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Grand Auto Museums Tour

Road Trip Route. BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Road trip in southern Germany, SPA retreat in the middle of the journey.

How to combine a journey with something that the vast majority of men will love? And to make it interesting also for the ladies? How do you like the idea of a week-long trip to museums of BMW, AUDI, Mercedes and Porsche? In the middle of the road there is a surprise in the form of a night in a SPA hotel.

History and Culture. From: Munich

Andrew Mel. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Start of the journey in Munich

Whenever your stay in Munich starts, rent a car, get yourself comfortable, check-in to your first lodging and enjoy the evening!

Augustiner Biergarten

Beer gardens in Bavaria appeared in the 19th century in Munich when people used to drink mostly bottom-fermented beer. By decree of King Ludwig I brewing was allowed only in the cold season because for the fermentation temperature is required to be from 4 to 8 degrees Celsius. Usually, any beer restaurant with outdoor seating is called a beer garden, but the main feature of such traditional places in Germany is the right to bring your own food. Also, there should be trees on the premises, especially chestnuts. Today's dinner is in the Augustiner Biergarten. Customers praise the wide selection of beers here.

Day 2: BMW Museum and other leisure in Munich

On this day, you will visit the iconic BMW museum and have some real fun on the local river.

BMW Museum

The second day begins with the BMW Museum. The opening of the museum in 1972 was dedicated to the Olympics. In 2008 it was re-opened after a complete renovation. The exhibition features all BMW cars and motorcycles in the history of the brand, as well as Mini and Rolls Royce. These brands are now also owned by BMW.

Bavarie by Käfer

In the exhibition center there are many restaurants and eateries of different kinds. Choose what you like most.

Eisbach Wave (Eisbachwelle)

After you had a short visit to the hotel to take your swim suits, drive to this handmade river Eisbach. You can even try surfing on the local waves.

Gasthaus Isarthor

A cozy restaurant, where you should definitely try the beer straight from the barrel!

Day 3: Audi Museum and Ingolstadt

After a short drive to the north of Munich, you will arrive in Ingolstadt where the Audi Museum is located. Stay here for a while and enjoy fresh air walks in the local parks before tasty dinner with a cup of nice beer.

Marktrestaurant Audi Forum

On the third day, let's go to Ingolstadt – the home of Audi. If you don't have time for breakfast at the hotel, you can eat in the museum's restaurant.

Audi Forum Ingolstadt

Everyone knows that the main rivals of Audi in the market are Mercedes-Benz and BMW, the so-called "Germany's Big Three". Many think that advertising poster war began with BMW in 2006 when BMW congratulated Audi with the victory in the competition "Car of the year 2006" in South Africa. But no, it all started back in distant 80-ies, when Audi released a promotional video, where Audi 200 wind around the Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse and BMW 5-series. In just a year, BMW released a response video, demonstrating their new model of BMW 5-series. In the promotional video of BMW three cars were present, all cars were covered with three canvases. The first car to be shown was BMW 5-series, while the remaining two cars disappeared and the cloth which covered them fell to the ground. It was a hint for Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz decided to ignore advertising campaigns of Audi and BMW by not responding anything to present day. The main idea of Audi Museum is movement. There are nearly none of the exhibits, which are static. You can find here automobiles from the times of the founding of the brand in 1909 to the present day. All this is held in the high-class building, where you can (and should!) walk for hours.

Gasthaus Bonschab GmbH

For lunch, drive to this German restaurant – Gasthaus Bonschab.


Excellent park to walk in the afternoon and before dinner.


Today's dinner offers real German burgers at the Brezl's.

Day 4: SPA Relaxation

On your way to Stuttgart, make a long stop at one of the SPA hotels along the route, for example, in the town of Aalen. Relax and enjoy your stay.

Limes Thermal Bath and Spa

Day 5: Arrival in Stuttgart

While driving to the city, make sure to visit the beautiful Kloster Lorch and when you are in Stuttgart, you can explore the city by visiting some of the most interesting sights it has to offer.

