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Gastronomic tour along the Kuban Wine Road

Road Trip Route. Drive along the Kuban wine road, Stop at several wineries and spend a night there, Taste wine, Try farm cheese and snails, Enjoy local restaurants at the wineries, Discover southerly towns along the way, .

**Sochi-Tuapse-Maikop-Krasnodar-Gelendzhik** Vineyards, cheese factories, sea, lakes and beautiful cities - Russian Tuscany. Want to get into it and combine it all in one trip? And also add Adygea and the capital of the Krasnodar region with their equally stunning cuisine and restaurants? Then drive towards Maikop. Take a drive down the Kuban wine road. Visit local wineries. Go on tours and taste different types of wine. And don't forget to try the farmhouse cheeses and snails. The best wineries, lavender fields, vineyards and lakes await you. Go to the romantic Russian Tuscany and experience the atmosphere of the local wineries. **Tour features:** - There are mountain roads and one pass on the route. Some roads are without asphalt surface in the form of gravel; - Combination of gastrotourism and sightseeing route; - Journey along Kuban wine road; - Visit to four wineries, a cheese factory and a snail farm - Picturesque places for photo sessions. **Recommendations:**. - On the way from one point of the route to another on the route there may be no place to have a snack, so bring a light snack on the way - Open spaces and mountainous areas can be windy, so don't forget to bring a windbreaker - To visit some wineries, you need to book a tour in advance by calling the phone numbers listed at the points along the route

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: To Adygeya on the mountain roads

Wow, what a busy first day! Your journey will start with a drive into the resort town of Tuapse with a stroll along the embankment and port. Then you will turn to mountain roads, pass the Shahumyan pass and come to the capital of Adygea - Maikop. You will get acquainted with the town, its history and culture. And, of course, you will taste national Adygean cuisine in the best picturesque restaurant in the forest-park zone.


It is best to leave Sochi in the morning. Serpentine and mountain roads to Adygea with a stop in Tuapse await you.

Ploshchad' Oktyabr'skoy Revolyutsii

In Tuapse, the first thing to stop at is Oktyabrskaya Revolution Square. This is the central place of the city. Here there is a singing fountain, historical monuments and memorials, several restaurants. There is also a path from the square to the city promenade.


Have lunch at one of the best establishments in the resort - the Veranda Restaurant. The menu is extensive, tasty, beautiful and cosy.

Stela "Gorod Voinskoy Slavy" Tuapse

On the way to the Tuapse seafront you will see a memorial ensemble. This is an 11-meter granite column "Tuapse City of Military Glory". The stele was installed in Tuapse in 2012 in honor of awarding the resort the honorary title "City of Military Glory".

Tuapsinskaya Naberezhnaya

Immediately behind the Stela you will see the Tuapse embankment. Here it is also called Seaside Boulevard. Historical monuments, sculptures, fountains, sundial and seaport of Tuapse - all you will see, leisurely strolling along the embankment.

Shaumyanskiy Pereval

The road to Adygea goes bypassing Krasnodar and passes through a picturesque mountain road. Heading for Maikop, you'll pass the 7km long Shaumyansky Pass. Keep in mind there is no asphalt, so you have to drive on the gravel. However, a beautiful mountain road with views of bizarre cliffs and several viewpoints for stops awaits you.

Lenin Square

At the end of today's journey you will be greeted by Maykop, the capital of Adygea. Start your acquaintance with the city from Lenin Square. This is the central place of the city, where the monument to Lenin is erected. There is also an opportunity here to look at the musical fountain and relax on the benches.

Maykopskaya Sobornaya Mechet'

Maykop's calling card is the Cathedral Mosque. The majestic snow-white beauty attracts attention with its heavenly dome and four minarets. By the way, you can safely go inside and look around the mosque. This is one of the few mosques that is open to the public. The main thing is to take off your shoes at the entrance and be dressed modestly and closed.

