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From St. Petersburg to Pskov: a dive into history

Road Trip Route. You will visit the Gatchina Palace., See Ivangorod Fortress., Walk along the local promenade, Drive to Lake Peipsi., Take a picture near the monument to Alexander Nevsky and his soldiers., Visit the Pskov Kremlin., View a rare exhibition of the History Museum., Admire the beauties of Lake Cheremetskoye., Take a tour of the Nabokov house., You have a good time in Pavlovsky Park., .

It is a journey well with its measured pace, natural beauties and amazing cognitive moments. A trip to Lake Peipsi, contact with our history, a walk through the Pskov Kremlin, Pavlovsky Park, Nabokovsky estate in conjunction with an unusually delicious cuisine - those impressions that are so lacking in ordinary life!

History and Culture, Arts and Creativity. From: Saint Petersburg

Olesya Ponomaryova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Wonderful experiences in Gatchina and Ivangorod.

Today we will start our journey from the Gatchina Palace, visit Ivangorod fortress and walk along the local Promenade.

Gatchina Palace (Гатчинский дворец)

Today's journey will begin with the Gatchina Palace. Amazingly fitting into the surrounding landscape, it looks a little strict, but at the same time very harmonious. The palace was created by an Italian architect at the request of Empress Catherine II for Grigory Orlov. The impressive palace resembles both a nobleman's manor and a castle in the English style, which is facilitated by two strict towers, one with a clock and the other with a lightning rod. Semicircular passages lead to the kitchen and stables. They built a palace for five years. After Grigory Orlov's death, Catherine bought the palace from her heirs and gave it to her son Paul. We really liked it here. It feels like it's all soaked in history, our history. It's an extraordinary experience.

Ivangorod castle (Ивангородская крепость)

On the bank of the Narva River, on the Maiden Hill there is Ivangorod Fortress. It was erected under Ivan III and named after him. They built it for protection from the Livonian Order. From time to time it passed from hand to hand, but in spite of that, it still gives the impression of a majestic outpost on our shore. Now the fortress has several mighty towers, the fortress wall, the Assumption and St. Nicholas churches, an arsenal and internal structures. It's interesting and instructive. And compared to the fortress on the other bank, it is much more powerful.

Тихий дворик

After acquaintance with the fortress, we'll go to dinner. Alas, in Ivangorod there were not so many cafes, and we chose "Quiet Yard". We spent the evening in a cozy cafe, had a pizza and continued our journey.


After a very hearty dinner, we decided to go for a walk. And we made ourselves a promenade. That's the name of the place. And everyone walks here to their own taste: who feeds the ducks, who catches the fish (and she is here, and not only that, caught! We saw!), but we just walked along the river and enjoyed the fresh air.

Day 2: Extraordinary impressions from the place of the feat.

Today we will visit Lake Chudskoe, the place of glory of the Russian spirit. We will see and take pictures near the monument in honor of the Ice Battle, walk along the embankment of the river Velikaya in Pskov, taste delicious dishes.

Кофе Time

We had a wonderful night's sleep, and now good breakfast before a good day! I thought it was a great place for breakfast and more! It's clean, neat, delicious and cozy in this cafe. Got espresso, pancakes with different fillings and cheesecake. I liked everything. It's time for us to travel.

Чудское озеро (пляж)

The next point of our trip is Lake Peipsi! Well, who doesn't know it? Every schoolboy knows it! The place of glory of our weapons and the triumph of justice on earth. In the battle on Lake Peipsi our Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky defeated the troops of the Livonian Order. But he was only 21 years old at that time! While driving, admiring his feat, and as they arrived, walked on the shore, breathed a breeze, admired the beauty of the place itself. What the hell is the lake! The whole sea in sight. Wave, fresh air, beautiful view! Such impressions remain for a long time...

Ресторан Медведь

We wandered on the beach of Lake Peipsi for a long time. Believe me, it's worth it! It's so beautiful there! A boundless lake, strict clouds - the views are just delightful! We took a lot of pictures and walked. We hungry in the fresh air! We stopped in a cafe on the way and did not miss! Everything is so deliciously cooked at their place! The ear is delicious, baked fish and side dishes, desserts... It's detailed, homemade. Steady and measured. Fragrant and delicious. Nobody's in a hurry to go anywhere. It's kind of solid in the north. We recommend it.

Монумент в память о Ледовом побоище

After lunch, we're back to history again. And anyway, it's all breathing down here. Here is a majestic monument to Alexander Nevsky and his soldiers. It is beautiful and monumental. It's famous both for adults and youth. Weddings probably come to him for a blessing. Or maybe they thank him for his victory.

Набережная реки Великой

Let's take a walk along the embankment of the Velikaya River. The names here are as heroic as the places themselves. And how did you want it? A Western outpost from the deep Middle Ages protecting our land from the west. The embankment is very worthy of Pskov and proud of it, and very fair. And the air! How I like the fresh air here! It's a wonderful walk!

