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From Moscow to Kolomna

From Moscow to Kolomna
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15 Hours


253 km



History and CultureKids Friendly
If you think how to spend a day off interesting and informative, but do not want to go too far from Moscow, then this route will be the best solution! We will go to the ancient city of Kolomna and learn all about local sights.
Xena Fedchenkova
Xena Fedchenkova
  • Try the famous kalachi and Kolomna pastila.
  • Walk the ancient streets of Kolomna.
  • To see the Kolomna Kremlin with your own eyes.
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Behind the pastila and rocks
Day 1253 km2 km

Behind the pastila and rocks

We'll learn the recipe for the best pastila and eat nourishing kalachi. Then we'll get lost in the city center among wooden houses, and we'll find ourselves in the Kremlin of Kolomna.
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