Friendship Square

When you leave the mosque, you will see Friendship Square. The historical monuments of Maikop deserve attention here: two monuments. The first one is the monument "Unity and Consent", which is a kind of Adyghe traditional hearth and is a symbol of home, family and coziness. The second monument is "Forever with Russia". It was erected to commemorate Adygeya's joining Russia.


You should finish your acquaintance with Maykop at its best restaurant "Mazdakh". A picturesque place with national cuisine, Adygean dishes, live music and beautiful interiors. You will remember this evening with delicious dishes and cozy atmosphere.

Day 2: Going to Krasnodar

The capital of Krasnodar Krai will surprise you with its numerous green parks, pedestrian boulevard and various monuments of architecture. The beautiful and cozy city is ideal for walks. Here you can wander along the boulevard, walk to the waterfront, look at the military equipment and get lost in the quaint green labyrinths of the modern park.

Aleksandrovskiy Bul'var

Start your acquaintance with Krasnodar from its main street, Krasnaya Street. Here you'll also find Alexandrovsky Boulevard, a central pedestrian zone with many monuments, fountains and restaurants. You will meet Shurik and Lida from the Gaidai comedy, a monument to St. Catherine the Great Martyr, a 12-meter red Triumphal Arch in pseudo-Russian style, a monument to walking dogs, a monument to Cossacks and a flower clock.

Ptichka Nevelichka

You won't just sit and chirp, you'll have a very tasty lunch at the Little Bird Café. Be sure to stop by one of the best places in town. You'll be surprised by the original interior, cool concept, good and tasty cuisine, and pleasant atmosphere of this café. Tasty, beautiful, aesthetic and unique!

Kubanskaya Naberezhnaya

After a busy lunch, go for a walk along the new Kuban embankment. A cozy modern promenade with benches and trees will take you to the Bridge of Kisses and the 30th Anniversary of Victory Park.

Most Potseluyev

The snow-white cable-stayed bridge connects Kuban embankment with the park and has the romantic name "The Bridge of Kisses". Take a walk across the bridge and down to the park.

Park Kul'tury I Otdykha Imeni 30-Letiya Pobedy

Another of Krasnodar's numerous parks deserves attention and reverence. There is a whole open-air museum of military equipment, which has 40 military exhibits. It is all surrounded by greenery and flowers, so that a walk is sure to be not only pleasant, but also informative.

Памятник Императрице Екатерине II

A 14-meter monument to the founder of Krasnodar Catherine II you should definitely see. The entire green square is dedicated to it. The majestic ruler is built of bronze, aluminum and cast iron.

Park "Krasnodar"

Don't overlook the capital's newest and most modern park - Krasnodar Park. It was opened in 2017 by philanthropist Galitsky, so its second name is Galitsky Park. It will amaze you with its spiraling paths, hilly landscape, observation deck, amphitheater and fountain. And next to it you'll see the big arena of FC Krasnodar.

Кафе «Краснодар»

Finish your day at another great place in town - Cafe Krasnodar. You don't need to go anywhere, it is located right here in Krasnodar Park. The cafe will amaze you with its beautiful interior, author's dishes, interesting combination of tastes and pleasant atmosphere.

Day 3: Russian Tuscany in Lefkadia

Ready to visit Russian Tuscany? Today we are going to the most beautiful and romantic wine region - Lefkadia Valley. The beauty and atmosphere of this place is incredible. It is as if you are in Tuscany! Endless vineyards, lavender fields, crystal lake Gecepsin, truffle groves and all this in one place. Lefkadia Valley is a large enogastronomic tourist complex with a hotel, restaurants, cheese farm, winery, garden, square and a specialty shop with its products.

Dolina Lefkadiya

Today you will be treated to a full day in the great wine-growing region of the "Lefkadia Valley". Lefkadia is famous not only for its wines, but also for its cheeses. At the farm you will taste the best varieties of Lefkadian cheeses and wines. On the territory of the winery there is an ancient Greek square Agora and a cozy French garden. And, of course, the vineyards. Tours are available by reservation (+79628607043).

