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From Volga to Seliger: a journey from Rybinsk to Ostashkov

Road Trip Route. Old streets of Rybinsk, Telescope of the astronomic observatory, The Kremlin in Torzhok, Panika waterfall, Seliger archipelago.

Sometimes not the most famous provincial towns contain real treasures. Lovers of beautiful architecture, stunning natural scenery and unusual gastronomy just need to visit them. We suggest you go on a fascinating journey from Rybinsk to Ostashkov. Following the planned route, you will see an amazing variety of architectural styles – from wooden architecture to neo-Gothic, get to the "flying saucer" and briefly transported into the Soviet era. Interested? Hurry up and go! **Book hotels along the route with up to 10% cashback.**

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Getting to know Rybinsk

Rybinsk is a charming town on the bank of the full-flowing river Volga. You will have a walk along the ancient streets and squares, a visit to a museum and a short journey through time.


Соборная площадь

The main decoration of Rybinsk square is the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. The temple building and the bell tower combine elements of baroque and early classicism architecture. On the upper tier of the bell tower in 1896 a clock mechanism was installed, pay attention, it works to this day.

Рыбинский Мост

From the Sobornaya Square move towards the embankment. Take a photo against the background of Rybinskiy bridge before going to explore the museum collections.

Красная площадь

Five minutes and you are on Red Square. Don't be surprised, it's not only in Moscow. Not so long ago the square was reconstructed and today it looks almost the same as before the revolution, with the only assumption that in place of the monument to Emperor Nicholas II there is a bronze Lenin.

Рыбинский государственный историко-архитектурный и художественный музей-заповедник

The most beautiful building on Red Square is the Bread Exchange. It now houses the city's Historical, Architectural and Art Museum Reserve. Visiting the museum, you will get closer acquainted with the history of the ancient city on the Volga, and look at a very worthy collection of paintings, including works by such renowned masters as Shishkin and Aivazovsky.

Пожарная Каланча

A hundred years ago, Rybinsk's fire tower was a true demonstration of technological wonders. Why? The reason is that during the manufacture a new and unique for that time material - reinforced concrete - was used. And the stylistics of the tower itself in the spirit of art nouveau did not leave the townspeople indifferent.

Дом Художников

A fairy-tale terem with carved windows in Rybinsk is called the "House of Artists". One would think that artists of the beginning of the last century used to stay here for summer and have small talk. However, the origin of the name is somewhat more prosaic: in the early 90s the owners were two artists who changed the internal arrangement of the house, while retaining its facade.

Польский костел Сердца Иисусова

Neo-Gothic in the heart of Rybinsk - unexpected and very beautiful. The church is not active, today it houses the student club and hosts classical music concerts. And the artifacts preserved after the revolution were transferred to the historical museum.


It's time to refresh yourselves. For lunch, check out a local cafe called SoupVeggu. If you thought that soups make up the bulk of the menu, that's not entirely true. The menu is quite extensive, so every gourmet will find a dish to their liking.

Sovetskaya epoha

Do you still remember the romance of pioneer camps and want to go back to your childhood? Or do you only know about the Soviet era through films and stories, and don't mind experiencing its spirit? Then you should definitely visit the eponymous museum. Several rooms recreate the atmosphere of that time in detail: the assembly hall, the shop, the Party Manager's office. Please note: you can visit the museum only by preliminary request. You can make an appointment by phone: 8 (4855) 23-87-51.

Petrovskiy Park Rybinsk

Before heading out for dinner, take a look at Petrovsky Park. If you walk a little up Sverdlov Street, on the opposite bank you will see a wooden tower. This is a fragment of the fortress Ust-Sheksna. The fortress is still closed to visitors, so this is the easiest way to see it.


We've walked around the city, it's time to go to the factory! Don't be intimidated, it's just the name of a local gastrobar. Here you can have a delicious dinner, take pictures in the original interior and even sing karaoke.

Day 2: Closer to the stars and Atlantis

Today you will be transferred to Tver, and on the way you will visit picturesque Kalyazin, admire the flooded belltower and make a photo on the background of a "flying saucer" telescope of the observatory.

Угличский кремль

On the way to Kalyazin stop for a while in Uglich, have a walk around the Kremlin and remember the historical events connected with the town.

