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From hiking to extreme: outdoor activities, canyons and waterfalls

Road Trip Route. Polikarya and Bear Falls, observation deck 2350 m, Rosa Khutor waterfront, Rodelbahn and Galaktika water park, Dzykhrinsky waterfall, Akhtarskaya Cave and Skypark, Psakho Canyon, the Tikho-Samshitovaya Grove and 33 waterfalls.

A breathtaking adventure full of vivid emotions and adrenaline. You'll see picturesque waterfalls and canyons, climb high mountain meadows, take a million amazing pictures, walk over the longest suspension bridge in the world and relax in an outdoor pool overlooking the mountains. Want to add some romance? Take to the skies in a hot air balloon or have a photo shoot at the tea plantations - you can do it all in three days. Catch an itinerary where you don't have to choose between unforgettable experiences and comfort, just head to the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus! **Tour features:** - Hiking on rough terrain - Extreme entertainment for the whole family - Romantic spots and photo shoots - Deluxe comfort **Recommendations:** - Take comfortable shoes for hiking, waterproof jacket too - even in summer it can be cool in the mountains - Don't forget the sunglasses and sunscreen with SPF50 - the mountain sun is treacherous - Use the app on your phone to find the best way to explore the mountains on foot. - Book restaurants in advance - we recommend only the best ones!

Uninhabited Nature, Families with Kids, Active Leisure. From: Sochi

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Krasnaya Polyana and Rosa Khutor

Hiking to the waterfalls among the high-mountain flowering meadows. You'll look at the cool panoramic views and take pictures to remember. Later, you'll ride the roller coaster at Rosa Khutor and meet the sunset in the outdoor pool overlooking the mountains.


Waterfall Polikarya

The most beautiful waterfall in the vicinity of Sochi is about 70 metres high. You can see it in all its full-flowing glory in early summer or in late autumn. Alas, closer to August, its powerful streams almost dry up. You can reach the waterfall in comfort by purchasing a walking ticket on the resort's website [Krasnaya Polyana]( The ticket is valid for one ascent and descent by cable car and, in addition to the waterfall, you can also take a walk in the valley of rhododendrons and climb the panoramic viewing platform.

Vodopad Medvezhiy

Another waterfall that can be seen only in summer, when the big snow is melting. The Bear Falls are located in the unique climatic zone "Circus 2" and there are two ways to reach them. The first is 1.5 hours on foot: first, you go down to the lift K11 and then along the trail 4S you start walking up to the waterfall. The second way is by chairlift: you go down to the altitude 960, go up to 2200 meters by the chairlift to the "Circus-2" and then take the open chairlift.

Smotrovaya Ploshchadka 2350M

The next stop is the highest point of Krasnaya Polyana. Here, at an altitude of 2,350 metres, there is a platform with breathtaking panoramic views that will overwhelm you with sensations and your phone with stunning pictures. The perfect place to soak in the beauty and majesty of the mountains, and once again wish people could fly like birds. You can get to the site on a chairlift and then walk a bit on foot.


Lunch at one of the best Georgian restaurants in Krasnaya Polyana - Gostidze. The menu includes duck dishes, char-grilled meat and vegetables, traditional lobio, fried suluguni, satsivi and Chef's signature Bijo Burger. The place is very popular not only among tourists, but also among locals, so it's worth booking at least a week in advance.


The Rodelbahn is a two-seater sled driven by a passenger on a mountain course. The state-of-the-art tourist attraction can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h, a ride that will delight children and adults alike. Located in the Olympic village (altitude 1100 meters), behind the restaurant Berloga. You can reach it by car or by the Olympia cable car, and buy tickets (here)[] Guests are allowed to attend the rodelbahn: - at least 135 cm tall - weight of both passengers on one sled not exceeding 150 kg - over 5 years of age - 5 to 18 years of age only in the same sled with an adult

Аквапарк Галактика

Sochi's most photogenic place is an outdoor swimming pool in a picturesque valley at 540 meters above sea level. Here you can sunbathe and swim with a view of the mountains, meet the sunset with a drink in your hand and, wiping away a tear of happiness, go for a warm Finnish sauna. What could be better than to dive into the pool overlooking the mountains after a cool Finnish sauna or hammam, take a drink and just relax and chat with each other. Important: at the moment the slides in the water park are not working due to epidemiological conditions, but they are predicted to open in the summer of 2021. Need to check [at]

Belyy Grib

An excellent restaurant with delicious European and Russian cuisine, pleasant service and a view of the mountain slope. In winter it's a favourite place for apre-ski, in summer, however, there are always many guests, so it's worth making a reservation in advance, at least a couple of days in advance. The terrace tables are particularly popular - they are a delight.

