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Grand Canyon Trip from Phoenix

Road Trip Route. Unforgettable taste of Phoenix hospitality., Сulture of the Southern United States and its features., Unique uncreated landscapes, romantic setting and incredible natural diversity., Excellent cuisine of the southern coast with its national characteristics and traditions..

This scenario contains some of the most interesting and exciting sights of the Southern United States. You will visit Phoenix really similar to Los Angeles with its wide, tree-lined avenues, Spanish-style architecture and the surrounding mountains. Like its Californian counterpart, Phoenix is ​​a metropolis with not one, but several centers, all at a considerable distance from each other. And the surrounding magnificent natural landscapes stretch from the Gila River to high plateaus far to the south and volcanic mountains to the north. Phoenix is ​​a number-one visitor destination, million people come here annually. In addition, you will visit the incredible Grand Canyon (nearly 1500 meters deep), which is the most impressive gorge in the world, formed near the Colorado River. Located in Arizona, it passes through the Grand Canyon National Park. Its layers trace the geological history of the last 2 billion years. It has also conserved vestiges of prehistoric human adaptation to particularly harsh conditions.

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Phoenix

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Welcome to the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix

The city agglomeration of Phoenix, once romantically called the "Valley of the Sun", is one of the most interesting tourist capital in North America. There are many unique cultural, historical and natural sites of great interest here. Well, our acquaintance with this place today will be rather brief and confined to a pleasure cruise and familiarity with local cuisine. But do not worry, a lot more coming.

Steele Indian School Park

Steele Indian School Park is the main park for special events in the center of Phoenix with acres of green grass, shady avenues lined with lush trees, and special authentic surroundings. In the northern part of the park is a playground and areas equipped for playing volleyball and basketball. Dense vegetation covers a large area of the park with a shadow, creating a pleasant atmosphere for picnics and unhurried walks.

Fry Bread House

Fry Bread House is the best place in Phoenix to try Indian tacos. The restaurant offering a very special atmosphere is owned by the family of Cecilia Miller and is one of five "America's Classics" winners of prestigious James Beard award among American Indian restaurants. The restaurant has an extensive gourmet menu, but, of course, it’s better to start with a classic Indian taco - beans, meat, cheese, tomatoes and salad. An indispensable complement to the main dish is salsa sauce and some kind of refreshing or alcoholic drink. Please note that the restaurant closes at 3:00 pm on Sundays.

Day 2: The first steps of our unforgettable journey

The city of Phoenix is indeed one of the most beautiful cities in the Southern United States. There are many interesting museums, scenic parks and squares, pieces of eye-catching street art and much more. But, since this wonderful city is not a final destination of our journey, we will see the little tip of this beautiful iceberg, get acquainted with the unusual American cooking, its traditions, interesting borrowings and pleasant features, and hit the road.

Lux Central

Lux Central Bakery. Don't think the assortment is limited only to pastries and desserts, they also serve delicious meat dishes prepared according to own recipes, and the breakfast option changes depending on the day of the week. Another little secret: in the evening, a cozy coffee house turns into a noisy bar with a cheerful, friendly atmosphere, so if you decide to experience all aspects of Phoenix’s nightlife, you should come back hete at night.

Phoenix Art Museum

The Phoenix Art Museum provides access to visual arts and educational programs in Arizona for almost 60 years and is the largest art museum in the Southwestern United States. In addition to the annual exhibition calendar, the galleries of the permanent collection of the Phoenix Art Museum have collected more than 19,000 works of Asian, European, Latin American, and Western American contemporary art and clothing design. Thanks to the partnership with the Museum of Creative Photography at the University of Arizona, visitors also enjoy interesting photo exhibits. The museum presents year-round various social programs, including tours, lectures, films, special events designed to educate and entertain visitors of all ages. Please note that the museum opens at 12:00 pm on Sundays.

El Chullo

The El Chullo restaurant is well-known for its excellent service and friendly staff who are always ready to help you. You will definitely be impressed by good prices and selection of dishes. A family warm atmosphere will make any guest feel extremely comfortable. Taste the delicious Mixto sandwiches, Lomo Saltado and Aji De Gallina. Also pay attention to Alfajor and Lucuma ice cream and flan. The range of drinks also pleasantly surprises with its variety.

Encanto Park

Encanto Park is a brainchild of William G. Hartranft, a millionaire philanthropist and president of the first Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board. It was he who persuaded the park board to buy 200 acres outside the city. Over its almost century-long history, the park has undergone many reconstructions and redevelopments: for example, in the 1930s the foundation of this place was laid - a boat dock, a golf course, an archery range and much more were equipped here. Today, Encanto Park has expanded considerably and has become a really great place for picnics, walks, meetings and outdoor activities. The park is equipped with a large number of gazebos, benches, shady alleys, it offers services for renting the most necessary things from bicycles and scooters to sun beds and air rafts.


