N.A. Nekrasov House Museum. Ryurik Settlement. Vitoslavlitsy. Novgorod Museum-Reserve. The Manor of N.K.Roerich.

From St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod

An informative trip from St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod. On the way we will visit a very interesting but little known museum of forestry history and visit the house-museum of N.A. Nekrasov. In Veliky Novgorod we will see Rurik's ancient settlement and plunge into history of area in the Novgorod museum-reserve. The journey will seem fascinating to both adults and children.

From St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod

3 days itinerary by Anastasia Baklanova - History and Culture, Arts and Creativity, Families with Kids - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Arts and Creativity, Families with Kids

Day 1: St. Petersburg - Chudovo - Veliky Novgorod

Let's go to Veliky Novgorod. We will visit the Museum of the History of Forestry, which is based on the Lisinsk Forestry College. By the way, in the XIX century the Russian Emperor Alexander II liked to visit Lisinsk hunting grounds. We visit the estate of N.A. Nekrasov, where he spent time away from the city in summer and autumn.
Visiting: Velikiy Novgorod, Stroyeniye, Myasnoy Bor, Centralniy, Chudovo, Spas-Nereditsy

Day 2: Novgorod Museum-Reserve

Today we will visit the Architectural and Ethnographic Museum, which allows us to get acquainted with the traditional folk culture, which is located near the Svyato-Yuryev Monastery. After that we will take a walk in the historical center of Veliky Novgorod.
Visiting: Velikiy Novgorod, Volkhovskiy

Day 3: Museum Estate N. K. Roerich and Isaac Schwartz Memorial House-Museum

Today I invite you to visit the non-trivial museum in Veliky Novgorod - Center of Musical Antiquities of V.I. Povetkin. On the way to St. Petersburg we will visit the famous artist Nikolai Roerich.
Visiting: Velikiy Novgorod, Centralniy, Izvara, Gatchina, Merevo