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Get along in one day: a trip to the beauties of the Krasnodar Region

Road Trip Route. Learn all about winemaking in the "Lefkadia Valley", Admire the mud volcano of Shugo, Relax in a Russian banya on the lake shore, Go horseback riding.

The slopes of the Caucasus, mud volcanoes, picturesque parks and wineries - all the main attractions of the Krasnodar Region are available in winter and look no less spectacular than in summer. The route is not the shortest, but you will manage to see and taste a lot of interesting things in just one day. The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Caddy](

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Horseback riding, winery, mud volcano, Russian sauna

In the morning you will take a horseback ride on the slopes of the Caucasus Range, and then learn the secrets of winemaking in the "Valley of Lefkadia". In the afternoon you will wander along the deserted mud volcano Shugo, and then go to Slavyansk-on-Kuban: walk in the beautiful park, have a delicious dinner and soar in a Russian bath on the lake shore.


Horse Farm "Ekvilayn"

In the morning go to Abinsk: here, on the shore of Lake Chernobaevo, there is equestrian club "Equeline". Horseback riding in the fields and slopes of the Caucasus mountain range with a halt at a cool spring, visiting the ancient shrine - such an excursion will be a great start to the mini-journey. The time and duration of the ride you choose. Excursion should be booked in advance by phone +7 (988) 340-02-08. Look for details on the official [site](

Dolina Lefkadiya

"Lefkadia Valley" is a winery complex with endless vineyards, a French garden, a magnificent lake Gechepsin and the Museum of winemaking. There are several options for excursions to the "Valley", lasting 1-2 hours. Some tours include tasting of local wines and cheeses. Excursions must be booked in advance by calling 8 (962) 860-70-43. Other information can be found [here](

Amphora Restaurant

You can have lunch here, too. The winter menu at Amphora restaurant is small but incredibly hearty. Cozy meals in the company of a warming drink of natural berries and hot dishes are provided for you! In winter the restaurant is not as fussy as in summer, but it will not hurt to book a table: telephone number for contact - 8 (961) 534-08-76.

Mud Volcano Shugo

If in summer the mud volcano Shugo does not know the rest of the visitors, in winter months there is not a soul. Don't be lazy to get to this amazing natural attraction: even if you don't think about plunging into the healing mud, it's always interesting to wander between the numerous craters and watch the gas boil. It's better to explore the surroundings in tall rubber boots so you don't have to wash your favourite sneakers.

Bride's Alley Park.

In Slavyansk-on-Kuban, take a look at one of its prettiest parks. The "Alley of Brides" has long been a landmark place for city residents, and especially for newlyweds. The park is equipped with lanterns, so it's perfect for an evening stroll. An interesting fact: "Alley of Brides" is located on the territory of the central estate of the largest fruit farm in Europe "Garden of Giants".


Dinner time sneaked up unnoticed: you can freeze the worm in the pizzeria "Sicily". The menu includes favorite classics, unusual southern pizza (for example, with zucchini), rolls of all kinds, appetizing salads and usual hot dishes. You can find the full menu [here](

Boyarsky Dvor Bath Complex

A great end of the day will be a rest in the bath. A worthy variant in Slavyansk-on-Kubanie is the country complex "Boyarsky Dvor". Birch, oak and fir brooms, three saunas (small on firewood, large with a billiard table and a Finnish sauna) - it's better not to come up with a cool winter evening! The bathhouses are open daily and 24 hours a day. Order baths by phone +7 (918) 964-44-48, +7 (918) 494-03-03.