Windsor is not just another cafe with cordial service and a wide range of the most delicious dishes, this is definitely where the locals spend their evenings in a comfortable atmosphere after a tiring workday. One thing is certain: the owner of the cafe has poured the soul into every inch of the place, and you can feel it while enjoying already familiar dishes, the highlight is turkey meat, cooked according to classic recipes.

Day 3: Amazing nature of Phoenix neighborhood

The Southern United States are indeed an impressive natural area with a number of unique features. Due to the special climate, you can find amazing samples of flora and fauna and explore the amazing nature and truly romantic landscapes here. Today is going to be busy and eventful. In addition, we will enjoy authentic local cuisine in restaurants and cafes on the way.

Matt's Big Breakfast

Start your day with a tasty breakfast. The breakfast menu consists of pancakes with maple syrup, sausages, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, buns, bacon, toast, jam and smoothies here. This seemingly standard combination of dishes should be familiar to everyone, but don't be so quick to judge it by the way it looks, because the exceptional cooking canons in places like Matt's Big Breakfast have turned such well-known recipes into something original. Pay special attention to soft waffles served with syrups, or taste an omelette.

Piestewa Peak

Travelers and mountain walks lovers come from all over the country to see Piestewa Peak like moths to a flame. And even the fairly large number of people here can stop you from enjoying the extraordinary and charming landscapes along the route.

Dreamy Draw Recreation Area

The Dreamy Draw Recreation Area is a scenic trail about three miles long. On a sunny day it offers a view of truly impressive landscapes - fascinating distances, as if from paintings by great painters, dotted with bright wild flowers. You can easily go through the route, because even a layperson can do it, or if you wish, rent a bicycle or other recreational vehicles.

Carolina's Mexican Food

Carolina's Mexican Food is an excellent example of "assimilated" Mexican cuisine preserved its main canons. The dishes here are extremely varied, and spicy sauces, which include chili, add a great deal of zest. Try the delicious burritos, quesadilla, fajitos, and tacos.

Bartlett Lake

The Bartlett Reservoir area is known for its breathtaking views of the Desert Mountains and the Sonoran plant life. A significant part of the western side of the reservoir is designed for long-term outdoor recreation and picnics. Since the Bartlett Dam was built in 1939, the lake has become a favorite place for fishermen and just nature lovers, even some record-breaking fish have been caught here (largemouth bass record stands at seven pounds and carp record stands at 37 pounds). Relax and clear your head, enjoy perfect harmony and magnificent nature and landscapes of this amazing place.

Lake Pleasant Regional Park

There is a picturesque desert oasis, the Lake Pleasant Regional Park, on the outskirts of the city of Peoria. Surrounded by the Sonoran Desert, the park is an ideal place for lovers of active leisure and adventure. With incredible expanses of water and a flat desert landscape, Lake Pleasant Regional Park is one of the most picturesque recreation areas in the valley. Enjoy various types of activity, including kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, hiking, watching the stars and even hunting scorpions. In the Lake Pleasant Nature Center, guests can explore the history of this area and the wildlife of the desert.

The Grotto Cafe

There's nothing like relax in the pleasant atmosphere of a place known for its hospitality and delicious dishes after a long and tiring walk. The Grotto Cafe offers a warm and friendly welcome to all visitors, you can comfortably dine in a cozy room, accompanied by relaxing music, or in the fresh air, contemplating the wonderful landscape of the adjacent territory. Facility's menu is replete with all sorts of salads, snacks, fruit slices and desserts. Here everyone can find the dining experience of the choice: there is oatmeal with wild berries and walnuts for lovers of healthy food, and a large selection of different sandwiches and other snacks for lovers of American fast food.

Day 4: Outdoor activities and more

Today is going to lead us to a bright new horizon of an unforgettable journey through the unique natural and historical sites of Arizona. Explore the amazing history and life of people inhabited these places many centuries ago. You will also enjoy a lot of interesting things, including local cusine and cooking traditions with a centuries-old history.

Rock Springs Cafe

Everyone knows that there's nothing like breakfast in a welcoming and cozy cafe, accompanied by pleasant and inspiring music, savoring fresh, crispy pastries with a cup of flavored coffee for a good start to the day. Rock Springs is where you can enjoy this typical American breakfast. The cafe offers not only a large selection of desserts and sweets, but also a wide range of salads, classic snacks such as pancakes with maple syrup, traditional omelet with ham, and of course, a decent assortment of drinks, including tea and coffee.

