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Fresh wind on the Volga. Ples Kostroma.

Road Trip Route. Museum and Mount E. Levitan., Fabulous tunes in Kostroma (Berendey Park, residence of Snow Maiden), Open Air Museum "Kostroma Sloboda", Historical places in Kostroma, .

Ples has long inspired creative people: artists, artists, writers and musicians. The city of Ples made Isaac Levitan famous. Today, the cultural life of the city is still saturated. It hosts the Tarkovsky Film Festival "Mirror", All-Russian Guitar Festival, Jazz Festival, Levitan Classical Music Festival. Kostroma is the birthplace of Ivan Susanin, the cradle of the House of Romanovs, the residence of Snegurochka. Provincially quiet, cozy, charming and nice town, which is a must visit.

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Tatyana Tsyvareva. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Picturesque Plexiglas with metropolitan manners

Oh, Dog! The Pearl of the Volga, I don't get tired for hours. Standing at your foot.., You breathe eternally tirelessly. A heart rush to purity, And sang the brushes ** Levitan ** Your silent beauty. Provincial town Ples is a real natural diamond on the Volga River. Many famous artists sought it to relax the soul, admire the beauty and enjoy the clean air. This city is an inspiration for creativity. Try it yourself!!!


We leave the city of Ivanovo at 09:00 am. I recommend you to bring headphones for audio-guide.

Свято-Никольский Женский монастырь

We begin our journey from the holy place. St. Nicholas Nunnery was founded by St. Demetrius of Prilutsk in 1350, that is more than 650 years ago. You can study the chronicle at the monastery's website []. I recommend to visit the Life-giving Cross of the Lord in the church of St. John Chrysostom of the Pereslavl Nicholas Nunnery courtyard in the village of Godenovo.

coffee house of Sophia Petrovna Kuvshinnikova

Our acquaintance with the city of Ples begins with a cup of aromatic coffee in the historical coffee house of Sophia Petrovna Kuvshinnikova. The coffee house has become a deeply romantic place, where the formula of the famous **Plus Eclair** becomes the formula of love.

Cathedral Mountain

Next we start a walking tour **"To Plesse for inspiration!"** The beginning of the route is Sobornaya Gora. The excursion program covers 12 most interesting places. The route ends at Mount Levitan. On the way! Switch on the audio guide. []

Дом-музей Левитана

We'll stay a little longer at the Levitan House Museum. Experienced guides of I.Levitan's museum will tell about the history of creation of his paintings, will see personal belongings of the artist, will learn the secrets of his personal life. And again, an audio guide will come to our aid.

Гора Левитана

Well done! You made it! The sightseeing tour ends with the ascent to Mount Levitan. Climb the mountain and see with your own eyes those magnificent panoramic views, which more than 120 years ago depicted on his canvases famous artist.

Grand Owl Hotel and Restaurant

Lunch at the restaurant **"Grand Owl "** "Friends, I highly recommend the lovely Grand Owl restaurant in Plesa. Sudac with parsnip above all praise, a work of art, excellent pumpkin and snacks, strawberry nalewka - something special. Delicious, with a soul, at home, do not pass by, all from the interior and to service on solid 5. We recommend it!" - TripAdvisor, Alexsander, June 2018.

Центральный парк

Before dinner, we can take a walk in the central park, admire the views of the Volga.

Café chain "Hut"

Dinner at the home kitchen café **"Hut "**. Advantages of the cafe: - always only fresh food and a wide range of products; - daily menu update;

Day 2: Kostroma, tell me a story.

- **Kostroma**, tell me a story. - Well, what can I tell you? - Like **Ostrovsky** in a light terrace. I started writing about **Snow Maiden**. Tell me how he thought for hours... And what he dreamed of in silence. And also about Ivan Susanin**, Kostroma, you tell me. Tell me about Berendei's ***. Or sing a song about the Volga. I can't do it myself yet! I'm growing up and strengthening with you. *" Excerpt from a poem by Merzlyakova Alyona, class 11

Парк Берендеевка

After breakfast it's nice to walk in the park Berendeyevka, which eventually became the "forest in the city". Pines and spruce fill the air of the park with the aroma of pine needles and freshness. Near the park you can visit the museum "Berendey", visit one of the cognitive programs in the Terema Berendey.

Беседка Островского

Then we go on a walking survey walk **"Kostroma chanting "**. The excursion begins at Ostrovsky's gazebo, 18 sights are planned according to the program. We finish at Bogoyavlensko-Anastasiinsky convent. An audio guide will help you to pass the route.

Home Cooking Café "Hut"

Lunch at the already known home cooking café "Hut".

Резиденция Снегурочки

All those with children, I recommend to visit Terem Snow Maidens, you are in the Homeland of Snow Maidens. Here you can plunge into the fairy tale, touch the top of the Christmas tree, find yourself in the long-forgotten fairy tales, visit the Snegurochka Post Office. Entrance ticket 150 rubles per person in half an hour. (children under 3 years of age free). The audio guide will come to the rescue again.

Костромская слобода

Then we head to the Museum of Wooden Architecture, one of the oldest museums in Russia. in the open air. During the walk we listen to the audio-guide.

Restaurant Thunderstorm

Our program is coming to an end. Dinner is planned in a cult place in the restaurant "Groza" in the hotel "Ostrovsky". As you already know, Kostroma was glorified by the Russian playwright **N.A. Ostrovsky**, whose creative work became the most important stage in the development of the Russian national theatre. Elegant interiors and excellent service will help to create the best impressions about **Kostroma**. Bon appetit!

Площадь Пушкина

After dinner, we move on without stopping. Easy way! Thank you for your participation and until we meet again!