Mojo Gastrobar

Well, I love it here! We took a dip, breathed, and there he is, the gastropub, right in the fortress wall! Before you can get hungry, and caring Pskov residents have already prepared all sorts of dishes! And seriously, we came here to have dinner and we didn't regret it. That's the good thing about the people here is to do everything nicely. Let's just say it's not cheap, but it's worth it! I liked the menu very much. It was prepared and serviced quickly. It's delicious. It's good. It's exquisite.

Day 3: Pushkin places and history of Pskov

We'll start the day in the park of Alexander Pushkin, visit the historical museum with a magnificent exposition, explore along and across the Pskov Kremlin, and go to Lake Cheremenets.

Парк культуры и отдыха им. А. С. Пушкина

Fresh morning we'll start with a walk in Pushkin Park. Pushkin's spirit, like history, is soaked in everything here. And what do you want? We travel to the Pushkin places. And when you look at these leaves, at these branches, you unwittingly think, or maybe Alexander Sergeyevich "saw" his scientist cat under this oak tree, who "told him his fairy tales"... There is a beautiful monument to our great poet in the park. On it he and his creative inspirer - nanny Arina Rodionovna. As a child I was occupied by a question: why in Pushkin's creative work so much space is given to the nanny, now it is clear - who gives time to children, and that and love. It is simple.


And now for breakfast! And a pleasure. And useful. And cheap. It's a wonderful cafe! We started with some amazing coffee desserts. Then we ordered a second one. Beautiful!

Поганкины палаты

Who's in the mushrooms, and we're back in history. But don't be afraid of the name. It's a museum. There's a wonderful collection of paintings, or rather iconography. Have you heard the term "Pskov School"? Here, it's this way. Besides, here is a wonderful collection of antique silver. Right literally: from found treasures. And the name is not quite usual for the museum by the name of the first owner of these stone chambers - merchant Pogankin. So, there's nothing scary here. But the exposition is wonderful! Old, history, icons, silver and still painting! Quinji, Shishkin, Repin and Western European artists will please you with their paintings here.

Псковский Кром (Кремль) / Pskov Krom (Kremlin)

But it's not the first time in the Pskov Kremlin! In our school years we were taken here on a tour. I remember vaguely, more sensation, I remember these mighty walls, this peculiar combination of water and clouds. Towers, white stone fortified church. Yes, everything, it turns out, I remember! And then for the first time I heard on the excursion that in order to strengthen even more fortress walls, under them dug a moat and filled it with water. Here!

Ресторан Русаков

We walked, walked around the Kremlin, inside and around it, and decided to go to lunch. How delicious is the cooking here after all! Either the fact that mushrooms and berries grow here in huge quantity and of fine quality, or the nature itself disposes to culinary delights, but the cuisine here is special, though we eat in different institutions. Eat delicious mushroom soup, zander, julienne. They loved it.

Череменецкое Озеро

Let's go to another lake! It's so nice here! Beautiful beach, it's a pleasure to swim here in warm weather! And it's comfortable with the kids - a nice gentle descent. The nature is majestic, but not strict, but something more like a native. Of course, we took a lot of pictures and just took pictures of the lake and clouds. And the fishermen were boasting that their catches were good.


After a walk on the lake, traditionally, we are going to dinner in a new restaurant for us. What a delicious stew here! And pork and beef. Luxury portions, a wonderful menu. Eyes are running out. It's no longer our turn to fish here. It's cozy inside. It's a nice bar.

Day 4: Beautiful sensations from the Pavlovsky Park and the ancient mansion

We go to the Nabokov Rozhdestvenno Estate, walk around the old house and around it, drive to Pavlovsky Park and finish our trip with lunch at an Italian restaurant.

Кафе "под Липками"

Morning starts with a delicious breakfast! The cafe is very simple, absolutely without delicacies, but the food is delicious. Coffee to cheer up, dessert and on the way!

Дом Набокова

Uncle Vladimir Nabokov bequeathed the Christmas estate to him just before the revolution. Beautiful Bar house with columns, overlooking the river balconies, a church near the family tomb, cozy warm halls. The stoves are still drowning there. The house is luxurious even now, after 100 years of untimely. There's a table in the living room. Oven with beautiful tiles. On the walls of the collection of butterflies. And a portrait of an uncle, the owner of the estate. The prose writer himself then longed for these places in Switzerland, nostalgia for his homeland, which he told us about without shame and shyness in the book "Other Shore".

Pavlovsk Park (Павловский парк)

Pavlovsky Park - a real pearl of the museum-reserve! And the river valley, and ponds, Silvia, pavilions, sculptures, pastorals, bridges - all the beauty of the extraordinary! Russian and foreign architects took part in the design of this park. The winding riverbed, the picturesque hills - just paradise corners everywhere you look. It's a great place for photo shoots and walks. We'd walk for our own pleasure until we just fell to the grass from fatigue. Get some rest.

Uno Cafe

We decided that it was time for some refreshments and went to an Italian cafe near the park. The first thing we did was drink fresh lemonade. And then we had a wonderful dinner! We're going to spoil the food of this region. The soup is delicious, but we didn't limit ourselves to it. We took a slice of pizza. All delicious and fresh, quick service. We're very happy with it.