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From the Olympic Park to the Caucasus Mountains

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Do you want to spend a few days at the sea, but just lying on the beach is not interesting? In this case, we offer you a unique tour, which includes a huge number of entertainment and adventure. You will find yourself in the heart of the Olympic Park, climb to the highest point in the Red Glade, swim in the sea and jump from 69 meters high, but that's not all! You will cross the border of Russia and find yourself in Abkhazia with its mountains and waterfalls, as well as ride a catamaran on Lake Ritsa!

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Ekaterina Shmelkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The capital of the Russian south - Sochi

And here we are in Sochi - the main and most popular resort city of Russia. But we will not stay in it for a long time - we are waiting for a really cool trip to Abkhazia. So don't forget to have a delicious dinner and gain strength before a busy next day.

5642 Высота

You can stay at the Georgian cuisine restaurant Height 5642 on the first evening of rest. Entourage is pleasant here, the interior is thought through to the smallest detail. Open kitchen, but no smell or noise, very attentive waiters. Of the dishes recommended khachapuri in Ajara and khinkali. The restaurant is open until midnight.

Day 2: Unique nature of Abkhazia

Today's route through Abkhazia will be unforgettable. You will start your journey from Colonnade in Gagra, get to the beautiful blue lake with its legends, see mysterious Yupshar canyon, also called "Stone Bag", and the best for dessert - the most famous of all natural wonders of Abkhazia - alpine lake Ritsa, fabulously beautiful, clean, magical.

La Luna

Before a trip to Abkhazia you can have breakfast here. Varied menu, here you can taste dolma, shish kebab, khachapuri, dishes of European cuisine. Wonderfully cooked fish, salmon with cream sauce, seabass and dorado on the grill. It's open from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m.


Our journey begins with an early departure from the hotel. Today we are on our way to Abkhazia - a wonderful sunny country of the proud Caucasus. Abkhazia can be reached through the border crossing point, where you can stay for some time, so we recommend you to have breakfast in a hotel or take food with you to have breakfast on the shore of the pebble beach directly in Abkhazia.


In the very center of Old Gagra, a stone's throw from the Seaside Park and the cult restaurant "Gagripsh", is the oldest and most famous attraction of Abkhazia - the Gagra Colonnade. The Gagra Colonnade is a beautiful multi-arch structure over 60 m long, built in Moorish style. Four snow-white towers are connected by arcades, each of which consists of 8 arches. The semicircle of the colonnade surrounded the square, which during the Soviet regime was called the square of the USSR Constitution. The center of the square is decorated with an elegant fountain with a small sculpture in the form of a white dove, symbolizing peace on earth. The Gagra Colonnade together with the fountain form a single architectural ensemble. Other sights of Gagra are also located on this square. To the left of the Primorsky Park is a movie theater, decorated with elegant spiral staircases and large lions. Today it is in a dilapidated state, but some traces of its former charm have survived to this day. Nearby you can see a colorful mosaic fountain, reminiscent of the creations of the legendary Spanish architect Gaudi.

Cafe Besedka

For those who haven't eaten in front of the road, there is a chance to have breakfast or lunch in this cafe. It is considered one of the most delicious in Abkhazia.

Blue Lake (Голубое озеро | ცისფერი ტბა | Blue Lake)

At the very beginning of the road you can see the grotto of Azhugra-ahp. This cave, safely hidden in the rocks and about 18 meters deep, is interesting because the site of an ancient Middle Paleolithic man was found here. Tools of labour, remains of clay vessels were found at the site. Further along the way, groundwater seeps through the limestone rocks and flows off the cliffs like tears. That's why this waterfall is called the Girl's Tears. According to local beliefs, the wishes of this place will come true. On the eighth kilometer of the road to the Ritza on the bank of the Bzyb river one can see the ruins of the Hasan-Abaa watch fortress, the construction of which dates back to the IX-X centuries. The tall tower is surrounded by 1.5 m thick walls. Maybe this tower had a connection to Bzybsk Fortress. Further along the way, an amazing small lake opens up. It has an amazingly bright color, which is why it was called Blue. The blue lake is a karst well 24 m deep. Water in it is very cold - not higher than +14 degrees at the surface. In the area of the Blue Lake, the gorge is divided, and the Gegha River flows into Bzybj. The adjoining road leads to the most beautiful Gega waterfall, the height of which reaches 20 meters. On the river Bzyb we advise you to make a stop and ride a bungee over the bubbling waters or float down the river on raft (inflatable boat).

