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From St. Petersburg in the footsteps of your favorite movies.

From St. Petersburg in the footsteps of your favorite movies.
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Saint Petersburg


2 Days


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513 km






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The nature and architecture of the Leningrad Region is amazing with its diversity. It's no wonder that Russian filmmakers choose these edges for filming time and again. I suggest going in search of places where popular Soviet and Russian films were shot. And at the same time to visit places where you won't go on purpose. I guarantee it will be interesting!
Marina Selivanova
Marina Selivanova
  • To visit the most cinematographic cities of the Leningrad Region.
  • Follow Alexei Balabanov and his film masterpieces.
  • To climb into the thick of the reserve in Sablino for beautiful waterfalls and your favorite TV series.
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"Vasilisa," "Baltic Sky," "Sisters," "Cargo 200."
Day 1248 km

"Vasilisa," "Baltic Sky," "Sisters," "Cargo 200."

In the morning we will visit the famous Osinovets lighthouse and Shlisselburg, one of the most cinematic cities in Russia. In Novaya Ladoga, Volkhov and Kirishi we will remember films that make you think and even feel sad. But let's not give in to sad thoughts: it's only cinema!
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Soap operas in Sablino, Gatchina cinema city
Day 2265 km

Soap operas in Sablino, Gatchina cinema city

Early in the morning we will go to the reserve Sablinsky - a loop between waterfalls and caves, we will learn the locations of our favorite TV series. In the afternoon we will arrive in Gatchina: you can already guess what the plan is for films to be filmed here. It's not that simple, though.
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