Музей Улитки

While "Russian Atlantis", more precisely, the Kalyazin Bell Tower is under restoration, stop by the Kalyazin Yacht Club, where you can visit the largest snail farm in Russia. Here you will be shown how young snails hatch, what they eat and where they spend their winter hibernation. You can visit the museum and, of course, taste snail dishes. More information, contacts and prices [on the farm's official website](


Another unusual sight of Kalyazin is a "flying saucer" hiding among pine trees. Of course, the construction has nothing to do with aliens and serves as a telescope of the local astronomical observatory. There are no excursions to the observatory, but it will not prevent you to examine the "saucer" from outside and take unusual photos.


Make a stop in Dubna and stop for lunch at the cafe "Happiness". If you have some free time left after the snack, then go for a walk along the Moscow Canal.

Понтонный Мост

Make a short stop in Konakovo for a mini photo shoot on the pontoon bridge.

площадь Революции (Соборная площадь)

So, you are in Tver! Start with a visit to the Sobornaya Square. If you are not yet hungry and are in the mood for an active walk, move along Volzhsky Avenue, past the ornate building of the art gallery, and then go down to Mikhail Yaroslavich Quay.


Dinner time! You will find the tastiest meat dishes at the BAR.B.Q. grill restaurant. Also this place has a very original interior. What the "bottle wall" is worth of mentioning. It is better to book a table for dinner [in advance](

Day 3: Road to Ostashkov

The way to Ostashkov passes through a very picturesque area. You will wander through the territory of the ancient manor, find a fabulous waterfall and explore the picturesque town of Novy Torzhok.

Breakfast Band

The Breakfast Band Café offers breakfasts from around the world, and the coffee here is also very good. The first half of the day will be spent outdoors, away from cafes and restaurants. So take care of lunch in advance and ask the staff to pack a snack for you to take with you.

Znamenskoe Rayok Estate

Znamenskoe-Rayok is probably the most famous manor of the Tver region. Artists often come here. And not for nothing, as the surrounding landscape looks simply stunning.

Panic Falls

Panika waterfall is located near the village of the same name. It is quite low, but the area nearby looks incredibly fabulous: grass and moss-covered rocks, a small bridge. It seems that if you look closely, you will definitely see an elf or a gnome.

Novotorzhskiy Kreml'

Novy Torzhok Kremlin is a real treasury for architecture lovers. Here you will see both Old Russian wooden architecture, austere classicism and baroque elements.

кувшиновское водохранилище

For a picnic in nature you can make a stop at the Kuvshinovskoye water reservoir.

Mogilovskiy Uspenskiy Monastyr'

The building of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Mogilevka looks very contrasting: a glossy blue dome and ancient walls, which in some places are in a state of ruins. The church is active and is gradually being restored.

Набережный сад

Closer acquaintance with Ostashkov is planned for tomorrow, but today just stroll along the embankment and enjoy the serenity of the provincial town.

Gril'-Bar "Na Drovakh"

End the day at a local grill bar. If you're lucky, you'll catch a live music concert. Creative groups perform here quite often.

Day 4: The beauties of Seliger

Ostashkov itself undoubtedly has some special charm, but the real beauty is hidden on the Seliger islands. Visit Stolbnoy and Hachin islands to feel real unity with nature.


The day will be spent outdoors, so stock up on picnic food.

Parkovka Dlya Palomnikov

You will have a fascinating trip around the Seliger islands. Leave your car at the parking lot near the monastery, as it is the most convenient and safe.

Монастырь Нило-Столобенская пустынь

The first point of today's route is the Nilo-Stolobenskaya desert. Stolbnaya Island is connected to the "big land" by a bridge, so it's easy to reach it. You can book a tour of the monastery and the vestry museum by phone at [website](

Progulki Na Katerakh

The other islands can only be reached by water, but it is even more interesting that way. The boat hire point is located near the car park. Arrangements for a boat trip must be made in advance and can be made by calling the telephone numbers listed in [community](

о. Хачин, оз. Селигер

One of the most inspiring places in Seliger is Hachin Island. Such beauty is definitely worth seeing with your own eyes.

Parkovka Dlya Palomnikov

After a full boat ride, return to the car, exploring the local beauty continues.

Вознесенский Собор

The history of the Ascension Cathedral dates back to the reign of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, when a wooden church in honor of the Ascension was built in Ostashkov. The cathedral acquired the appearance preserved to this day at the beginning of the XIX century.

Park Svobody

The main attraction of Ostashkov Park of Freedom is an old bell tower with a clock, which is an unofficial symbol of the city. The bell ringing in the vicinity has not been heard for many years, but the clock mechanism is still in operation.


What's a lakeside city break without a rich fish soup? Finish your trip with a tasting of local fish dishes.