Vinnyy Dom

The Lefkadia Valley has an entire restaurant complex: the Wine House restaurant, pizzeria, French garden, champagne bar and outdoor summer terrace. Everything is at the highest level, as if you were in Tuscany. Delicious author's cuisine, interesting dishes, varied menu, beautiful interiors and, of course, specialty cheeses and wine of Lefkadia. Choose any establishment in the Valley for lunch and dinner.

Day 4: Kuban Wine Road

Today you will drive along the Kuban wine road visiting the famous wineries. The "Golubitskoe estate" on the sandy arrow of the Azov Sea is waiting for you, then the centre of wine tourism - Abrau-Dyurso, located on the lake with the same name. You'll have the opportunity to visit wineries, walk through vineyards, take a tour of the main wine house of Russia, buy specialty wine and champagne with farmer's cheese. You can finish your walk with a spectacular fountain show on the lake and dinner at Abrau-Dyurso restaurant.

Pomest'ye Golubitskoye

The second large winery is the Golubitskoe Estate. The name justifies itself, otherwise how else to call the whole 231 hectares of vineyards? At Golubitskoye strelka near the Azov Sea you will visit a grandiose winery with cellars, underground galleries, a restaurant with a viewing platform and tasting rooms. It is better to sign up for the tour in advance (+79639900093).

Abrau Durso Park

Here is the famous winery Abrau-Dyurso. The centre of all ethno-gastronomic tourism in Russia, the main point on the wine road and simply the Russian Riviera on the emerald lake. Start your acquaintance with picturesque Abrau-Dyurso Park. There are snow-white swings overlooking the lake, a rotunda, a rose garden, and original fountains. Reach the pier and rent a catamaran or a painted boat and take a walk on the lake with panoramic views of nature and the fountain.

shop Grotto

For one or more bottles of Abrau-Durso be sure to stop by the Grotto brand store on your way. It is made in the form of a cellar, and it is very atmospheric inside. All the collections of Abrau champagne and wine will be waiting for you, as well as specialty cheeses from the local farm. Here you should buy the original farm cheese with a bottle of sparkling wine. Coffee-crusted cheese is especially good of them.

Center of wine tourism excursion to the factory

A visit to the wine tourism centre in Abrau-Dyurso is a matter of course. The tour includes a visit to the historical complex, wine cellars, production facilities and the Light Gallery. It can be taken with or without tasting. Conducted every 2 hours and lasts an hour and a half. The last tour starts at 18:00.

Art Bazaar

There will be an atmospheric Art Bazaar at the exit of the Winery building, where you can buy various souvenirs, decorations and interior items.

Poyushchiye Fontany

At 20:30 every day at the lake there is a light and music show of Abrau-Dyurso fountains. It looks very spectacular and lasts 30 minutes. It's better to watch from the main quay from the park.

Grand Kafe Abrau-Dyurso

For dinner go to the best cafe of Abrau - Grand Cafe Abrau-Durso. A good menu, interesting dishes and signature Abrau-Durso in any version.

Day 5: On the wine road

Today you will see a slice of France at Abrau-Dyurso, walk around its vineyards and drive further along the wine road. Of course, another winery will be on the way - Chateau Pinot with its snail farm and gravity-fed winery. And then the pine resort town of Gelendzhik with its long promenade and endless walks.

Kryl'ya Abrau

You can go to a nearby hotel in the morning, but not for accommodation. Hotel "Wings of Abrau" is a little piece of France on Lake Abrau. It is made in the Chateau style, a kind of French castle with iron knights, building in the form of a castle, retro cars and big swings. Be sure to take atmospheric shots for Instagram, look at the panorama of Lake Abrau from above and swing on the swings.

Lake Limanchik

We drive further along the Abrau outskirts. On the serpentine road you will find an observation platform with panoramic views of the lake. A little further is another lake - Small Liman. The lake is small, but worth your attention. There are great views from the rocks to the Black Sea, and below is Abrau Beach.

