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From Moscow to Kolomna

Road Trip Route. Try the famous kalachi and Kolomna pastila., Walk the ancient streets of Kolomna, To see the Kolomna Kremlin with your own eyes..

If you think how to spend a day off interesting and informative, but do not want to go too far from Moscow, then this route will be the best solution! We will go to the ancient city of Kolomna and learn all about local sights.

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Xena Fedchenkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Behind the pastila and rocks

We'll learn the recipe for the best pastila and eat nourishing kalachi. Then we'll get lost in the city center among wooden houses, and we'll find ourselves in the Kremlin of Kolomna.


Today our trip will be to the wonderful town of Kolomna near Moscow. It's 115 km away, it's about 2 hours on the M5 highway.

Gazpromneft filling station #137

Let's hit the road! To feel more confident on the road, come to the filling station "Gazpromneft" - refuel with quality fuel to full, inflate the tires, fill the washbasin and take coffee with healthy snacks! Cool emotions from the trip!

Стрелка Москвы-реки и Оки

Let's start our journey with beautiful views. Not far from the center of Kolomna there is a confluence of two rivers: the Moscow River and the Oka. There is no identification mark or viewing platform on the arrow, but you can go a little further to the bridge over the Oka river. A picturesque landscape opens up from this bridge.

Коломенская пастила

An obligatory place to visit in Kolomna is the Museum of Pastila. Kolomna Pastille is considered a part of Russian national cuisine. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the first recipe for pastila was published back in 1796 and since then the cooking process has not changed. We will learn about other secrets of production of this sweet in the museum, where the technology of production is carefully preserved. It is better to book a place in advance in the excursion and at the master class, and it is possible to do it on [site]( They are held in a theatrical format, which will not leave anyone indifferent. While you are waiting for the excursion we advise you to stop in a cafe and taste the Kolomna Pastille.

Памятник Водовозу

After a fascinating tour we will take a walk around Kolomna. The history of the city begins in 1177, Kolomna is considered to be one of the oldest cities in the Moscow region. There are preserved wooden houses, which we will see when we walk from the museum of pastel to the Moskva River embankment. There's a monument to the Vodovoz. It is on this place that water carriers took water and carried it around the city until 1902, when a water supply system was installed in Kolomna. Next to the monument is a scale of flood water levels. The extreme flood level of the Moskva River is marked on it.

Музей «Калачная»

The second most popular product in Kolomna is the kalach. Therefore, the kalacha bench is a must-see. Here you can try various kalachas with tea and buy local delicacy as a gift to your loved ones. Nearby is the Kalacha Museum, which can be visited on a guided tour. It is better to make an agreement about the excursion [in advance](

Пятницкие ворота

Around the corner you'll see the Pyatnitskaya Gate - the main, front gate of the Kolomna Kremlin. It is the only surviving travel tower, there used to be four of them.

Музейная лавка «Торговля мыломъ»

The shop-museum "Scented Joys" tells about soaping, perfumery and hygiene of Russia in the XIX century. The museum holds theatrical excursions aimed at full immersion in the era with stories about soap and its production in Russia. I advise to buy soap as a souvenir, the shop sells gift sets for all occasions.

Мёд и пряность

Now it's time for a refreshment. The restaurant with Russian cuisine "Honey and Spice" will please everyone who likes cozy interiors and national Russian food. I advise you to try borscht or sprinkle.

Коломенский кремль

The Stone Kremlin is the main architectural attraction of the city. It was built between 1525 and 1531 to protect Moscow's southern borders. Previously the Kremlin had 17 towers, now only 7 of them are preserved. Walking around the Kremlin you will learn a lot of interesting things about the history of Russia and events that took place several centuries ago.

Успенский Брусенский женский монастырь

The Assumption Brusensky Monastery is located on the territory of the Kolomna Kremlin. It was founded in 1552 to commemorate the victorious campaign of Ivan the Terrible to Kazan.

Памятник Дмитрию Донскому

The monument was erected in 2007 and has since become a real symbol of the city. Dmitry Donskoy is depicted in full armor before leaving for the Battle of Kulikovo.

Ресторан Лазурный

On the way home, we'll stop at the Lazurny restaurant. It is located on the bank of the Moscow River. In the evenings it's especially good, as live music is playing, and in summer you can have dinner in tents on the street.


This is the end of our journey to the wonderful city of Kolomna. We hope you enjoyed it and that you will come back here again.