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From the Olympic Park to the Caucasus Mountains

From the Olympic Park to the Caucasus Mountains
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4 Days


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322 km






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Do you want to spend a few days at the sea, but just lying on the beach is not interesting? In this case, we offer you a unique tour, which includes a huge number of entertainment and adventure. You will find yourself in the heart of the Olympic Park, climb to the highest point in the Red Glade, swim in the sea and jump from 69 meters high, but that's not all! You will cross the border of Russia and find yourself in Abkhazia with its mountains and waterfalls, as well as ride a catamaran on Lake Ritsa!
Ekaterina Shmelkova
Ekaterina Shmelkova
  • Black Sea.
  • Olympic Park in Sochi.
  • Caucasus mountains.

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The capital of the Russian south - Sochi
Day 119 km

The capital of the Russian south - Sochi

And here we are in Sochi - the main and most popular resort city of Russia. But we will not stay long in it - we are waiting for a really cool trip to Abkhazia. So do not forget to have a delicious dinner and gain strength before the busy next day.
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The unique nature of Abkhazia
Day 2165 km

The unique nature of Abkhazia

Today's itinerary through Abkhazia will be unforgettable. You will start your journey from Collonade in Gagra, reach a beautiful blue lake with its legends, see the mysterious Yupshar Canyon, also called "The Stone Bag", and the best for dessert - the most famous of all natural wonders of Abkhazia - high mountain lake Ritsa, fabulously beautiful, clean, magical.
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Rest in Rosa Khutor
Day 3125 km1 km

Rest in Rosa Khutor

Today is just as interesting! We get to Sky Park, then to Rosa Square, where you can take a leisurely walk, breathe the fresh mountain air, and explore the surroundings. You also have the opportunity to take the cable car up to Rosa Peak! A great opportunity to be in the mountains and admire the gorgeous scenery! At the end we look at the Singing Fountains and have dinner at the chic Red Fox Restaurant.
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The last hours in Sochi
Day 413 km2 km

The last hours in Sochi

On the last day of your trip, take a walk along the Sochi beach and enjoy the splendor of the sea views, the tenderness of the light wind and the smell of seawater.
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