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Great writers and unusual churches

Road Trip Route. Haven't seen the details of some of the most unusual churches in Russia., Walk around Melikhovo estate, where AP Chekhov spent 7 most productive years in his life., Touch the spiritual in Vysotsky monastery founded by Sergiy Radonezhsky, Become a member of the quest in the Tula Kremlin, To visit L.N. Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana., Enjoy the famous gingerbread and fragrant kalachas., .

Route for lovers of art Leo Tolstoy and AP Chekhov. Visit the estate Melikhovo and the mansion in Yasnaya Polyana. Meanwhile, we will see little-known churches that can safely claim to be the most unusual churches in Russia. During breaks, we'll walk around Serpukhov and Tula.

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Alina Maslova. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: A.P. Chekhov and unusual churches

We go to Chekhov and Serpukhov. We will walk around the estate of Anton Pavlovich and see some of the most unusual churches near Moscow.

Усадьба князей Голицыных в Дубровицах

The main value of the estate, located on the high bank of the rivers Pakhry and Desna near Podolsk, is the Church of the Sign of the Holy Virgin. It was built according to a completely untypical for Orthodoxy project. If it were not for the curiosity of Peter the Great, Boris Golitsyn would not have completed the construction of the temple crowned with a crown, in the style of early Italian Baroque. Intrigued? Let's go take a look at it!

Кафе "Оранжерея"

We're moving to Chekhov near Moscow. We have lunch in a cozy cafe with an unusual plant design. Regardless of the weather outside the window it seems that eternal summer always reigns here. The menu is huge, for all tastes. You and I are going to stop at the dishes cooked on open fire. Can you smell the shish kebab and kebab cherry?

Музей-заповедник А. П. Чехова "Мелихово"

We're visiting A.P. Chekhov. We explore the estate where the writer spent the most productive 7 years of his life. In the shadow of local scattered poplars 42 works were written, including "The Seagull", "Uncle Vanya", "Ward number 6". The museum's collection consists of 30 thousand items, including a coat, a hat and the famous white Chekhov's cartouche. In addition to the owner's possessions, we can visit the outpatient clinic, where Anton Pavlovich treated peasants with herbs grown here, and the weather station, where Chekhov's father kept his weather notes. If we're lucky, we'll be a spectator of Chekhov's open-air theater. The Seagull", or at least participants of one of the interactive excursions that are held regularly (see the official website). Important: the museum is not open on Mondays and the last Friday of each month.

Храм Рождества Богородицы в Подмоклово

Another unusual church on our way. The temple building is a cylinder with a high round dome. Have you noticed any echoes of Western European baroque? The current rector of the church in secular life was a musician, so the church from time to time held the most interesting music festivals, including outdoor (poster published in the group "Concerts and Festivals in Podmoklovo" on Facebook). Important: inform about your wish to visit the abbot's church (contacts are on the official website), and he will be happy to give you a tour.

Gazpromneft filling station #204

It's a great trip, isn't it? And to make it dynamic, come to the Gazpromneft filling station, take water and a snack.

Мост им. Подольских курсантов

Let's go over the bridge, at the same time we will admire "the most Russian river", as Konstantin Paustovsky called it.


We finally got to Serpukhov. We finish our day with a dinner in a stylish restaurant occupying a separate building on 3 floors with a show kitchen concept. We will be able to watch how our chosen dishes are prepared.

Day 2: Walks in Tula

Let's start the day at the Serpukhov Vysotsky Monastery, founded by St. Sergius of Radonezh. After that we'll move to Tula, where we'll walk around the Tula Kremlin, enjoy the famous gingerbread, take pictures at local creative monuments.

Высоцкий мужской монастырь

We will visit one of the oldest Russian monasteries on the bank of the river Nara, founded by Sergei Radonezhsky and Prince Vladimir the Brave, hero of the Battle of Kulikovo. Let's admire the eight churches of the Vysotsky Monastery. Let's look into the majestic St. Conception Cathedral, erected under Boris Godunov. The cathedral, which looks like the right square, is topped with five onion heads.

Мемориал лётчикам истребителям.

On the way to Tula we will stop at the memorial "Defenders of the sky" dedicated to the heroic pilots of the 171st Red Banner Fighter Regiment. The height of the monument reaches almost 30 meters, diameter - 100 meters. The central element of the monument is the German Fokke Wolf Fw-189 and the Soviet La-5FN, made in 1:1 scale. It is as if a German scout crashes into the ground, while a Soviet fighter jet, on the contrary, rushes victoriously upwards.

