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Friendly adventures in the Moscow region

Friendly adventures in the Moscow region
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3 Days


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If you want to diversify your everyday life, actively relax and be culturally enriched with the whole family, while also getting a lot of new impressions, this trip will surely suit you!
You will visit a very beautiful ancient mansion of the 16th century. Go to Klin, where you will visit the house-museum of the Soviet writer A.P. Gaidar and the house-museum of the great composer P.I. Tchaikovsky, learn the history of Christmas tree toys and see the process of production and painting. In addition, there are plans to visit the ancient trading rows of the XIX century. In Solnechnogorsk museum you will learn everything about life and life of this unique region in different historical periods. In addition to the cultural program you will have a real adventure in the rope park!
Route developed with the support of Volkswagen Caddy.
Volkswagen Caddy
Volkswagen Caddy
  • Visit ancient Russian estates.
  • Check your strength at the rope park.
  • Go to a Russian bath.
  • Visit various museums.
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Travel Itinerary

Manor house, rope park, bathhouse.
Day 1136 km

Manor house, rope park, bathhouse.

On the first day of the trip we will visit an ancient manor, try our hand at the routes of the rope park, and then go to relax in a real Russian bath.
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To the most interesting places in Klin.
Day 239 km

To the most interesting places in Klin.

On the second day, there are many interesting excursions waiting for us. We will visit the house-museum of the great writer A.P.Gaidar and learn more about his life. Then we will go to the house-museum of P.I. Tchaikovsky, where we will be acquainted with the life and work of the great composer. There will be other interesting excursions and walks to historical places.
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Museum, equestrian yard, church.
Day 3116 km

Museum, equestrian yard, church.

The third day of the trip will begin with a visit to the museum, where we will learn about how we lived and live in Solnechnogorskiy district. After that we will visit the ancient manor house and also visit the church of XVI century times.
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