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Golden Ring of the Black Sea Caucasus from Krasnodar

Road Trip Route. Dante gorge, Bogatyr caves, Gebius Falls, Safari Park, Big Utrish, Castle Lion Head, Sukko.

An active trip that begins with a powerful emotional release at the Dubrava firing range. Let's blow off steam with the ammo! Gorges, waterfalls, a safari park, a medieval knight's park, a rope park and scenic spots in the mountains are just some of the things to see on this three-day trip.

Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Krasnodar

Pavel Ivshin. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Towards the sea

On the first day of the trip we will have to climb through a mountain range, and only in the evening we will be at the seaside. The mountains are always interesting, which means that on the way we will meet gorges, caves and waterfalls, and at the end of the day and mysterious dolmens.


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Стрелковый клуб "Дубрава"

It's a great opportunity to blow off steam after a hard working week. Aim. Fire! It's better to make an appointment in advance. You can do it [here.](

Дантово Ущелье

Built path in the gorge. There's a railing in the steep places. Lots of viewing platforms. No preparation required. If there is a desire to pass all the branches of the gorge, it will take at least a day, there will be small waterfalls and grottos on the way.

Georgian cuisine restaurant "Chacha"

It's delicious and nourishing. Georgian cuisine. Pleasant interior. Fast serving.

Bogatyr caves

Unusual caves, which hide behind a small underground city, have a system of passages and tunnels. Legend has it that these caves were created by giant heroes who lived on earth before humans.

Gebius Falls

Another waterfall system. Along the creek stretches a well-appointed path. The highest concentration of waterfalls is about 3 kilometres from the route.

Zeus Restaurant

We're having dinner by the sea. The windows of the restaurant overlook the Black Sea, and if you are lucky, you can watch the sunset. We tasted Georgian cuisine during the day. Now it's Armenian cuisine.

Day 2: Along the coast

We've been moving along the coast all day today. We will start with a small Asian park, after moving to the waterfalls, a safari park is waiting for us in the middle of the way, and the sunset we will meet at the seaside by a real lighthouse.

Park Otdykha In' Yan'

The first stop today is a corner of Asia in the village of Pshada. In the park you will find a lotus pond, cactus thickets and lavender bushes. Here you can go for a fish pilling procedure, rub the belly of a local golden Buddha for luck, or just relax and take a photo.

Водопад Наташа

The first waterfall in the group of waterfalls on the river Zhana. Along the river is a path. Dolmens will meet on the way.


The first animal rehabilitation center on the Black Sea coast. All animals have a difficult fate. After chatting with the animals, you can use the cable car to the top, which offers a decent view of Gelendzhik and the bay.

Restaurant "Horizon"

In order not to go deep into the city, we eat in a restaurant near the hotel, near the exit of the bypass road. Simple, but delicious food. Democrat prices.

Памятник морякам революции

A monument and another good viewing platform. It is the first monument in the chronology of events in the complex "Heroes of the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War". Part of the exposition is the "Visitor's Cube", symbolizing a sinking ship. Inside it there is a composition of colored glass and metal. It is a signal of sea semaphore, meaning the phrase: "I die, but I do not give up". This signal was raised on all the ships sunk in the bay on June 18, 1918.


The lighthouse, which is almost on the island. Especially good in sunset paints. In fact, there are two lighthouses, one of which is relatively new and also a monument. It is erected in memory of the sailors of the Azov-Black Sea flotilla, in particular, the feat of military sailors of the ship "Fabricius".

Porto Nero Restaurant

Dinner on the beach. The windows of the restaurant overlook the sea. There are both open and closed rooms. Around the restaurant grow trees, which only gives comfort.

Day 3: Saddle the horses!

The highlight of today's program is the Succo Park and its surroundings, namely the Lion's Head Castle, a rope park and much more.

Замок Львиная Голова

A very atmospheric place that will plunge guests into the era of chivalry. Here you can visit thematic performances and take part in interactive platforms. Unfortunately, knight shows are only held from May to September, but there is still a lot to do at the castle. The Tyr Robin Hood, stables, blacksmith and potter's workshop and medieval museum are all accessible year round. For more information about the activities and schedule, please call the [site](http://шоу-рыцарей.рф/kontakty/).

Braveheart Adventure Park.

Rope park near the lake. Big branched network, there's a shooting gallery. Lots of interesting locations.

Озеро Сукко

Lake Succo can be reached by car or horseback riding, and then visit its picturesque groves.

Terrace Restaurant

This time lunch and the observation deck are combined. The restaurant has a nice view. The restaurant has an open terrace. Fast food serving.

Начало Кавказских гор

An entertaining monument like the Kilometer Zero Road, only for mountains. The monument is very young, it was installed only in 2013, but all these seven years it is in great demand.

Висячий мост

Let's make a little stop on the way to get some air and stretch out a little. And the suspension bridge will serve as a great location for interesting photos!

Restaurant "Dream"

Restaurant "Dream" is located right on our way, we do not even have to turn off the road. The creators of its interiors were clearly inspired by the luxury of baroque palaces, so let's have a royal dinner! Please note that the restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday.


Going back to town.