Kloster Lorch

On the way to Stuttgart, it's worth to visit several scenic spots. One of the main attractions is the monastery Kloster Lorch. It was founded around the year 1100 by the Swabian Duke Friedrich I (1050-1105). Lorch is a small monastery that stands on a high Bank of the valley of the river Rems. This good strategic place was valued by the Romans. In 100-280 A.D. the limes – a border of the Roman Empire was exactly here. You can see it at the parking information stand and by the reconstructed life-size wooden tower of the limes.

Marktplatz Schorndorf

Just lovely town of 40,000 inhabitants which is good to have a look at for during a short stop.

Esslinger Burg

In the Middle Ages, the Burg fortress successfully defended Esslingen from attacks of enemies for many times. Now it is a fashionable concert venue and a great observation deck. Stunning views of the city and its vineyards are offered from the top of the medieval defensive walls. In summer, there are concerts held with world stars like The Animals.

Palmscher Bau

Just before you arrive at Stuttgart, have a stop for lunch in this Germany restaurant call Palmscher Bau.

Sepulchral Chapel on Württemberg hill

This crypt is worth visiting. It was built by King William the First as an honour to his wife Katarina that passed away in her youth.

Stuttgart Television Tower (Fernsehturm Stuttgart)

One of the main attractions of Stuttgart – the world's first TV tower built of reinforced concrete. It was built in 20 months and put into operation on February 5th, 1956. To get to the observation deck you have to buy a ticket. 7 Euro per adult, 4 Euro per child from 6 to 15 and free for all, who are younger than 5. And if you have a birthday, the entrance is also free, regardless of your age. At the top of the tower, there is a restaurant. Beautiful views included in the price of food.


The highest point in the city. It's lower than the tower but made without humans.

Ambiente Africa

Today's dinner is at the Stuttgart's African restaurant – Ambiente Africa. Check the photos and the reviews – it's definitely worth visiting.

Neues Schloss

The rest of the day can be spent walking around the castle and the surrounding gardens.

Mittlerer Schlossgarten

Day 6: Mercedes museum, urban beach, tasty food and drinks

On this day, you will visit the 3-rd automotive museum of this trip. In the afternoon, enjoy the local urban beach if the weather is good. If it's not, proceed to restaurants and bars.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

We start the day with a visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. It has about 160 exhibits. The history of the brand is intertwined with the history of the world. Visitor reviews are very enthusiastic. One of the visitors writes: "An excellent museum, after visiting the museums of BMW and Audi, you understand that this one is the best. These 7 or 8 floors (I do not remember after all) are worth a lot! The whole history of Mercedes, from the very beginning, since the 19th century, has something to think about, everything is presented in the best possible way, not overloaded with any boring stuff, only the most interesting... You can spend the whole day here if you delve into each exhibit and picture. The best place to visit in this small town."

MB Museumsgastronomie

There are several restaurants on the premises of the museum to choose from.


It's always a good thing to relax on the river bank.

Mata Hari

In the evening, have a look at the Mata Hari bar. Mata Hari – Margareta Gertrude Selle – an exotic dancer and courtesan of Dutch origin, which is known for espionage during World War II.


Today's dinner is at the vegetarian restaurant for a change.


Free time after dinner for walking around the city and shopping.

Day 7: Porsche Museum and some shopping

On the final day of the trip before departure, you will visit the Porsche Museum located between Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg. In the afternoon, go out to the local markets and shops to buy some souvenirs or some other stuff.

Porsche Museum

Porsche Museum, which is the final one in this trip, will show you the history of the brand, as well as tell you the detailed story about its achievements. The museum was opened in 1976. In January 2009 the new museum building was opened. Take the audio guide to have a more meaningful visit to this museum.

Restaurant Christophorus

Not to spend too much time, the lunch is at the museum's restaurant.


You should definitely visit the Markthalle today! It's a huge food market in the center of the city. Buy some tasty things and the German wine.

FLUXUS - Temporary Concept Mall

The last day of the trip is the shopping day. Spend a couple of hours on it and bring home not only the good memories.

Weinhaus Stetter

The final dinner of this scenarios is, of course, in the restaurant with the German cuisine.

Day 8: Free time and departure

This day is the departure day. If you have free time, enjoy it as you wish.