Day 2: Mysterious gorges, canyons and Skypark

Can't wait to find out what awaits you today, traveler? This day will be full of surprises: gorges, waterfalls, canyons, lunch in a panoramic restaurant and an amusement park in the mountains.

Forelevoye Khozyaystvo

We start our route here. The Trout Farm has a parking lot where you can leave your car and start your way to the gorge.


The waterfall is located in the Dzykhrinsky gorge, which is striking in its depth. Its walls plunge down to 60-100 meters, while the width of its lower part does not exceed 10 meters. There are no signposts so you will need the app of to get to the waterfall, there are marked walking routes on the dotted line. It will take you about 40 minutes to walk through the untouched nature. Don't forget to take water with you!

Ахштырская пещера

You don't need to be a speleologist to look into the Akhshtyrskaya (Big Kazachobrod) cave on the way back from the waterfall to the car. It extends only 150 meters deep into the rock: first, a long narrow corridor, then two large halls. Some 20 minutes are enough to see everything and make a photo. There are also viewing platforms with magnificent views of the Akhshtyrskoye gorge.


Must visit for those who love adrenaline and bright emotions. Russia's first and only high altitude adventure park is a place that really takes your breath away. Try not to look down when you walk along the longest suspension bridge in the world and smile serenely, taking selfies against the background of the Caucasian mountain range, Akhshtyrsky Gorge, Mzymta River and Ship cliffs. Want more extreme? Try bungee jumping, ziplining or Megatroll ride. You can learn more about all the amusements the park offers [on the website](


A pleasant place for a light lunch with a terrace and a mountain view. The restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine with Asian and Black Sea specialties and uses only fresh local products in the preparation of dishes. There's a catch: the restaurant is located right in the Skypark and you can't get in without a park entrance ticket.

Kan'on Reki Psakho

The canyon emerged as a result of a fault millions of years ago and today consists of two parts - a dry and a wet one. The Psakho River flows in the lowlands of the Wet Canyon, where you can swim. There is also a café and a walking bridge, which offers a delightful view. It is difficult to reach the canyon by car, only jeep safaris go here on excursions. Therefore, it is better to park right after the sign "Psaho Canyon" and walk on foot. The entrance to the territory of the canyon is paid.

La Luna

A popular three-storey restaurant in the centre of Adler. With a terrace, excellent service and a variety of dishes - Caucasian, Mediterranean, Russian. It is better to book a table a few days in advance.

Day 3: Secrets of Sochi

A fairy-tale grove, of which few people know, will impress any traveler and transport you like a time machine back in time. Today you can make a wish at 33 waterfalls, see tea plantations near Sochi and fly in hot-air balloons.

Tiso-samshitovaya roshcha

A fascinating relict forest that takes you back to the pre-glacial period. It is rich in flora and fauna, with an equally rich history. You can explore the grove by taking one of three trails - the Little Ring, the Big Ring and the Deep Forest Trail. The Small Ring is the shortest and easiest path, it is 1.6 km long, so a leisurely walk will not take more than an hour. On the way you will see the Giant Yew, which has been growing for over 1,000 years, a stone maze and the Colchis forest.

Restoran Semeynykh Retseptov "Oliv'ye"

Russian and European cuisine in a cozy and warm atmosphere. The place is suitable both for a family lunch and a romantic dinner.

33 Vodopada

Probably one of the most popular places for outdoor activities near Sochi. A cascade of beautiful waterfalls, surrounded by legends: the first one brings good luck if you stand under its jets with your head, the fifth one is money. To reach the waterfalls is not difficult: you have to reach the village Golovinka by car and turn towards the aul Bolshoi Kichmai. At some point the asphalt road ends, so it is important to assess the passability of your car.

Solokhaul Park. Eko Park "Zelonaya Polyana".

A secret place that not many people know about! A serpentine path leads to the park, and it's impressive in scale. There are tea plantations for romantic photo shoots, balloon flights, horseback rides, archery, rafting and even an APC ride. In the end, you can simply have a picnic with a view of the Fisht Mountain or lie in a hammock. And local cafe will offer you dishes cooked on coals, famous Solokhau tea and pancakes with home-made jam. Isn't it a thrill?


A colonial-style restaurant in a national park. The mansion with floor-to-ceiling windows and a fireplace is surrounded by an exotic-looking garden, and its relaxed atmosphere is more reminiscent of Bali than Sochi. The restaurant's chef managed to combine European, Caucasian and even Kazakh dishes in one menu and the check is above average but well worth it. It is better to book a few weeks in advance.