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For real extremists.

For real extremists.
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Active LeisureAdventure🎅 Winter Trips
Get ready for the most exciting journey of your life. During these two days you'll ride through the woods on an ATV, fish in an icy lake, go skiing or snowboarding and... ...parachute jump!
Maria Gorobets
Maria Gorobets
Travel Expert
  • Active Recreation Park Action Park.
  • Recreation Base Active Park.
  • Krutyshki Aerodrome.
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Team games and ATV rides
Day 1129 km

Team games and ATV rides

Today is going to be a busy day! In the morning you will have a lot of choices: trampoline, archery, paintball, laser tag, bazooka, or shoot each other with an arrow? At the Activity Centre, you can do it all! In the evening you can ride on quad bikes on snow-covered forest and have a rest with baked potato and tea from samovar. Oh yes, if you are the fishing fans - don't forget to take everything for it! Because we are going to be in one of the few places near Moscow, where it's possible to fish for free.
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Skydiving and snowboarding
Day 2105 km

Skydiving and snowboarding

This is going to be an exciting day and will require a lot of courage from you! We will start small - with skiing downhill. You will be able to choose what you will be skiing or snowboarding, or maybe sledding? Then there is lunch, but not in a regular cafe, but in the real shelter of cool bikers and adventurers. There you will gain courage before the next step - free flight. Yes, yes, at airfield "Stupino" you can make a parachute jump with an instructor as well as by yourself to experience a lot of emotions from free flight!
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