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Folk crafts near Moscow

Road Trip Route. Museum "Xin of Russia", Gzhelian quarries, Pavloposad Museum of Shawl and Shawl.

A short family trip that will allow you to learn the history of Russian folk arts and crafts in just a couple of days and see with your own eyes how amazing items of arts and crafts are made. You will not only learn how Gzhel ceramics, famous all over Russia, are made, but you can also try to make an intricate souvenir with your own hands, or paint a clay workpiece. The second day of the trip also promises to be interesting, in Pavlovskoe Posad you'll learn the secrets of making and painting silk scarves and try on the role of a pattern printer on fabric. And your visit to museums will be diluted with walks in the fresh air and dinners in worthy local restaurants. **Recommendations:** - It is important to keep a social distance when visiting public places and to use personal protective equipment. - It is also worth remembering that a valid QR code or negative PCR test of no more than 72 hours is required when checking into hotels and visiting museums.

Arts and Creativity. From: Moscow

Ekaterina Klimova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Xin of Russia

We go to the village of Gzhel of Ramensky district to see how fine ceramics and porcelain are made. After that we will visit the Gzhelian quarries, and in the evening we will go towards the village of Electrostal, where we will spend the night.


You can start your journey at one of the restaurants near the Plaza Ramstars Business Park called Conquistador. It features a welcoming atmosphere as well as a detailed, authentic interior and exterior. The menu features a variety of Spanish dishes as well as traditionally Russian snacks.

Гжельский завод художественной росписи (Синь России НПО)

One of the many symbols of Russian culture can be called the original tableware, as well as ceramic and porcelain products of the Gzhel art painting plant. An excursion here includes a walk through the quiet and picturesque countryside, where the enterprise is located, as well as a visit to the production workshop, where the famous painted figurines and crockery are born. You can also take a master class with local craftsmen and try to paint your own figurines. A very important point: tours are by appointment only, you have to call in advance the number given [on the official website]( of the production, or fill in a feedback form.

Gzhel'skiy Kar'yer. Izvestnyaki, Pyatnistyye Gliny

Not far from the ceramics factory, Gzhel Quarries is a good place to relax in warm weather. The atmosphere is peaceful, the views are beautiful, I would like to stay here longer, but it's time to go.

Kafe I Avtomoyechnyy Kompleks "Antresol'"

You can have dinner at the rather nice Café Antresol. Both traditional Russian dishes and some popular European ones are prepared here. Many visitors note the excellent salads, as well as desserts. Sometimes there are performances by local performers, so if you are lucky, your dinner will be complemented by live music.

Gorodskoy Park

One of the favorite recreation places for locals is the City Park of Culture. This pleasant place attracts many people both in summer and winter. There are quite a few different attractions, among which there are various carousels, Ferris wheel and skatepark. Prices for each attraction is also quite democratic - from 100 to 250 rubles.

Gazpromneft filling station #337

The filling station is located in the heart of Electrostal. Thanks to this you can easily get to the iconic places of the city: the Church of Christians of the Seventh Day Adventists (280 m from the gas station), the Church of St. Andrew Rublev (1.4 km) and the main Chapel of Electrostal (800 m). The gas station is open 24 hours a day, so there will be no problems with lack of fuel or delicious goods on the road.

Day 2: History and Culture of Pavlovsky Posad

Today will be mainly devoted to visiting the museums of the historical city of Pavlovsky Posad. It once played a crucial role in various historical events and was also a very large craft centre. You can learn more about it on tours in the main museums of the city.

Kulinarnyy Bufet "Fabrika Obedov"

Starting in the morning, you can head to the already familiar to locals cafe "Lunch Factory". There is a special breakfast menu, which offers visitors a variety of light snacks, omelets, toast and other traditional breakfast dishes. The choice of coffee is also quite extensive.

Museum of the History of Russian Headscarf & Shawl

The first stop for us today is the Museum of the History of the Russian Shawl and Shawl. Here, the history of traditional women's costumes, as well as traditional methods of making and dyeing textiles are told in great detail. You can even try to put a pattern on the fabric yourself. And for school-aged children the museum offers master classes in calligraphy or, as it used to be called, penmanship.

Pavlovsky Posad History and Art Museum

Another interesting cultural and historical object in the city can safely be called the Pavlovo-Posad Museum of History and Art. It is located in a small wooden mansion, and its exposition is devoted to the history of the region, everyday life and once flourishing crafts, outstanding people who lived here, as well as to some extent industry and science.

Staryy Gorod

A nice place to relax and have lunch would be a small restaurant in Balashikha called Stary Gorod. Mostly French and European cuisines are served here. It's a cozy place with pleasant staff. The desserts here are also very delicious.

Ekopark Pekhorka

Well, our unforgettable weekend will end with a small walk in the picturesque ecopark in Balashikha. There is a peaceful atmosphere among the trees, beautiful views of the river, as well as a lot of curious and original monuments and installations.