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From Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan: Harmony with Nature

Road Trip Route. Visit two beautiful national parks in Almaty region., Drive along the pearl of the country - Lake Issyk-Kul., Explore the museum of Petroglyphs., Walk along the canyon Fairy Tale., Taste the national Kyrgyz cuisine., See the city of Bishkek - capital of Kyrgyzstan., .

Jailoo tourism. Interesting, isn't it? This is a relative recent type of tourism that has taken shape in Kyrgyzstan. It is the one you will have to learn about if you choose this scenario. In the scenario, you will see several natural treasures of Almaty region in Kazakhstan - the places where your tour will start on the first day and end on the sixth day. No more megacities, modern technologies and people rushing around all the time! Lakes, canyons, gorges - real solitude with majestic and beautiful nature. The main feature of this type of extreme tourism is opportunity to be practically in the place of nomads, learning their culture and way of life. So, what are you going to do? 1. You will get to some of the most remote places which are almost untouched by civilization. 2. There will be no electricity, and maybe even cell phone service in some places! 3. You'll have a chance to interact with the locals and learn the country's history "first-hand". The tour is a 'ring' and you will travel by car to various points. Having a car will help you get around the country a lot quicker, as there aren't many places to visit.

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Almaty

Viktoria Afanaseva. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Hello, Almaty!

Almaty is the largest megalopolis in Kazakhstan. But we will not stay long in the city itself. We arrive in Almaty, taste the local cuisine and check into the hotel - tomorrow the journey begins!


Tourists praise this restaurant for the best national cuisine in the city and a huge selection of drinks. Recommended by Tom Yam and pear salad. Rarely a place to enjoy a real Pavlov dessert. This is where he's amazing. You can book a table, cards are accepted, there are wi-fi.

Day 2: Alma-Arasan National Park and Charyn Canyon

We start our busy trek through Almaty region, located in the south-east of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On your way you will come across two extremely beautiful national parks, and at the same time they are completely different. Already here you will get in touch with the greatness of nature, and this is only the beginning.

Asian BarBeQue

This restaurant is open 24 hours a day, so it is open even in the early morning. The meat is cooked in front of you and there are many different snacks and desserts. What tourists love: Kimchi Tage soup, fried manti, kuksi with rice noodles, meat and pepper, cheesecake. Cards are accepted, there's wi-fi.

Алма-Арасан / Alma-Arasan

This huge national park has not only a unique natural treasure, but also an abundance of various hot springs, restaurants and cafes, and in winter there is a ski resort!

Del Mar

After a walk in the park we relax and enjoy fresh seafood in the atmosphere of pleasant music. Of course, you should try the freshest fish, seafood sautés and Far Eastern crab. The interior is chic and the staff is professional. There is a bar with a full range of drinks. The sommelier helps with the choice. Restaurant opening hours: from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. There are wi-fi, payment by card is possible.

озеро маловодное

On the way we'll find another small lake, no less picturesque.

Ущелье Кокпек

On the way to Charyn canyon we find Kokpek gorge. In the Kokpeksky Gorge of the Sogetinskiye Mountains there are very picturesque rocks. Tourists with good imagination see the outlines of huge dinosaurs among the rocks :)

Sharyn Canyon (Шарын шатқалы)

Charyn Canyon is located in the territory of the Charyn National Park and is composed of sedimentary rocks that have existed on the ground for more than 12 million years. In order to descend into the gorge, it is necessary to walk down the path on foot, as it will be difficult to descend there by car, so it is better to leave the car nearby. There are many legends and secrets about this magical place. Local stone sculptures were called "Witch's Lesson", "Stone Bag" and Dragon Canyon. In ancient times, people believed that spirits lived here. According to tourists, the gorge itself seems to be whistling or making a strange noise. In winter (preferably in February), it is much easier to visit this national park, and there is almost no snow in the gorge.

Кенч / Kench

We get to Caracol and finish the evening at this cafe. The cafe is famous for its diverse range of drinks. Tourists mark a kebab of duck and lamb.