Montezuma Castle National Monument

The Montezuma Castle has always been considered to an "icon", mandatory to visit. In 1933, Castle A was discovered here, 45-50 rooms, where many artifacts were found that made it possible to significantly expand our understanding of the Sinagua inhabited this coastal oasis along Beaver Creek for more than 400 years. The first visitors to this monument were even allowed access directly to the building. However, due to significant damage, open access to the ruins was closed in 1951. Now, about 350,000 people a year admire this incredible cultural object. And even 600 years after Sinagua, their legacy continues to excite the imagination of our generation.

Tiger Splash

Probably, you've never seen anything like this. A magnificent show of Bengal and Siberian tigers playing cat and mouse with each other in a large pool and doing incredible tricks with various objects with their trainers. Tiger Splash has become world known for the unique approach to interacting with wild cats in the aquatic game zone. The number of tigers participating in the show varies from day to day — sometimes one, sometimes two — always depending on the behavior of the animals, since their individual inclinations and feelings are taken into account. Learn how instincts, intelligence, and feelings interact and form spontaneous, natural behavior.

La Fonda Restaurant

The history of Mexican cuisine is long and varied. It is believed that its main traditions and foundations could go back to the Mayan Indians, whose diet consisted of corn pones with bean paste, game, tropical fruits and fish. For the most part, the culinary specialties of those times have passed into oblivion, but still some of them have endured and exist to this day, and now in such wonderful restaurants as La Fonda Restaurant we can experience those distant times. The restaurants serves a very delicious chicken quesadilla, as well as excellent huevos rancheros and sopa de lima.

Red Rock Country

From one look at the magnificent landscape of the Red Rock of Sedona, visitors feel the grandeur and mystery of the place sacred to its first prehistoric settlers. Bright rocks and brown sandstone spiers carved by powerful desert winds rise above the plains and canyons. The mountain is surrounded by vast areas of national and state forests that turn this area into a separate, amazing world.

Bocce Pizzeria

Bocce Pizzeria is a suitable place to have a great evening after a busy, tiring day and to get a closer look at the peculiarities of Italian cooking. The menu offers a wonderful selection of delicious pizza, pasta and other classic, well-known dishes.

Day 5: Arizona National Parks and their natural diversity

This day we will discover unique national parks of the USA. We will visit the most beautiful and interesting places, monuments and viewpoints, experience a whole range of feelings and emotions from the contemplation of a powerful and enchanting nature and leave no space on a camera's memory card.

Randall's Restaurant

A proper and vigorous start to the day needs a hearty and tasty breakfast, which means not only the morning meal, but also a certain set of dishes. Namely, pancakes, smoothies and scramble eggs are an integral part of the morning meal. At Randall's Restaurant, you will not only enjoy a wonderful breakfast of heart, but also be delighted by the hospitable welcome and the atmosphere of comfort and kindness of the facility. In addition to traditional dishes, the restaurant serves light salads, a large number of snacks and a wonderful selection of drinks.

Tuzigoot National Monument

Tuzigoot National Monument is a unique place where many amazing archaeological objects have been found. It is located in the Verde River floodplain. Its outstanding feature is the buildings of the Sinagua tribe, excavated in the 1930s and numbering about 110 rooms, which were inhabited between 1000 and 1400 AD. The 2- to 3-story buildings once stood here, and the self-made stairs provided access to the inner rooms through the openings on the roofs. Many museums in Arizona feature artifacts such as stone and horn implements, jewelry, rugs, and earthenware found in these buildings and on the graves of the Sinagua tribe.

Oak Creek Canyon Lookout

Get your camera ready, because the Oak Creek Canyon viewpoint offers completely unusual views and charming landscapes from above, as well as jewelry and other handicraft products from Native Americans and other local artists. Oak Creek Canyon with its colorful rocks, breathtaking landscapes and unique formations is known around the world and is called the younger brother of the famous Grand Canyon.

Cafe Rio

Mexican cuisine is an integral part of the American cultural environment today. Such famous dishes as tortilla, burrito and taco are strongly associated with authentic Mexican restaurants, but it is obvious that the Southern States not only adopted the traditions and peculiarities of their preparation, but even discovered secret ingredient and developed their own canons. Experience mexican cusine at Cafe Rio. Enjoy a wonderful atmosphere and a warm welcome, all the originality and peculiarities of local variations of famous snacks.

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument is located in the center of an extinct volcano that towers into the sky. The geological formations here were dated with the help of the found buried houses of Native Americans; apparently, the formations appered here after the volcanic explosion occurred in the winter of 1064–65. The crater on the top, 400 feet deep (120 meters) and about 1280 feet in diameter (390 meters), has a brilliant color, as if illuminated by the setting sun. Inside are numerous frozen lava flows, as well as caves with ice formations. Wonderful Ponderosa pines cover the higher surroundings of the slope, common pine and juniper are found at lower altitudes. Marten, rabbit and Steller's jay are common wildlife species.

