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Gastronomic pleasure: the most delicious places in Sochi

Road Trip Route. Visit the tea houses in Uch-Dere., Try Solohaul tea., Visit the House of Varenya., Visit the Krasnodar Tea History Museum., Take a walk around E Manor. A. Nightmare, .

This journey can be called as follows: a gastronomic tour with a historical incline. During these three days you will not only taste a large number of different types of tea, taste delicious jam, jam and marmalade of real southern fruits and berries, but also plunge into the history of the region. You will visit the ruins of a Byzantine temple in Loo, Dagomyskie troughs or, as they are called, "Love Lake", visit the house of a Ukrainian immigrant who planted the first tea plantation in Russia. If you wish, you can fly in a hot air balloon or blimp. And this is only a part of what you will see and visit. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Time for a cup of tea with jam

Visit the most tea places in Sochi. Start the day by visiting the complex, where you will be told everything about the culture of tea, then visit a tea plantation and learn all about the life of a man who first planted tea in Russia. You will find many delicious tastings and learning facts.


Chaynyye Domiki

[Tea Houses]( is a great place to learn more about tea culture and enjoy tea grown at the local plantation. By the way, the first tea plantation in Russia appeared here. After a short tour you will have a traditional tea party with pies, jam and fruit. It is interesting, that this complex was built without a single nail. Tea houses opened their doors to visitors in 1979 and for the past 30 years has been introducing visitors to the tea culture.

Dagomyskie troughs

The attraction is located on the territory of the Sochi National Park and represents natural pools on the Western Dagomys River. Dagomys Troughs has a second, less popular name - Lakes of Love. Couples in love come here for a swim because according to legend, if you swim here with your loved one, the relationship will be strong and shared dreams will certainly come true. But many people come here just to take a walk, have a picnic or have a good time at the local cafe.

Muzey I. A. Koshmana

Solokh-Aul is the birthplace of Russian tea, it was here in 1901 that I. A. Koshman first planted tea. This was the beginning of tea cultivation in Russia. Now this place is considered a reserve, and the house where this great man lived has been turned into a museum. After a tour of the house you will be invited to a tea party with fragrant Solokhaul tea and fragrant mountain honey. Working hours: from 8:00 to 17:00 daily.

Muzhskoy Monastyr' Krestovaya Pustyn'

The project of the monastery complex was developed by the Sochi architect Boris Babakov. The complex itself was conceived in the likeness of the Athos complex. Not far from the monastery there is a holy spring of healer Panteleimon, in which everyone can take a bath and fill up with water.

Solohaul Park

Evening can be spent in the amusement park, which is perfectly located among the wildlife. In the park you can just walk and admire the mountains, swim in the river Shah or have a picnic. You can also do something more interesting here. In the park you can fly in a balloon, on a blimp, ride a real APC or visit the rope park. Find out more and book the activities you are interested in at the [official website]( of the park.

Kafe Na Krayu Zemli

The restaurant is located in a very picturesque place, with beautiful views of the mountains and the river Shache. Quite a varied menu, it is worth trying the Alpine salad

Day 2: Honey, maybe?

In the morning, go to the mountains, Mountain Eden Park. In this place you can taste not only mountain honey, but also real local tea. You'll be surprised to learn that honey is also white, green. After you have tasted all kinds of honey, take a walk to the waterfall "Paradise Pleasure".

Ikigai Cafe

Today you have a trip to the mountains, so you need to cheer up well in the morning. A tasty, invigorating coffee will help you with that!

Gornyy Edem

The tourist complex "Mountain Eden" is located 6 kilometers from Looo. Here you can see how cypresses, magnolias, figs, persimmons, lemons, and guavas grow. But most importantly, here you can taste the real mountain tea and honey for free, as this service is already included in the ticket price. If you are not driving, you can appreciate the local homemade wine. Here you can also see a cactus, which is 20 years old, a waterfall and a working well with healing water. You can also have a small picnic on the grounds.

Vodopad Rayskoye Naslazhdeniye

On your way to the waterfall you will meet another attraction that you shouldn't pass by - the open-air Museum of Hamshen Armenians. You have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the life of these people and learn some curious facts about their history. As for the waterfall, it is formed by the river Loo, which rolls down a steep river bed, forming a small lake below. If you wish, you can climb to the top of the waterfall.


After the walk to the pond, you can walk to a small cafe. Dine on tasty kebabs surrounded by wildlife.

Lavka Pasechnika

If you are still full of energy, then go to Golovinka, where the apiary makes delicious honey. You will be told, shown and given a taste of white and green honey. And also explains which honey is better to take when you have a cold, and which is good for a good mood.

Пляж ЛОО

The "Looo" beach is a very pleasant and clean place that is perfect for either an evening stroll or a short swim, weather and water temperature permitting. Either way, the best place to meet the sunset is on the seashore.

Belyy Plyazh

Dine at a restaurant with a view of the Black Sea coast. Large selection of dishes, fast service, pleasant music - for all this come here.

Day 3: Dessert

Today you can visit a very unusual museum-cafe of Stanislav Doroshenko. Here you can taste fresh jam, there is even a special offer for guests - tasting set, which includes 3 flapjacks, tea and 5 kinds of jam. Also feed the animals at Exarcho farm and don't forget to take delicious natural cheese with you.

Пляж ЛОО

Go to the beach in the morning to get some sea air. You can have a small breakfast on the beach if you take some food with you.

House of Varenya

When you come here, you fall out of reality. Everything is made so beautiful and tasteful that it seems unreal. The facility is located in a historic building, close to the coast. The owner is Stanislav Doroshenko, a Sakhalin resident. An unusual museum-cafe opened its doors in 2019. In the "House of Varenya" first you will get to the production, where you will be shown how to make the most delicious jam of the Krasnodar region. Afterwards you will visit the shop where you can buy the freshest products. And in front of it you will find a favorite tasting room. Be sure to try the tasting set, which includes 3 flapjacks, tea and 5 kinds of jam.

Vizantiyskiy Khram, Sochinskiy Natsional'nyy Park

On your way to the next attraction, be sure to visit this place. There used to be a medieval temple here. No one still knows its exact age. Some people put it down to the X-XII centuries, others believe that it was erected by the Druids in the VI century.

Muzey Istorii Krasnodarskogo Kraya Chaya I Avto-Moto Stariny

It's an interesting museum that absorbed the most important things. There are three exhibitions at once: a tea museum, an exhibition of retro cars and a samovar museum.

Cafe "Laguna"

Dine in a very atmospheric place with a view of the sea. Great choice of dishes and pleasant waiters. The visitors of the institution have not only positive gustatory, but also aesthetic impressions of the magnificent sea panorama.

ферма Экзархо

At the farm you can buy natural dairy products, fresh pastries, honey and farm semi-finished products. Tourists are offered a variety of entertainment: feeding the animals, horseback riding, photo shoots with and without animals or a walk around the farm with a guide who will lead you through the most important parts of the farm. More information about the farm can be found at [official website](


Finish your journey in a restaurant with an excellent selection of seafood. Meat lovers will also find something to please themselves. **Pay your bill at restaurants of Novikov Group with exclusive discount of 10%. Warn the waiter that you are the holder of the World Elite Mastercard® before receiving the invoice and pay with the World Elite Mastercard®.** **[Full promotion rules](]**