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Getting to know animals of different peoples

Road Trip Route. Look in the Mongolian yurt., Comb the alpaca., Ride your horses., Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the XVIII century..

You will have a fascinating journey with immersion into the culture of different peoples. You will get acquainted with Mongolian and Buryat way of life, make friends with South American alpacas, take a ride on horses, which have been assistants in villages since ancient times. End your day in XVIII century European streets. It will be interesting for everyone. The itinerary is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Multivan](

Families with Kids, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Moscow

Volkswagen Multivan.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: A paradise for children

Today is dedicated to animals from all over the world. You will get acquainted with Kalmyk two-humped camels, Mongolian yaks, donkeys, lambs and sheep, goats, geese, northern sled dogs (Alaska malamutes), South American alpacas and Russian horses. You'll have to look in three different places: the Nomad Ethnopark, the Rancho farm and the Russian Alpacas farm. After so many animals, you can relax a little in the historical atmosphere of the 18th century.


Nomad Ethnopark

Nomad Ethnopark "Nomad" is an open-air ethnographic project that allows to get acquainted with dwellings, traditions and culture of nomadic peoples of different countries. At the moment the park is open only from Friday to Sunday from 10 to 17. You can find more information about workshops, farms and other events at [the park's website]( or by phone +7 (905) 760-52-00.

Rancho Agro Estate.

A little horseback riding is waiting for you, which will be interesting for both adults and children. For more information, please visit the [official website]( and do not forget to make an appointment in advance by calling 8 (916) 577-20-18.

Ресторан «Волен»

The restaurant will delight you with grilled delicacies, trendy Caesar salad, delicious soups and much more. If you wish you can book a table by calling +7 (495) 161-61-30.

Russian Alpacas Farm

Alpacas are very affectionate: they gladly allow themselves to be stroked, scratched and even hugged - the whole family will be delighted! The park program consists of two parts: independent communication with animals at the cages; a wool workshop, where you will be told about the peculiarities of animal care. It also shows how wool is collected and processed. To visit it, you must make an appointment via the feedback form on [site]( or by phone: +7 (926) 311-11-72 or +7 (999) 814-93-26.

Киногород Piligrim Porto

The city exposition Piligrim Porto is a unique site for Moscow region, recreating the architecture and features of life of the European settlement of the XVIII century. Originally the village was built for filming "Notes of the Forwarder of the Secret Office". The film was shot and the place was turned into an amusement park. Historical reconstruction festivals and immersive shows are regularly held here with a full immersion in the atmosphere of the XVIII century. The doors of the cinema city are open daily from 10 to 19. For more information, you can contact the [official website](


It's time for dinner at the gourmet bar, where the cuisine of different countries is gathered. It is possible to reserve a table in advance through the form on [site](