a walk around the Kremlin on your own, or you can book a guided tour. Or even an entire quest. Important: the Kremlin does not open on the last Tuesday of each month.

Tul'skaya Azbuka

Take a walk through evening Tula! Stop by a very "young" art object - the Tula alphabet, each letter of which stands for something Tula residents are proud of, from Arsenal football club to Yasnaya Polyana manor house.

Pamyatnik Tul'skomu Pryaniku

The monument to Tula's main character is 2.5 meters in diameter and weighs more than a ton. We can even hold him and take some original selfies.

Staraya Tul'skaya Apteka

A small and very pleasant pharmacy with the real things that were in the pharmacies of the time, in a historical location - in the same place from the XIX century until 2011 really was a pharmacy. In addition to the pharmacy exhibits, you can also see a horseshoe flea. To get to the pharmacy, you will have to climb the original cast-iron stairs, preserved since the 19th century. To learn more about the pharmacy's exhibits, sign up for a tour by calling 8 (487) 231-26-61.

Leo Tolstoy monument

Monument to Leo Tolstoy, a native of Tula province, erected almost half a century ago. Curiously enough, Tolstoy was conceived barefoot, but it seemed strange to the city authorities. So, in fact, Leo Nikolayevich turned out to have shoes in granite.

Pyotr Petrovich, restoran-pivovarnya

Go to the restaurant with its own brewery, smokehouse and bakery to dine and discuss your experiences. After dinner you can relax and, say, watch football or play mind games on the third floor of the restaurant.

Day 3: Visiting L.N. Tolstoy

Visit the ancestral estate of Leo Nikolayevich, look in his house, walk around "Prešpekt". Then you can visit the railway station "Kozlovaya Zaseka", where in 1910 the mourning train with Tolstoy arrived. We will finish our journey at the Church of Transfiguration in the village of Ostrov.

Yasnaya Polyana

The culmination of the trip is the estate where the great Leo Tolstoy was born, lived and worked for 50 years. The legendary "War and peace", "Anna Karenina" and many other beloved works were written here. The house of Leo Tolstoy carefully stores the conditions of the last year of his life. Personal belongings, a library (22 thousand books), pictures - everything is genuine. Even the Persian walnut table in the writer's study is still covered with green cloth. The museum organizes more than a dozen excursions of all kinds (detailed information and booking contacts [here]( Important: On Mondays, the farmstead is closed. Every last Tuesday of the month is a sanitary day.

Kozlova Zaseka, Muzeyno-Vokzal'nyy Kompleks

The picture of the journey would not be complete without the railway station, where Leo Nikolayevich received his mail, called friends by telephone, met guests. It was here in 1910 that Tolstoy was brought by the same mourning train. Important: On Mondays and Tuesdays, Leo Tolstoy's railway exhibition is closed; the last Wednesday of each month is a sanitary day.

Kitchen Market

Lunch on the way back - in the best place in Serpukhov. A table is worth booking in advance, even for lunch. Phone: +79256590600


Another estate related to the Tolstoy family. At the beginning of the XIX century, it belonged to Count Fyodor Tolstoy. Having grown rich through a lucrative marriage, he amassed one of the most comprehensive collections of rare books and manuscripts in Russia at that time. The brother of Fyodor Tolstoy, Ilya is the grandfather of Leo Tolstoy. The manor house is closed to the public, but there is nothing to prevent you from wandering around the grounds and appreciating the classic exteriors.