Domik Vinogradarya

On the way back, when you leave Abrau-Dyurso, be sure to turn to the Vineyard House. There are no signs and the road is unpaved, but it's only a few meters from the turnoff of the main road. There are not many tourists here, because this house is rented for festivities. However, you can take a walk in Abrau-Dyurso vineyards and make a lot of atmospheric shots here. This is a real little Tuscany!

Shato Pino Restaurant

You're going on the wine road, aren't you? So, on your way to Gelendzhik, stop by another winery - Chateau Pino. It is located in the most beautiful place, next to Myskhako and Novorossiysk. This complex is unique gravity winery, snail farm, panoramic views of the bay of Novorossiysk and the mountains. You can go on an excursion with a tasting and a visit to the winery and snail farm, or taste the wine with a delicacy in the restaurant.

Andreyevskiy Park

And here you are in Gelendzhik! At the entrance to the city turn to Andreyevsky park - the most beautiful park of the southern resort with flowering trees, a Japanese garden, a pond with turtles and a large Andreyevsky church.


Start your acquaintance with this southern town from its promenade. Come to this fountain and from there head to the right. It is this part of the promenade that has recently been renovated and given a new modern look. A beautiful promenade with numerous pine trees, squirrels on them, flowerbeds, fountains, benches and stylish restaurants. On the way you will see a musical fountain from the sea and a floating glass viewing platform.

Rusalka I Kot Uchenyy

Walk up to the Mermaid and Cat Scientist sculpture, which is right under a pine tree, on the promenade, and take a couple of pictures.

Ukrainskiy Dvorik

For lunch stop by the Ukrainian Yard. There is a good kitchen with an extensive menu. The interior and dishes are in the national style. Nourishing and perfect for lunch.

Tolstyy mys

After lunch you can go to the other side of the embankment: to Cape Thick. There are already other views of the sea, a pine grove and a beautiful park area for strolling along the promenade. You can go down to the Gardens of the Sea beach and spend time there.

Lermontovskaya Arka

In the evening, go back to the new promenade to the sea fountain. Just in time for the evening show of the singing fountain. Come to the glass viewing platform to watch it.


For dinner, go to the famous chain restaurant, Cheesecake Factory. It's just around the corner. Delicious cuisine, many types of cheese and a stylish interior are the perfect end to a gastronomic trip.

Day 6: Conquering the Gelendzhik Mountains

Spend your last day on Mount Olympus with stunning panoramic views of Gelendzhik and the bay. Take a ride on the cable car, walk on the big viewing platform, take a lap on the Ferris wheel right on the mountain and go to the cutest contact zoo. And afterwards, get in the car and head back to Sochi.

Развлекательный Комплекс Олимп (канатная Дорога)

Let's finish this trip in a colorful way! So in the morning go to Mount Olympus, where there is a park, an observation deck, a Ferris wheel and the inscription "Gelendzhik". A cable car ride with breathtaking views awaits you. At the top there is an observation deck on the city and the bay and the Ferris wheel. There you can also have lunch in a panoramic cafe. After you descend from the cable car, take your time to leave. The ticket price includes a visit to the wildlife park and the contact zoo.


Before the road to Sochi, have lunch at the Olimp Park near the zoo. Gastropub Ferma is an original café with delicious food and views over the pond and the park.

Dolmen Dzhubga

On the way back to Sochi, make a stop in Dzhubga and go to Dzhubga dolmen. The megalithic construction of the 3rd millennium BC is a real place of power. By the way, it is one of the largest in the Caucasus region. You will see ancient drawings of primitive man and feel the powerful energy of the place.

Skala Kiseleva

Make your next stop near Tuapse. Drive to the sea to see the majestic and beautiful rock of Kiselev. It was drawn by the painter A. A. Kiselev in all his paintings. Admire and you unique natural place.

Volkonsky dolmen

Another famous dolmen on the way to Sochi is Volkonsky. A huge dolmen is carved into the rock. This place of power is unique in its size: 16 m long, 8 m wide and 1.5 m high. A fee is charged for access to the dolmen.