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Forest thickets of the Leningrad Region

Road Trip Route. Ride SUVs through the swamps, Explore Tosnensk waterfalls, Stay the night at Maryino Manor., Will descend into caves, Take the eco-trail, Dress up a rope park, .

If you are looking for something new and unusual, then you will surely have to go on this tour in spirit. In a couple of days you will have to spend quite a lot of time outdoors and test your strength and skill in extreme driving, hiking in a nature reserve, overcoming the route in a rope park. Bring comfortable sports shoes and good mood on the way! The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Amarok](

Active Leisure. From: Saint Petersburg

Volkswagen Amarok.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Tanks aren't afraid of dirt.

The day will start quite extreme and exciting, because you will go on tour in huge off-road vehicles in the forest. Then, you will see the famous Tosno waterfalls and stay overnight in the vicinity of the estate Maryino.

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Jeep tour

If you have not yet bought a Volkswagen Amarok, you have the opportunity to rent a four-wheel drive car prepared for any adventure where few people are. This journey will bring you a storm of emotions and a large portion of impressions. Opening hours: daily from 09:00 to 20:00. It is recommended to book the tour in advance by contacting the official [site](


The first half of the day was very extreme. It's time for a little rest and dinner at the family pizzeria. Visitors recommend spicy Buffo soup and hunting salad.

Тосненский (Гертовский) водопад

This is a landmark of one of the settlements of the Leningrad region - Ulyanivka. This natural wonder got its name thanks to the river Tosna, in the canyon of which it is located. The waterfall is often compared to Niagara because of its similar shape resembling a horseshoe.

Усадьба Марьино

The manor is not only a restored architectural ensemble, but also a picturesque park, which has preserved the true atmosphere of the 19th century noblemen's estate. In addition, there are such entertainments as horseback rides: on horseback, in a sleigh or in a carriage - boat rides on the river Tosna and ponds, snowmobile races, joyful tubing rides, skiing and cycling trips. There is also a restaurant on the territory, where you can enjoy a Russian-style dinner. Services can be pre-booked using the contact numbers listed on the official [website](

Day 2: Investigation of dungeons and peaks

The day ahead will be incredibly busy. First, you will go down to the Sablinski caves and learn the history of their formation. Then, you will take an exciting five-kilometre hike along the ecological trail in the reserve. And only after all this will you try your hand at rope park. Sounds like a challenge, doesn't it?

Саблинские пещеры

These caves have been formed for thousands of years, since the Ice Age. You will see the mysterious "Left Bank" cave, the underground Captain Nemo lake, fossils of ancient sea inhabitants and sleeping butterflies covered with dew diamonds. The cave vaults will show you copies of cave paintings from the Kapova Cave and Liasco Cave in the French Pyrenees. Open daily from 09:00 to 17:00. Visiting is possible only with a guided tour. You can sign up for a tour by contacting the contacts listed on the official [website](

Lake Sinyavskoe

Make a short stop off the shores of the picturesque Sinyavskoye Lake for a short walk to capture the beauty of local nature. Here you'll see the quietest water surface, sandy beach and dense thickets around.

Петровская трапеза

Delicious borscht, roasted lamb, and, of course, juicy fish dishes - all this can be ordered in a small but very cozy restaurant, located on the banks of the Neva.

Коккоревский Заказник

The Ecotrop in the Reserve is a great opportunity to enjoy the characteristic nature of the south-eastern coast of Lake Ladoga with its gentle sandy beaches and reed thickets, to see the objects of the fortification of the Great Patriotic War. The route runs along the most elevated north-eastern part of the reserve, covered with a well-preserved pine forest, overlooking Cape Sosnowiec to Kokkorevskoye bog. A map of the trail can be found at [site](

Веревочный парк «Кошкино»

Here you will find more than 160 tasks that make up 9 trails of varying difficulty and length. The gradation starts from a "white" trail for an exciting walk with the whole family, to a "black" trail for experienced extreme athletes. There is a track consisting exclusively of trolleys, which can be up to 200 metres long. There is a free guarded parking lot, a playground for the youngest extremists. Working hours: Monday to Friday: 11:00-20:00 Saturday-Saturday: 10:00-20:00

Porto Bar

Your fascinating journey has come to an end. It's time to end it with a delicious dinner at this cozy restaurant with a view of Lake Ladoga. Here you can taste dishes of Mediterranean, Russian and European cuisine. The restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday.

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