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    Day 7

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    Road to Vienna

    Here we are on our last day of the trip.
    On the way to Vienna there is one unusual castle to see for the last time.
    Along the way, a shopping center and a gas station are marked on the route, where you can buy necessary food and things.
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    And here, in addition to coffee, they praise hot chocolate. Be sure to try it, it warms you up!
    The sandwiches and pastries are delicious.
    It opens at 7 a.m.
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    Schloss Eggenberg
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    Schloss Eggenberg

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    In the old part of the Austrian city of Graz is its main attraction - Schlosberg Castle, which translates as "castle mountain".
    Built in 1125, the castle remained impregnable for almost seven hundred years and was taken only in 1809 by Napoleon's army after three fierce assaults.
    There is now a military museum in the castle, which displays weapons dating back to the 16th century.
    Interesting to visit is the Clock Tower, built in 1265, which before the restoration had only one hand, which showed only the clock.
    After seeing the sights of the castle, you can eat in a local cafe and enjoy the beautiful view of the city, from the walls of this majestic structure.
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    Riegersburg Castle
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    Riegersburg Castle

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    Built in the 12th century, the Riegersburg Castle can rightly be called one of the symbols of Austria.
    The castle is built on an area of 15 hectares, and the massive walls and fortifications can literally send you back to medieval times, where you feel like a traveler who can be safe behind the castle walls after a long journey.
    When the weather is clear, from the castle you can see the territory of Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia.
    At the moment the castle belongs to the princely family of Liechtenstein, and there is a museum within its walls, whose exhibitions show its rich history as well as witch and witchcraft tales.
    There is a tavern attached to the castle.
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    Gas Station
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    You can stock up on water and snacks at this gas station.
    Credit cards are accepted.
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    Shopping Mall
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    We pass a shopping center, where we can also stop for a while.
    Nearby there is an electrical store, a pharmacy, and several cafes.
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