Day 3: Driving along the famous Lake Issyk-Kul through the town of Karakol

So, we are in Kyrgyzstan! On this day we will literally drive around the entire Issyk-Kul Lake, stopping along the way at stunning natural sites such as Red Rocks and Fairy Tale Canyon. The lake itself is extremely majestic from any point, so it will accompany us with its beauty for the whole trip. Important - the lake does not freeze in winter!


Exquisite interior of the cafe combined with large and appetizing portions of dishes and drinks. There's a wi-fi.

Рынок Ак-Тилек

The road to the next two points will be very long and there may not be any cafes and restaurants on the way, so it is advisable to go to the market in Karakol or any supermarket/shopping center to buy food for the trip.

Красные Скалы

Another very beautiful place is Jety-Oguz Gorge. There are red rocks in a row, which are called "seven bulls". There's a rock in Jety-Ogus Gorge called "broken heart". There's a very romantic legend about her. There was one very beautiful girl in the world, everyone wanted to marry her. Two dzhigits, who were friends with each other, decided to fight for her heart because the girl could not make a choice between them - she liked both of them very much. None of the young men survived the fight, and the girl realized that she was left to blame and that she would always be alone. And that's when she ripped her heart out of her chest, which became this very rock. There is a belief that if two lovers stand under this rock, they will have eternal love.

Каньон "Сказка" (Fairy Tale)

Fairytale Canyon is a legendary place on the southern shore of Issyk-Kul. The history of the canyon is very long - it began to form millions of years ago. Over time, stone sculptures have been formed in which tourists can see the outlines of animals or even fairytale monsters, and various labyrinths from wide and narrow paths. It is best to explore a canyon on a bright day, when you can see more than ever. And the red clay magically shines under the sun. In the summer there are often excursions here, but in winter there is no soul here. You can walk around the territory, take pictures (no one will be in the frame :) ).

Соленое Озеро (salt lake)

From this point on, you have a wonderful view of the lake. Stop here to take a break and admire the surrounding scenery.

У Апашки

The restaurant is located on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Tourists are advised to try different kinds of scones and bossy flagman.

Пляж Пансионата "каприз"

At the end of the evening, take a walk along one of the beaches of Lake Issyk-Kul. It's very quiet and romantic here. You can catch the sunset and the landscape will be even more colorful.

Day 4: Grigoriev Gorge, Dolon Pass and Son-Köl Lake

We explore the last two points near Issyk-Kul Lake - Petroglyphs Museum and Grigoriev Gorge, then go to Son-Kul Lake and along the way admire the majestic and mighty Dolon. This day is the most eventful but at the same time the longest. Be sure to stock up on drinking water and snacks to make the trip comfortable!

Святилища Древних Солнцепоклонников

It's not really a museum, it's an open-air treasure! There are a lot of stones that were once formed by the glaciers. Many of them have preserved the most ancient drawings of animals and various hunting scenes dating back to the second millennium BC. Historians say that such images are associated with religious rituals. In addition to boulders, there are also balballs - Turkic stone sculptures and relics of ancient stone walls. It's better to go to the museum early in the morning, when in the rays of the rising sun you can fully see the outlines of the drawings.

Caprice Restaurant

After the Petroglyphs Museum we will have breakfast at the Caprice Restaurant, which is located on the territory of the Caprice Restaurant. Tourists who come here to rest, recommend desserts, such as apple strudel or baked goods.

Григорьевское Ущелье

The place is the main place for jailo-tourism. Grigorievskoe gorge is one of the most picturesque and beautiful places in Issyk-Kul. The valley of the gorge stretches along the Kungei Ala-Too Ridge and runs parallel to the shoreline of the small Issyk-Kul Lake. The area is home to thick stripes of Tien Shan firs. On the winding roads of the gorge among the forests you can reach the largest glacier in Teskey-Ala-Too Glacier Kolpakovsky. Next to Grigorievskiy gorge there is also Semenovskiy gorge.


On the way to the next natural site you can stop at this cafe and have a delicious lunch. There's a wi-fi.


The Dolon Pass is a popular place among many tourists and locals. The height of the pass is about 3030 meters. From the top of the Dolon Pass you can see incredible views of the entire Tien Shan mountain range, as well as their eternal snows and glaciers. The sun's rays sparkle on the snow and glaciers as if they were playing with them. This type of experience leaves a deep feeling in your soul that you will remember for a long time.