Юпшарское Ущелье "Каменный Мешок"

Yupshar canyon is a fascinatingly beautiful natural monument in the mountainous Abkhazia. The canyon was formed in a huge rock, which split in an earthquake centuries ago. The Yupshara River flows along the deep canyon, which has a total length of 12 km. The river has washed away a giant crack in the rock formed during the earthquake for many thousands of years. The river has its source in the mountain lake Ritsa, located in the Western Caucasus. The Yupshara River flows into the Gegha River, which belongs to the Black Sea basin. The water in the Yupshara River is clear and transparent, with a slight bluish hue. Yupsharsky canyon has the second name - "Stone bag". It wasn't for nothing that he was nicknamed "The Stone Bag". The canyon has a length of 8 km, the height of the rocks is about 400 meters, and the distance between the tops of the rocks does not exceed several tens of meters. From the inside of the canyon you can see only a narrow strip of sky, there is always darkness and it seems as if you are inside a stone bag. Huge majestic cliffs rising on both sides delight in their grandeur. The sunlight hardly penetrates the canyon, which makes it always cool. Due to the high humidity, the steep cliffs are decorated with centuries-old green and red mosses, boxwood and evergreen ivy. The bottleneck of the canyon is called the Yupshar Gate. Here the distance between the tops of the rocks is only 20 meters, and inside the canyon it seems as if they have closed at all. Immediately after the Jupshar Gate a steep ascent begins, which leads to Lake Ritza.

Смотровая Площадка "Прощай, Родина"

Why is this place called "Goodbye, Motherland"? There are several versions. The thing is, the road in those places is very narrow. On the one hand, it is backed by a rock, on the other hand, it has a bottomless abyss, and sometimes cars have to drive on the very edge of the cliff. Local tour guides tell a story like that. This road was built by the Germans during the war. And one day, their car slipped into the abyss. One of them managed to shout out the words "Goodbye, Motherland", which later became the name of this place. He probably liked these places so much that he became his second homeland... The other version sounds a little more plausible. It says that a bus with Russian soldiers retreating under fire broke down into the abyss.

Lake Ritsa

High-mountainous lake Ritsa is one of the most interesting natural tourist attractions not only in Abkhazia but also on the entire Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. The lake is also a unique natural site. Throughout its millennia-long history, it has never frozen. There is a huge amount of trout in Ritza, which can be tasted at any restaurant on the lake shore. Recently the infrastructure around Lake Ritza has started to develop actively, as the number of tourists visiting this place is constantly growing. Many cafes and restaurants offer delicious local dishes. Tourists have a great opportunity to take a ride on Lake Ritza on water bikes or a boat, admiring the amazing beauty of the surrounding nature. We recommend to eat on the beach in any local cafe and enjoy the beauty of the wonderful lake Ritza.

Смотровая площадка

It's getting darker in the mountains, so I have to go back. On the way back, stop at the observation deck overlooking Gagra. Even at night, millions of lights in the city resemble the starry sky reflected in the sea surface.

МАПП «Адлер» (Россия)

The border post can be passed quite quickly, but if you have to stand here for a while, you will agree that the time spent is worth all the beauty of Abkhazia.

Паста & бар «Пармезан»

Very nice and cozy place to complete a busy day. It is possible to sit on the terrace covered with a plaid and take a book from the restaurant library. The interior's beautiful, the cleanliness is being monitored. Coffee is served with a small glass of water and a complimentary cake. Nice little things :) The restaurant is open from 10am to 11pm.

Day 3: Holidays in Rosa Khutor

Today is no less interesting! We get to Skye Park, then to Rosa Square, where you can take a leisurely walk, breathe fresh mountain air and see the surroundings. You also have the opportunity to take the cable car to Rosa Peak! A great opportunity to visit the mountains and admire the magnificent scenery! At the end we look at the Singing Fountains and have dinner in a chic restaurant "Red Fox".


Give yourself a refreshment, but don't eat too much, because only unforgettable and stunning emotions and impressions await you ahead.

Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi

The park is located in the Sochi National Park in a picturesque place of the Akhshtyrsky gorge in the valley of the river Mzymta on the way to the Red Glade. The territory of the park is located in a relict forest, where the Colchis boxwood, jasmine, rhododendron of Pontic and other rare plants grow. The central place in the park is occupied by the world's longest suspended bridge SkyBridge, 439 m long, where everyone can take a breathtaking walk and enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast from a height of 207 m. The Sky Park will also feature the Mowgli Adventure Park, stunning views, an interactive bungee jumping museum, a 1200 m2 rock climbing wall with a height of 18 m, an amphitheatre with concerts and festivals, and a restaurant on the edge of the canyon. And, of course, for lovers of real thrills Skypark offers high-rise attractions from A.J. Hackett International. One of the highest bungees in the world - BUNGY 207 m and BUNGY 69 m, as well as the world's tallest swing SochiSwing 170 m, MegaTroll with a length of 700 m, which can reach speeds of up to 150 km / h, and in the future to appear and Troll 880 m with a speed of 50 km / h. At the company of professional guides, visitors to the park can climb up the specially designed via ferrata (metal structures on the rocky section) into the Liana cave.