Wupatki National Monument

Most of the prehistoric sites in Wupatki National Monument demonstrate an amazing diversity of cultures: Sinagua, Kayenta Anasazi, Winslow Anasazi and Cohonina. Some of the buildings found suggest that people inhabited this area 11,000 years ago: nomadic hunters and gatherers used this region until around 500 AD. They settled along the Colorado River, where ancient cultural relics have also been discovered.

El Tovar Dining Room and Lounge

There is nothing like stay in a pleasant, cozy restaurant and enjoy excellent cuisine, unique to these places, at the end of an eventful and busy day. El Tovar Dining Room and Lounge is a very authentic restaurant where you can relax, tasting wonderful dishes in a cozy, historic atmosphere. The frescoes on the walls reflect the customs of four Indian tribes - Hopi, Apache, Mohave and Navajo. The menu is traditional, combines both international and local south-western trends. Specialties such as Prime Hash or Salmon Tostada have been highlights of the menu for decades and become a real classic.

Day 6: The Grand Canyon and its majestic landscapes

So we got to the culmination of our journey. The Grand Canyon National Park is the dream of any traveler, it belongs to the Seven Natural Wonders according to CNN. Here you will enjoy grandiose, romantic landscapes, fascinating walks and the most interesting immersion in the geology of this unique natural object.

General Store at Market Plaza

Perhaps every great traveler has dreamed about a picnic with a view of the endless distances of the Grand Canyon. Today you will have such an opportunity. Purchase the necessary stuff, bring plenty of drinking water and go on adventures.

Kaibob Trailhead

The Kaibob Trailhead trail offers incredible and amazing views. Strolling here, you can easily forget and don't even realize how far you've come. The descent down to the canyon here is very tangled and twisted, so reserve enough time for the walk. A very common mistake of bringing not enough water deserves a specific reference, because during the walk you cannot hide from the sun. Do not forget to eat and drink on time, since your well-being and impressions directly depend on it.

Grand Canyon South Rim Entrance

The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders, which in all its glory represents the majesty and scale of the wondrous nature of North America, and also serves as a window into the geological and cultural past of this unique region. Among the country's first national parks, the Grand Canyon has long been considered the most valuable and very extensive natural landmark of the United States. Its unbelievable size still confuses many visitors to this day. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is open all year round to visit, but the North Rim is closed for the winter due to climatic conditions.


Bearizona is a very interesting park where you can watch wild animals in their natural habitat from a car window. While you are driving along the road through the forest, bison, wolves, and, of course, bears, the main inhabitants of this place, are walking around. You can see these powerful and strong, but at the same time, extremely funny creatures playing in the meadows, or sleeping peacefully in the trees. After the "wild" zone, you can visit a part of the park, resembling a classic zoo, where you can walk up to the animals' enclosures, watch the feeding process, or even participate in it. The park welcomes guests during the week, the last vehicle can arrive no later than 6:00 pm, and the park closes two hours after the last check-in.

Lulu Belle's BBQ

Authentic facility which serves large portions of delicious dishes. Inside there is a brutal atmosphere of the wild west, supported by the "cowboy" interior decor. A characteristic feature of the restaurant’s menu is an abundance of grilled meat and poultry dishes, as well as excellent burgers of impressive size. There are also lighter dinner options on the menu, such as salads and vegetable side dishes.

Day 7: Farewell occasion

To date, we have already seen a lot of interesting things - one of the Seven Natural Wonders, many unique natural objects, and got acquainted with the culture and history of these wonderful places, but now our journey is coming to an end, and we have some time to enjoy the impressive local landscapes from car window and make a quick stop on a very beautiful beach of the Colorado River.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is not an expensive and fashionable restaurant, but here you will find the authentic atmosphere peculiar exactly to these places. A warm welcome and a reverent attitude to every visitor is a tradition here. The menu will delight you with traditional American cuisine, which is replete with such favorite dishes as roast chicken, various salads and snacks, as well as soft drinks in the assortment. In addition, the restaurant has a gift shop where you can buy something to remember your wonderful trip.

Willow Beach

On your way to Las Vegas, stop at the coast of the Colorado River. Willow Beach looks like an oasis in the middle of the desert: pure turquoise water contrasts with the warm shades of rocks, and mountain goats graze quietly at a little distance from the equipped recreation zone. Enjoy walking along the coast and swimming in crystal water. There is spacious parking close to the beach for your convenience.