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Folk arts and crafts Moscow region. Fedoskino

Folk arts and crafts Moscow region. Fedoskino
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Arts and Creativity🎅 Winter Trips
This trip will acquaint you with the crafts of the Moscow region. You will see Fedoskino lacquer painting, learn how modern masters work. You can visit the Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts, where you can paint a casket or make a black lacquer brooch as a memento. You will also learn how to make Slavic amulet dolls.
Eugenia Laputina
Eugenia Laputina
  • Museum of folk crafts.
  • Factory of miniature painting.
  • Nikolo-Prozorovo estate.
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Folk Arts and Crafts and Marfino Estate
Day 1148 km

Folk Arts and Crafts and Marfino Estate

On this day we will visit the museum of folk crafts where we will get acquainted with the folk crafts of Moscow region and the miniature painting factory where we will see the process of producing and painting of the items and then we will take part in the master classes.
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