From Ivangorod along Lake Chudskoye to ancient Pskov. – Road.Travel

From Ivangorod along Lake Chudskoye to ancient Pskov.

Road Trip Route. Ivangorod fortress and Narva castle, Lake Peipsi coastline, Pskov Krom.

In the coming days castles, waterfalls, fortresses of the Leningrad and Pskov regions are waiting for us. Our trip will start in Ivangorod, where we will get acquainted with the works of the famous artist Ivan Bilibin, walk along the quay, or as it is called here, promenade, and see the massive Ivangorod castle. On the way from Ivangorod to Pskov we will repeatedly find ourselves on the shore of Lake Peipsi, enjoy its majesty and calmness. We will see the deserted streets of Pskov, its ancient Kremlin, charming with its originality.

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Ksenia Beskova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Narva Castle, Ivangorod Fortress and dinner at a restaurant on the shore of Lake Peipsi.

At the beginning of the day we will meet several small waterfalls in the Leningrad region. We will stop for lunch in Kingisepp and spend most of the day in Ivangorod, which is much more interesting than it may seem at first sight.

Усадьба Гостилицы

Ingermanland is a distant past. Nowadays, the village of Gostilitsy in the Leningrad Region. Nearby there is a small waterfall flowing from the grotto. A crooked bridge over the river, there are paving stone paths in the forest. Through the holes in the ruins of the palace you can see the Church of the Trinity of the Life-Giving.

family cafe (ХоРоШо)

The route to Ivangorod is not rich in gastronomic delights, so we turned to Kingisepp. The HoRoSho Cafe fits its name perfectly. The menu has a lot to choose from. The portions were more than we expected. Many of the interior details are handmade, which complements the positive impression of this place.

Иваногородский художественный музей

Provincial museum near the bus station. The bus station is closed almost always. Remember the children's illustrations from the fairy tales of the gray wolf or the roast bird? The exposition is dedicated to their author. Furniture from the Leningrad office of Ivan Bilibin has also been moved to the museum. Paying with maps in the city is quite a difficult task, but across the street there is a Sberbank building, where you can withdraw cash.

Ivangorod castle (Ивангородская крепость)

Ivangorod Fortress and Narva Castle peacefully exist opposite each other, separated by the Narova River and connected by the "bridge of friendship". It is considered to be the largest fortress in the Leningrad region. A sense of peace fills the space. The entrance ticket costs 125 rubles, payment in cash.


Renovated part of the city. Stroll along the Narva River, comparing the Russian and Estonian shores. Ask the local fishermen about the catch and life. The promenade on the Russian side ends quickly enough and a narrow path overgrown with grass begins, lit by interesting lanterns.

Cafe Стиль

A place where you can have a snack on the way to the Pskov region. Velvet armchairs and Japanese cuisine. Provincially, but nourishingly.

Day 2: Safety of Lake Peipsi and European Pskov

Morning on the coast of Lake Peipsi. A good place for a dialogue with yourself. The sound of waves, soft sand, fresh air. It feels safe. Along this lake, through a very tiny and two-storey city of Gdov, we will move to medieval Pskov. Wandering through the streets without looking at the details. Trust the rhythm of the city.

Чудское озеро / Peipsi järv

Morning on Chudskoye Lake. There are entrances by car. You can't see the opposite shore. Sandy bottom, storks, boulders. It's deserted. Spacious. You can walk along the shoreline to the village. Amazing buildings of residential houses. Built here, probably from everything that was possible. There are signs along the way warning of the federal border. It feels easy here.

Гдовская крепость

Gdovsk is a city of two-storey houses. There is a construction of walls made of boulders, often for this area. The border zone is with Estonia, but no passes are required here, as well as no foreign passports. During excavations before the restoration, hundreds of bodies of NKVD prisoners shot during the repression were found on the site of this temple. Historical place, memorable.

Ресторан Медведь

We have lunch in the Pskov region. A wooden log cabin and an exit to the Chudskoye lake. Here delicious kvass, bread is baked by themselves, products are also of their own production.

Gazpromneft filling station #42

There's a gas station coming up. If you are tired, make a comfortable stop - come for a coffee!

Псковский Кром (Кремль) / Pskov Krom (Kremlin)

A huge, truly impregnable fortress, preserved to this day almost in its original form. A strong impression leaves this amazing place, you feel like a time traveler, except that a car in a parking lot near the Kremlin is returned to reality.

Довмонтов город

Once there was a control center of the Pskov Land in the Order Chamber. Now there's a museum, on the contrary - a tourist office and a souvenir shop. Everything that archaeologists have managed to find during excavations is in Dovmontov city. Some of the buildings are gradually being restored. It feels like we got into the Middle Ages, only breathing peaceful air and showing calmness.

Парк Куопио (Финский парк)

Parking in front of the main entrance to the park. The industrial development is skillfully inscribed in a peaceful natural landscape. Bicycle lanes, boats and catamarans. Improvement at the level of European parks.


You can spend the evening on the veranda of a tavern like this. It's a nice place if you're not in a hurry. The kitchen's simple, but it's nice. Prices are democratic.

Набережная реки Великой

The two-level quay was reconstructed in 2015 and made it cool. It's clean, quiet and neat. Walking boats, comfortable descents. It's nice to walk before bed, to see the city in the evening lighting.

Day 3: Return to the Leningrad region.

At the beginning of the day we will visit the gastronomic market for dairy products manufactured in Pskov, and immediately after that we will find ourselves on a peninsula in the Leningrad region. Our trip to the city of Pushkin will be over. More precisely, in the museum-reserve "Tsarskoe Selo", among palaces, ponds and bridges.

Центральная площадь

Little village of Struga Reds. Food market near the central square. It is possible to find products manufactured in the Pskov region.

Череменецкий мужской монастырь

On the hill of the peninsula rises a partially surviving monastery with a difficult fate. An ancient park surrounds the walls of the monastery, while the peninsula itself is surrounded by Lake Cheremetskoye. Now there are two temples on the territory, from one of which there are ruins. The entrance gates have survived.

Кафе-пельменная “Нора Старого Бурундука”

There's a parking lot. Russian cuisine. It's clean. Vareniki and cheese are good.

Catherine Park (Екатерининский парк)

Our journey in Tsarskoye Selo is coming to an end. English Park. Pleasant bridges over ponds. The squeaky arbor is reflected in the water of the pond. On one of the towers in the park observation deck. Pleasant place to complete the trip.


We'll have dinner in Tsarskoye Selo too. We chose an unusual cafe with a funny concept. The interior is pleasant, loft, the walls are decorated with portraits of historical and creative personalities of different epochs. What do they have in common? The answer in the name of the cafe is sideburns! Those who are not driving are luckier, you can try a great Kraft beer. And there are also very delicious desserts.