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From ice-skating to flying in a hot air tube

From ice-skating to flying in a hot air tube
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Active Leisure🎅 Winter Trips
Winter is a time for fun and experimentation! Head out to explore some interesting and extraordinary places near Moscow. Stop by the village of Dubrovitsy and have fun ice-skating or sledging in a very picturesque place, and then visit a modern skiing complex. Try something new and exciting at the Freezone Sports and Leisure Park and relax your soul at Etnoworld!
The itinerary is developed with the support of Volkswagen Amarok.
Volkswagen Amarok
Volkswagen Amarok
  • Have fun at a modern ski resort.
  • Have an unforgettable experience of flying in an aerotube.
  • Dog sledding through the snow-covered forest.
  • Walk around the largest ethnographic park-museum in Russia.
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From Moscow to Kaluga region
Day 1340 km

From Moscow to Kaluga region

In the morning you'll drop by the Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamutes' "Snow Dogs Flock" sports club and pedigree kennel, where you'll be in a good mood for the whole day, take pictures, go for a drive and have a tasty tea. In the village of Dubrovica you'll take a ride on lollipops from the hill where the Church of the Sign of the Blessed Virgin Mary stands - the view is stunning. Afterwards, you'll feel a free fall in the air pipe and visit the unusual ethnographic complex "Ethnomir".
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