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Gastronomic journey north-east of Ekaterinburg

Road Trip Route. Prepare mozzarella, Pet the sturgeon., Try a peach beer., Love goat cheese., Blind the most delicious candies..

A very rich and delicious journey awaits us! We will visit a chocolate workshop, two cheese factories, a farm where sheep and goats live, a brewery and a sturgeon farm. On this trip, we will try a lot and learn a lot. Ready to open up?

Gastronomy, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Yekaterinburg

Sati Sarkisyan. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Chocolate workshop. Rezhano's cheese factory.

Let's start the day with a sweetie. We will go to a chocolate workshop to attend a chocolate and candy workshop. In the afternoon we will visit the cheese factory, where we will taste different kinds of noble cheeses, listen to a fascinating lecture and try to make mozzarella ourselves. Don't forget to sign up for excursions.


Gazpromneft filling station #30

Start your journey by refueling at Gazprom Neft filling stations, grab coffee and fresh pastries on the way to make your trip more comfortable!

Monument Boyevoy I Trudovoy Slavy

Let's stop to admire a monumental monument of military and labor glory. Human figures and a huge stella on the shores of a picturesque lake, impress with their majesty. Here eternal fire burns for the glory of soldiers of World War II.

Chocolate & Pepper

We'll visit the Chocolate and Pepper workshop. In addition to producing delicious chocolate, which you can buy for yourself, the workshop has a museum dedicated to "His Majesty's Chocolate", as well as workshops on how to prepare sweets. *You can sign up for the master class by phone: +7 922 1661 535* Monday and Tuesday are weekends.

Cafe Venice

Candy is fine, but a full lunch on schedule. Sophisticated interior in the style of French cafes and a varied menu of European cuisine guarantees us a pleasant and delicious lunch. Don't get too hungry, there's another gastronomic opening.


At the cheese factory in Rejano, we will look behind the scenes and see the real work of the cheese makers, and the museum staff will give us an interesting excursion. Afterwards we will taste local cheeses and even make mozzarella ourselves. A visit requires a prior arrangement. *" Book a tour and a master class on the phone +7 922 145 6237*

Rahat cafe

We'll have a cozy family cafe for dinner. Here they serve familiar and homemade food, which will be to the taste of any visitor. Good choice of soups and meat dishes.

Day 2: The Valley of the Goats. Museum of Mineralogy. Brewery

In the morning we will visit the loveliest goats to taste the products that are made of goat milk and have lunch. Afterwards we will visit the very fascinating Museum of Mineralogy. We'll finish the day at the brewery.

Valley of the Goats Farm

This charming farm is home to goats and sheep, which produce the very milk from which local produce is made. We will visit a tour of the farm and learn how to prepare cheese, be sure to try them, have lunch with farm products and visit one of the seasonal master classes. *" Book a tour by phone: +7 992 012 9981* Monday is the day off.

Gazpromneft filling station #52

Isn't it time to stop on vacation? You can warm up, fill up and buy goods on the way at Gazpromneft's filling stations.

Музей минералогии, камнерезного и ювелирного искусства

The Museum of Mineralogy, Stone Cutting and Jewellery is one of the most interesting museums in the area. The exposition is dedicated to the gifts of the Urals nature, minerals and mining industry. Saturday and Sunday are the weekends.

Khram Pokrova Bozhiyey Materi

Let's admire the Temple of the Protection of the Mother of God, which looks especially beautiful in the dark, thanks to its bright illumination. There is a park next door, where you can walk, breathe fresh air and have a good appetite.

The Chef's Café.

We will have dinner in a cafe, where we already know burgers, pizza and sushi are served, but in a new author's version. The restaurant's chef took the well-known modern recipes as a basis and added his vision to their execution. Judging by the reviews, the chef did a great job. You'll appreciate it, too.


The atomic laundry bar at the brewery is a very characteristic and atmospheric place. Here you can taste a huge number of different kinds of locally produced beers. Be sure to try the peach. You can also go on a tour of the brewery and learn the whole process of making a drink. *" Book a tour by phone: +7 343 773 4180* Monday and Tuesday are the weekends.

Day 3: The dam. A private cheese factory. Fish farm

An exciting day awaits us, and we will start it with a beautiful view of Beloyarskoye reservoir with a large and impressive dam. Next we'll have a private cheese factory where we'll look into the cheese vault and taste the products. In the afternoon we will visit the sturgeon fishery. We will listen to a fascinating excursion and try delicacies from this noble fish.

Плотина Белоярского водохранилища

We will stop to admire the beautiful view of the Pyshma River valley and Beloyarskoye reservoir, which opens from the dam. The dam itself is also quite an impressive structure worthy of our attention.

Chastnaya Syrovarnya "Sobolev Syr"

Let's visit a private cheese factory founded by chef Roman Sobolev. Here cheeses are made with an ideal composition and according to European recipes. We will visit the excursion, where we learn everything about cheese production, get to the storage, where cheeses ripen and reach their ideal taste, and after tasting the production of cheese dairy with noble wines. *" Book a tour by phone: +7 904 989 2919*

Kafe-Pab "Staryy Trakt"

We don't miss the right lunch. Café Old Trakt serves excellent meat dishes, and there is also a good choice of soups.

Live sturgeon

Welcome to the only fish farm in the Sverdlovsk region with a closed water supply. Noble sturgeons are bred here. We will visit the excursion and learn the whole way of cultivation of different kinds of sturgeon, even we will be able to pet and take pictures. We will see the feeding of sturgeons and a master class on gutting fish. At the end we will taste delicacies of local hot and cold smoked fish. *" Book a tour by phone: +7 343 361 6599*


At the end of our trip we will have dinner in the home environment of Dubrava restaurant. In the menu you will find familiar dishes of Russian and oriental cuisines. Shish kebabs of different types of meat, usual home soups, as well as snacks and desserts are served here.