Ущелье Ахцу

The Akhtsu Gorge is one of the most magnificent and deepest in the Caucasus. Located in the middle reaches of the Mzymta River. Length of 3 km, the deepest place to 800 m. The Adler-Krasnaya Polyana highway was built over the river at the end of the 19th century, which is so high that its valley below seems to be an abyss. In the narrowest part of the gorge, the road hides in a 100-meter tunnel, and the rock hanging over your head is called "Take it, Lord! At the beginning of the gorge on the left bank of the Mzymta River, it fits into the landscape of the Akhtsu tourist resort.

Rosa Square (Площадь Роза)

At the entrance to the Hutor Rose, you can leave your car in the parking lot and walk on foot. Rosa Square - the heart of Rosa Khutor resort in Esto-Sadok village. Its extensive reconstruction in 2012 was timed to coincide with the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. In 2014, Rosa Square was the location of Live Sites, a project designed to expand the territory of the Olympic holiday and make it a lively event for the country. There were sporting events, concerts and all kinds of entertainment for all ages. Today, Rosa Square is still popular with tourists. They come here to take a walk, enjoy panoramic views, visit cozy bars and restaurants offering excellent cuisine and high quality service. Its architectural ensemble is dominated by a building with a high clock tower, called the town hall. It has a similarity to the station complex in Sochi project Dushkin.


There are a lot of restaurants in Rosa Khutor for all tastes. But we recommend that you try an amazingly delicious pizza at this restaurant.

Rosa Khutor Olimpia (Роза Хутор Олимпия)

Get comfortable in the cabin of the Olympia cable car, which will lift you from the Rosa Dolina station (560 meters above sea level) to the Rosa Plateau station (1170 meters above sea level). After the first pass you find yourself above the gorge where the Sulimovsky creek flows and flows into the Mzymta river. At this point, the height above the ground is 140 meters, the distance from one aerial tramway support to the other is 500 meters. The Sulimovsky creek was named after Ivan Sulimov, a famous hunter and local lore expert from Krasnaya Polyana, one of the first climbers of our country. Enjoy the fabulous feeling of flying in complete safety! Take a look at the winding highway known as the Seven Bridges Road, Russia's highest-altitude road (up to 1170 meters above sea level). The road was built for the 2014 Winter Olympics. The road connects the key Olympic facilities: the sledding and bobsleigh complex, the Mountain Olympic Village, Extreme Park and Rosa Stadium - a single finishing zone for all mountain skiing disciplines. On Rosa Plateau you can see and visit the Mountain Olympic Village. Be sure to climb Rosa Peak to a height of 2320 meters. You will have a beautiful panoramic view, and we also recommend taking a horse ride to feel the spirit of the mountaineers.

Red Fox / Рыжий лис

Restaurant with respectable and quiet interior. Lots of wood, white tablecloths, fresh flowers on tables, live fire in the fireplace. Open kitchen is the most fashionable trend of restaurateurs in the last few years, and here it is used beautifully, without interfering with the rest of guests. The concept of the whole institution is sharpened for European author's cuisine. The restaurant does not have a small wine list and a good bar. Very beautiful and exquisitely decorate cocktails. Visitors choose lamb tongues, duck with berry sauce, grilled vegetables and apple tart with salted caramel. Smoked butter and pepper are served with a bread basket as a compliment. The restaurant is open from 12 days to 12 nights.

Poyushchiye Fontany

Sunny city of Sochi is famous for its beautiful places. One such place is the fountain in the Olympic Park called "Olympic Bowl of Fire". Many call it the "Waters of the Olympic Plaza". The fountain was built to open and close the Olympic Games that took place in Sochi in 2014. After the end of the Olympic Games in Sochi, the fountain became a legacy of the last Olympics and is rightly considered a landmark of Sochi. At the moment, singing fountains of the Olympic Park every day delight the guests of the resort! A singing fountain in the Olympic Park is built in the form of a sculpture "Firebird" with a "fire crest and huge wings". A mythological bird from our folk tales. She has a long swan neck and fire wings that hug the bowl. At night, the park becomes truly fabulous, as the splashes of singing fountains in the Olympic Park turn into fireworks, which are created with the help of LEDs. Small shimmering stars appear on the water surface. It feels like the fountain reflects the night sky. To enhance the mystery and mystery of the performance on the surface of the fountain, a fog is blown out. Evening show of musical fountains is a unique spectacle.

Day 4: Last hours in Sochi

On the last day of your trip, take a stroll along the beach in Sochi and enjoy the splendor of sea views, the softness of light wind and the smell of sea water.

Пляж «Rosa Khutor»

Spend your last morning swimming in the warm sea and sunbathing on the beach.

Блинная "Три богатыря"

After the beach we recommend to walk to the hotel in the Olympic Park, and have breakfast after leaving the hotel.