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From the Sea to the Mountains: The Beauty of Alicante’s Villages

From the Sea to the Mountains: The Beauty of Alicante’s Villages
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Many of Alicante's villages are nestled between the sea and the mountains. During the Middle Ages, seaside villages were the habitat of fishermen. Churches were the most important meeting place for the inhabitants, and castles served as a defense against enemy attacks.
Through this route, the history of these villages will be recalled. From churches and castles whose facades overlook the sea from the highest part, to fishermen's houses that maintain their charm. Some chosen viewpoints will leave you amazed.
Florencia Vallejo
Florencia Vallejo
Travel Expert
  • Discover colorful fishing villages.
  • Visit the most beautiful village of Alicante surrounded by mountains.
  • Climb to the top of a rock overlooking the sea.

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Colourful Walk and Sunset Views
Day 158 km3 km

Colourful Walk and Sunset Views

The first day includes two of the most beautiful fishing villages in the province of Alicante. With their historic centres built on the hillside, they are not only summer places with wide beaches. All year round, the charm of narrow streets with ups and downs flanked by low houses attracts thousands of tourists. Enjoy it!
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Discovering the Treasures of Guadalest and Calpe
Day 265 km1 km

Discovering the Treasures of Guadalest and Calpe

The second day begins with an ascent along the road to Guadalest. Before entering the village and from the road, you can see the reason why it is listed as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. The second stop is in Calpe, where the rock located on the seashore offers a unique landscape. Prepare a pair of sport shoes to reach the top.
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