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Gastronomic journey through the Urals

Gastronomic journey through the Urals
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2 Days


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511 km






Gastronomy🎅 Winter Trips
An unforgettable journey through the gastronomic points of the Urals awaits you. You will visit a real Russian hut, where you will get acquainted with everyday life, make baked goods in a real Russian oven and have tea with a samovar, visit the house of Georgian cuisine. You will also visit the cheese dairy, where you will learn the technology of cheese making, see the process live, take part in tasting and make mozzarella. And in the Chocolate Museum you will feel the beauty of sweet life, take part in tasting and master class.
In addition, you will visit two museums where you will touch the history of the two cities and see many ancient objects. And at the end of your trip you will have a pleasant bonus - a real relaxation in hot thermal waters.
Eugenia Laputina
Eugenia Laputina
  • Kirovgrad Museum of Local History.
  • Rzhevsk Historical Museum.
  • Wisim Zoo.
  • House-museum "Russian hut".
  • House of Georgian cuisine.
  • Excursion and master class on chocolate production.
  • Secrets of cheese-making and mozzarella master class.
  • Rest on thermal waters.
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In the home cooking areas
Day 1272 km

In the home cooking areas

The first day of the trip will begin with a visit to the Novouralsk Museum of Local History. For lunch we'll go to the grill bar and taste juicy steaks, and after that we'll go on an excursion to a real Russian hut, where we'll cook baked goods in a Russian oven and have tea. Then we'll go to get acquainted with the animals on the zoo. The day will end with dinner in the house of Georgian cuisine.
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Chocolate and Cheese Day
Day 2238 km

Chocolate and Cheese Day

The second day will begin with a visit to the Chocolate Museum, where we will learn all about this sweetness, take part in a tasting and in a master class, then go to the cheese factory, where we will learn all the technology of cheese preparation. Then we will visit the History Museum and learn about the history of the town of Rez. And in the evening we will go on a holiday at the local spa and swim in hot mineral waters.
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