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Road Trip Route. Visit the Kuznetsovsky porcelain exposition, Learn the history of Gzhel ceramics creation.

This fascinating journey is a great opportunity to get acquainted with two famous symbols of Russia - Dulevsky porcelain and Gzhel ceramics in just one day! You will visit the exhibition of historical Kuznetsovsky porcelain, as well as visit the ancient association "Gzhel", where you will learn how the art of blue and white painting was born and participate in various master classes. And also shopping with great souvenirs is waiting for you!

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Anna Akimenko. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Kuznetsovsky porcelain and Gzhel ceramics

Our day will begin with a visit to the "Russian wonder" - Likino-Dulyovo, where we will see the exhibition of Kuznetsovsky porcelain, and then go to the birthplace of the world famous Gzhel ceramics, visit the factory, as well as take part in master classes!


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Краеведческий музей

Here we reached the first stop of our journey - Likino-Dulyovo Local History Museum. One of the main attractions is the exhibition of Kuznetsovsky (Dulevsky) porcelain. At excursion you will familiarize with history of origin of porcelain products, and also can see their refinement and beauty live! The museum works from 8-30 till 17-00. For visitors from 9-00 till 16-00. Lunch from 12-00 to 13-00. Weekend days: Monday, Saturday - by prior request only. Sunday from 10-00 till 15-00 without a break for lunch. Last day of the month - sanitary. Contact phones: 8-916-061-32-90, 8-496-414-07-24

Дулевский фарфоровый завод

After a fascinating tour, visit the Dulevo Porcelain Factory's company shop. Here they sell classic products of modern masters, from sugar bowls to gilded sets, which is the most purchased souvenir! Be sure to sign up for a tour in advance by phone at [website]( The museum is open every day except Monday and Sunday. Tours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (weekdays with a break from 12:00 to 12:45).

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And our journey will continue to Gzhel - the birthplace of the world famous clay miracle - Gzhel ceramics. We will visit a fascinating excursion to the Gzhel museum, where the traditions of the ancient art craft are revered. You will be guided through the production workshops of the enterprise where you will learn the mystery of porcelain production, get acquainted with the specifics of traditional blue and white painting, and during the master class under the guidance of experts will try to draw the Gzhel pattern yourself. After the excursion you will be able to buy white and azure souvenirs without trade markups! Important: excursions and master classes are conducted only by prior appointment by phone, or by application on [the official site of the museum]( On weekends the excursions are held at 14:00, master classes at 15:30, on weekdays - check the schedule by phone 8-906-055-23-57.