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Day 1311 km802 m

Exciting Fun-Filled Trip From Berlin to the Shimmering Northeast Coast of Germany

This trip is a unique combination of nature and historical heritage. You will discover wonderful architecture and ancient ruins that show the region's amazing and distant past, along with beautiful nature as you explore the northeastern part of the German country. This trip will take you through Germany's amazing countryside all the way up to the north coast.

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Start your trip in Berlin, where you can find many museums, art exhibitions, and beautiful architecture all around the location. You can come here in advance and book a place to stay in one of many hotels or rooms in the city, so you can start your journey bright and early the next day.
Today you will drive to the northeastern part of Germany where the land meets the Baltic Sea. On the way, you will explore historic buildings, scenic routes, nature parks, lakes, and many other cultural attractions and activities.
16 km30 min
Bucher Forst
09:151 h 30 min

Bucher Forst

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Your first stop will be at Bucher Forst, which is a protected German forest. This location boasts a vast selection of both animal and plant life. There are a few interconnected paths that lead to different stunning areas of the forest, and you can easily explore the whole area in 1-4 hours.
Also, there are many parking spots all around the forest, which is convenient for any driver. You can park up and take a nice stroll through the forest, which is teeming with nature and wildlife.
Bucher Forst is open daily and free to enter. For more information please visit the Bucher Forst.

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