Лепим и варим

Welcome to the heroic city of Tula! First of all, we will be supported by colorful dumplings with a variety of fillings. By the way, children under 7 years old are treated for free in the dumpling room.

Тульский Пряник

What could be better than to go right after lunch to a place where they will not only tell you about the most delicious gingerbread in our country, but also show you how to bake them yourself? Immediately we can buy a sweet gift for yourself and your loved ones. Important: it is necessary to book the tour in advance by phone indicated on the official website. In case you don't have such an opportunity, you can try to get to the "Museum of International Gingerbread", located in the Kremlin.

Тульский кремль

We are exploring the main and, what is important, well-preserved landmark of Tula - the Kremlin, built in the early 16th century to defend the Moscow direction from the Crimean Tatars. The complex includes the 18th century Assumption Cathedral in Russian Baroque style, Epiphany Cathedral of the late 19th century, built in honor of the soldiers of 1812, trading rows and the first city power plant of the 20th century. We can walk around the Kremlin on our own, order an excursion or even a whole quest. Important: the Kremlin does not operate on the last Wednesday of each month.

Памятник Тульской Азбуке

Let's take a walk around evening Thule. Let's stop at a very "young" art object - the Tula alphabet, each letter of which stands for what Tuliaks are proud of. From football club "Arsenal" to Yasnaya Polyana.

Памятник прянику

Monument to the main Tula character with a diameter of 2.5 meters and weighing more than a ton. We can even embrace him and make dozens of original selfies.

Памятник Л.Н. Толстому

Monument to Lev Nikolaevich, a native of Tula province, erected almost half a century ago. It is curious that Tolstoy thought barefoot, but the city authorities thought it too much. So, actually, Leo Nikolaevich was wearing granite shoes.

Пётр Петрович

We go to discuss our impressions in the restaurant with our own brewery, smokehouse and bakery. After dinner we can watch football or play intellectual games on the third floor of the restaurant.

Day 3: L.N. Tolstoy is visiting...

We'll visit the family estate of Lev Nikolaevich, look into his house, walk around the "Preshpektu". After that we will go to the railway station "Kozlova Zaseka", where in 1910 arrived the mourning train with Tolstoy. We'll finish the trip in the temple of Transfiguration in the village of Ostrov.

Mr. Cup

We have breakfast in a cozy coffee shop overlooking the morning city. The menu includes granola with trendy chia pudding, French toasts with pear and vanilla, cheese cakes with mozzarella and basil. Pay attention to the seasonal drinks, there are very tempting positions.

Дом-музей Л. Н. Толстого

The culmination of our journey is the estate where the great Leo Tolstoy was born, lived and created for 50 years. Here were written the legendary "War and Peace", "Anna Karenina" and many other works that we love. The house of Lev Nikolaevich carefully keeps the atmosphere of the last year of his life. Personal belongings, a library (22 thousand books), paintings - all authentic. Even the Persian nut table in the writer's office is still standing, covered with green cloth. The museum organizes more than a dozen different excursions (see the official website). Among them are not only sightseeing tours, but also thematic, interactive, cycling and horse-riding tours. There are master classes and literary quizzes for children. Important: Monday off at the manor house. Every last Tuesday of the month is a health day.

Козлова Засека

The picture would not be complete without the railway station, where Lev Nikolaevich received mail, called friends on the phone, met guests. Tolstoy was brought here in 1910 by the same mourning train. Important: On Mondays and Tuesdays the exhibition "Leo Tolstoy's Railway" is closed.

Калачная «Марк и Лев»

We're on our way to Moscow. But first, a well-deserved lunch at the kalachny. The main dish here is a kalacha of whole-grain flour with stuffing for every taste: with duck stew, roast beef, baked vegetables, catfish and Camembert cheese. Hot dishes of Russian cuisine are served: beef stroganoff, pancakes and dumplings. The cafe is located on the territory of the farm fair "LavkaLavka", where you can buy vegetables, pickles, meat, fish, cottage cheese, bread, honey.

Храм Преображения Господня

Our last stop was the village of Ostrov, which Ivan Kalita mentioned in his letter of commendation. Here rises the temple of the Lord's Transfiguration. Once upon a time, during a spring flood, the Moscow River flooded the valley, and the high place where the church stands turned into an island surrounded by water from all sides. It's important to warn the priest about your visit. Contacts can be found on the official website of the temple.


Well, goodbye to you on this delicious note with a Georgian accent. See you on your new journey!