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Folk crafts near Moscow

Folk crafts near Moscow
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2 Days


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History and CultureArts and Creativity
A short family trip, which will allow just a couple of days to get acquainted with the history of Russian folk arts and crafts and see with their own eyes, how amazing objects of arts and crafts are made.
You will not only learn how Gzhel ceramics, famous all over Russia, are made, but you can also try to make an intricate souvenir with your own hands, or paint a clay workpiece.
The second day of the trip also promises to be interesting, in Pavlovsk Posad you'll learn the secrets of making and painting silk scarves and try on the role of a pattern sewer on fabric.
And a visit to museums will be diluted with walks in the fresh air and dinners at worthy local restaurants.
Ekaterina  Klimova
Ekaterina Klimova
  • Museum "Xin of Russia".
  • Gzhelian quarries.
  • Pavloposad Museum of Shawl and Shawl.

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 Xin of Russia
Day 1103 km

Xin of Russia

Go to the village of Gzhel, Ramensky district, to see how exquisite ceramics and porcelain products are made. After that, go to the Gzhel quarries, and in the evening head for Electrostal village, where you will spend the night.
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History and Culture of Pavlovsky Posad
Day 2117 km

History and Culture of Pavlovsky Posad

Today will be mainly devoted to visiting the museums of the historical city of Pavlovsky Posad. It once played a crucial role in various historical events and was also a very large craft centre. You can learn more about it on tours in the main museums of the city.
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