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From Historical Sights to Abandoned Buildings

Road Trip Route. New Jerusalem, Mozhaisky Kremlin, Abandoned manor house, Plainspotting.

A great way to spend a couple of days out of the city is to take a drive west of Moscow, relax in the great outdoors, and gain new impressions on the way there and back. This route includes both majestic historical sites and little-known locations. **Tour features**: - Exciting walks through the best historical sites; - Visiting unique monasteries of the Moscow Region. **Recommendations:** - It is important to keep a social distance when visiting public places and to use individual protection means. - You should also remember that checking into hotels as well as visiting museums is possible only if you have a valid QR-code or a negative PCR-test for not more than 72 hours. *Information is current for the period autumn 2021.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Temples, monasteries and the Kremlin

A walk to New Jerusalem, Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery and a visit to Mozhaisk before resting in the creative village.


Resurrection New Jerusalem Monastery

The first stop on this journey will be "New Jerusalem" in the Istra district of Moscow suburbs. Due to time restrictions due to the pandemic, it will not be possible to visit the museum and the tour, but the territory and the architectural ensemble of the monastery itself are worth the trip here. A walk in the fresh air will cheer you up and energize you for the whole day.

Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery

Next, drive towards Mozhaisk. You need to go back a little bit and leave the highway in the direction of Zvenigorod. Here is a stop for a walk on the steep hills and territory of the monastery, which is surrounded by ancient walls. You can also take a walk on the territory of the monastery itself or at the Skete of Venerable Savva, which is about a kilometer to the north from the other side of the village Dyudkovo.

Restaurant Golitsyn

Let's go back to the highway, now on Minsk highway, which will lead you to the creative village. But first, a couple more places to visit. For lunch you can make a stop at Club Golitsyn, a restaurant of the same name in the complex with a high rating among the visitors. **Limitations due to November COVID-19 lockdown:** The restaurant is open for take-away during the lockdown period, so you can pre-order by phone and have a small picnic at a convenient location. More details can be found [on the official website](https://xn--90adpidcmf4c0a9c.xn--p1ai/restoran/) and by phone +7 (499) 588-88-72.

Mozhaisk Kremlin

Before arriving at the "Village", make a stop in Mozhaisk to stretch after the road and buy groceries for the house. You can take a walk around the Mozhaisk Kremlin. St. Nicholas Cathedral looks more like a church with elements of Neo-Gothic and Russian Gothic. There was used a special masonry of the gate and eleven-meter fortress wall, which could not be destroyed even by Polish guns. The walls and towers of the Kremlin have not been preserved; we can judge about the former greatness only by high earthen shafts, temples and surviving parts of the gate and a section of the fortress wall.

Tts Perekrestok

Since the creative village does not have its own restaurant, but there is a kitchen area in each house, we suggest stopping at a grocery store to buy food for breakfast. The best option would be the big Perekriostok in Mozhaisk. **Worth taking more water, as the water in the Village is not potable. **

The Village Creative Community

To book a house and find out what to do at the Village, visit [official website]( If you don't want to cook dinner yourself, you can order food from [Piu Del Cibo]( in Mozhaisk. Delivery times are Sunday to Thursday from 11.00 to 24.00. The delivery time is about 2 hours, so it's better to order as soon as you arrive. Contacts of the restaurant: +7 (965) 419-00-00 +7 (903) 753-11-11 Sometimes navigator leads on a bad road. You have to turn left from Minsk highway to the village of Znamenka. After the turn, after 1.9 km, you will notice a blue sign "Derevnya residential complex. If you don't have rooms for your desired dates, you can choose one of the hotels [in Mozhaisk](;label=gog235jc-1DCAMY6gcoggJCCG1vemhheXNrSCFYA2jCAYgBAZgBIbgBF8gBDNgBA-gBAfgBAogCAagCA7gCh-naiwbAAgHSAiQxYTdjOWE2Yi1kZTc4LTRmNDgtODtliNi1jMDliNGNhZGU2YjPYAgTgAgE;sid=25abd1b453ee3a146a93f821b43a598b;dest_id=-2960851;dest_type=city;nflt=sth%3D84;order=class_and_price;sig=v11jLuk2MD&).

Day 2: Abandoned manor house and playspotting

On the way back to Moscow, take a walk through the open area of the abandoned manor house and then park at the end of Vnukovo airport runway - all for unusual keepsake photos.

Petrovskoye-Alabino estate

A ruined manor house built in the late 18th century in the Classicist style. Belongs to the "monplaisir" type of manor houses dating back to the architecture of park pavilions, which appeared in the last quarter of the 18th century. No fences, open territory, unusual views. It is even possible to go inside some structures. The main thing is caution.

Vnukovo Plainspotting

And here is the spot for watching the planes. Coordinates of the point into the navigator - the route will be built clearly to the end of the runway as close to the fence as possible, i.e. to the runway itself.

Larionov Grill & Bar

If you get hungry and want to have lunch before you go home, check out the grill bar in Moskovsky, one of the best restaurants in this area of Moscow Region. **Restrictions due to November COVID-19 lockdown:** During the lockdown period the restaurant accepts take-out orders. To reduce waiting time, you can order in advance by phone +7 916 357-33-88. The menu is available [on the official website](