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Gastro tour from Kolomna to Ryazan and back.

Road Trip Route. Eco Lady, Museum of Ryazan Lollipop, Chocolate History Museum of Cholo Rua, Bread Square Kitchen Shop, .

You will see how grape snails are grown and learn how to prepare them correctly; learn the secrets of cheese making and learn what candies were made of in Russia; visit a chocolate museum and taste potassium pies; learn why artesian water is needed to prepare beer; try real goose pâté and much more. It will be delicious and very interesting!

Gastronomy, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Kolomna

Maria Gorobets. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Grape snails, cheese, lollipops and a cookery.

This day will be diverse. You'll visit a grape snail farm and a master class on how to prepare them, boil your own cheese and take it with you; you'll learn where and how you discovered the ancient "formula" of Russian sugar cubes, which used to be used to make candy. And you'll have dinner in an extraordinary place - in the real live museum of Russian culinary culture of the first quarter of the XX century.


Gazpromneft filling station No 56

The journey begins! Before the trip, we recommend filling a full tank of quality fuel at Gazprom Neft's filling stations, and at the same time buying water and snacks on the way.


Let's start our journey by visiting Eco Village. What's not here: and a farm of grape snails, goats and even crocodiles! You can visit them all or choose the most interesting ones. At the snail farm you will learn about the life of snails and the peculiarities of their maintenance, cultivation and processing. Visit to the snail farm - 200 rubles per person. And after the excursion there will be a master class on preparation of snails! You will carve the snail yourself, prepare a paste of herbs and oil, fill the sink, and it will be left only to bake in the oven. And then there will be a tasting of prepared snails. The cost of the master class - 3000 rubles (per group of up to 10 people). You can also take part in a master class on cheese-making. You will learn how to cook one of the house cheeses of your choice. The cost of the master class - 3000 rubles (per group of up to 10 people). We'll also have lunch at Eco Village. Here we will be served a farm lunch, cooked in the street in the cauldron or on firewood. It consists of first and second courses, the first course can be ear or borscht, the second course can be potatoes with chicken or pilaf. The cost of a farm lunch is 350 rubles per person. Advance booking for excursions, master classes and lunch is required at [site](

Monument to Lukhovitsky Cucumber

And now we're going to visit the monument to the hero who saved an entire city from starvation..... Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? In fact, this hero was the cucumber, thanks to which the residents of Lukhovitsy were able to earn money and feed themselves in the hungry 90s of XX century. Then the townspeople literally saved huge harvests of cucumbers, they were sent for sale in Moscow, and residents of the Russian capital appreciated the high quality of Lukhovitsy cucumbers.

Ryazan Lollipop Museum of History

You will learn where and how you found the ancient "formula" of Russian sugars, which used to be used to make sweets and how the favorite dainty of all Russian boys and girls appeared - the famous "rooster" on a stick. You will also be offered a tasty gift and compulsory sweet tastings. The cost: Adults - 300 rubles. Children (5-18 years old) - 300 rubles. Pensioners, disabled, large families - 270 rubles. Children under 5 years old - free of charge An appointment in advance by [telephone or telegram]( is required. On weekends and holidays there are also excursions with the national team at 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00. You can also sign up for a master class in lollipop painting. Please note that the museum is open from 10 to 18 hours.

Chocolate Story Museum of Chocolate Rua

There's dessert waiting for us this afternoon! What could be better than chocolate for dessert? That's right, nothing ;) In the Chocolate Museum you will taste the chocolate and learn more about the history of the creation, as well as see the chocolate tree with your own eyes. Excursion in audio guide format. Cost: Children and adults - 100 rubles per person (no advance booking required). If you want to cook and decorate chocolate yourself, be sure to attend a chocolate master class. There you will learn the secret of pouring and decorating chocolate and make your own chocolate figurine. The cost of the tour for a group of 3 - 9 people: with tea drinking from samovar - 600 rubles, without tea drinking - 550 rubles. You need to pre-order the master class by phone at [site]( Please note that the museum is only open on weekends.

Bread Square" Historical Cooking Shop

Dinner will be at an extraordinary place - the Bread Square kitchen workshop. Kitchen Shops used to be called taverns, where they were fed cheaply and kindly. But the cookery shop is not just a cafe, it is a real live museum of Russian culinary culture of the first quarter of XX century. The right mood will be created by a wall collection of posters of those interesting times, an interesting selection of colorful advertisements on a paper substrate under the plate and musical works reflecting the world of the era. The menu is divided into two parts: old-mode and proletarian... I think you've already guessed which dishes each part includes :) Both parts are equally tasty and worthy of attention, as is the cookery itself. Book a table [in advance](http://www.xn--80aabob9adoli4dyc0b9a.xn--p1ai/).

Day 2: Beer, geese and bees.

Today will be a day of contrasts: you will visit small farms and a huge brewery; you will learn why beer is brewed on the best artesian water and what orders reign in the gooseberry. And, of course, you'll taste the best products of the Zaraguan farmers.

Russian Brewery Company "Khmeloff"

On the tour you will immerse yourself in the world of brewers. You will learn why beer water quality is more demanding for technologists than drinking water, why beer must be insisted on for 40 days and which component determines the aroma, flavour, colour and foaminess of the finished beer. It is obligatory to make an appointment in advance for a contact tour on [site](

Family farm in the village of Zimenki

On the family farm, you'll see cheese being made and taste it. Please note that the geocoordinates of a location may differ from those indicated, please check with [farmers]( for the exact address. To visit the farm a preliminary [entry] is required (

Family eco farm in the village of Zlyhino

Now we'll be at the goose farm. Here you will learn about the peculiarities of poultry breeding and care. Also, on this farm, we have lunch with delicious pâtés and smoked goose. To visit the farm and have lunch, a preliminary [entry] is required ( Please note that the geocoordinates of the location may be different, please check with [farmers]( for exact address.

Shop Tea House

On the way back, stop by the Zaraisky shop "Tea House", which sells the best farm products. There you will find dairy, meat and fish products, tea, honey and ice cream. There you can also drink tea with scones and taste the farmer's honey.


On the way back, you can stop at Sviatopol. Sviatopolje is a unique place where you can communicate with different animals in a comfortable environment for them and for you, and with some even on the loose. On the territory of the zoo live: Husky and rare Yakut husky, horses, unusually sociable goats, geese, boar, ferret and cats. You'll learn a lot about animals. Like curly horses that look like sheep in winter. You'll also learn about politics and intrigue in the dog pack, and why the leader is a girl. The tour also includes animal treats and feeding and photos with animals. Also on the territory of Svyatopol you can ride horses for Uzdzhi (riders up to 80 kg), dog sledding and "Snow Banana". Please note that all services must be booked [in advance](