Another habitat for the locals is Lake Song-Kul. Unlike Issyk-Kul, Son-Kul freezes and covers all three months of winter (or even longer) with ice. The lake is located on a mountain plain surrounded by endless meadows. They have been used locally as pastures for animals since the oldest years. Shepherds bring animals to the lake for the summer and live in yurts. In winter, they can also be found, but in fewer numbers.

Дуц Сооада Борбору Кочкор

On your way to Bishkek, stop by the fruit shop and buy fresh fruit for the rest of your journey.

Ropejump 3

We will pass through this bridge, which offers a beautiful view of the numerous slopes of the mountains. Take a break here for a while and get back on the road!

Buhara Assorti

Bukhara Assorted Restaurant with different kinds of cuisines and large delicious portions of dishes. Look at the pictures! Visitors are recommended to try the signature samsa and festive pilaf.

Day 5: Bishkek

Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan, located at the foot of the Tien Shan Mountains in Central Asia. All the main attractions of the city are located in the very center, so you can easily see them in one day. Today on the program: two national museums of Bishkek, famous Osh market, walks through the central squares and traditional national cuisine!

Sierra Coffee Tash Rabat

It's a great place to eat breakfast. Cozy interior, even a library. Calm atmosphere, not usually a lot of people. The cafe is open from 7:30 to 23:00 every day. Cards are accepted. You can book a table. There's a wi-fi.

Ала-Тоо аянты / Площадь Ала-Тоо / Ala-Too Square

We're starting a tour of Bishkek from her central Ala-Too square. On it you can see the Historical Museum, which we will get to later, as well as the monument of Friendship of Peoples and St. Nicholas Church.

Государственный исторический музей КР

The museum presents epochs from the Stone Age to the 19th century. In the collection: items made of gold, books, icons, weapons, paintings, ancient archaeological treasures. Lectures are held on weekends.

Площадь Победы

Victory Square in the capital is dedicated to the victory over Germany. The square was founded in 1984 in honor of the 40th anniversary of the liberation of the USSR. You'll also be able to see the statue of a woman waiting for her husband from the war.

Национальный Музей Изобразительных Искусств им. Гапара Айтиева

The largest museum of art works of the country. There's painting, sculpture, graphics and more. It's a great place for those who appreciate art.

Ош базар / Osh Bazaar

Osh bazaar is mandatory for visiting, because here you can buy literally everything! The biggest choice of national souvenirs, national clothes, food products all year round. Careful. Lots of pickpockets. Hide the money away.

Supara Ethno Complex

There is one unique place in Bishkek - the ethno-complex Supara. That's where you'll be able to be completely "in the skin" of the locals. There are restaurants with national cuisine, and all the premises are the same yurts! You can listen to live music and see the Kyrgyz national dance. The complex gives an opportunity to get acquainted with jailo-tourism. It works from 11 to midnight and also offers various other services in addition to meals.

Парк им. Ата Тюрка

You can also take a walk in the Ata Türk Park.

The No Name Bar

Many tourists recommend having dinner and a couple of delicious cocktails at the end of the evening. Pleasant atmosphere and helpful staff.

Day 6: Back to Almaty

Journey ends, memories remain! ;) When returning to Almaty, you can stop in two atmospheric places and once again enjoy the vast expanses of nature.

Дольче Вита / Dolce Vita

Small but cozy restaurant Dolce Vita is famous for delicious pizzas of different tastes and ingredients. Tourists are also excited about the variety of cocktails. You can book a table, cards are accepted, there are wi-fi. The restaurant is open daily from 9 a.m. to midnight.

Geyik Dağı

On the way to Almaty you can see a line of wind turbines among the spacious fields. From a distance they seem tiny, but if you get very close, you will see their true size - an unusual sight.


Madly beautiful landscape opens from Mount Ushkonyr. It is here that one of the most popular deltadromes in the CIS is located. And not far from it, there's a wide peak. They found out about it in the USSR and made this place suitable for hang-gliding and paragliding. Also on this mountain there are various competitions and championships of the country.