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Folk arts and crafts Moscow region. Fedoskino

Road Trip Route. Folk Crafts Museum, Miniature Painting Factory, Marfino Estate, .

This trip will acquaint you with folk crafts of Moscow region. You will visit the museum of folk crafts, where you will get acquainted with Fedoskin's lacquer miniature, Gzhel, Bogorodskaya toy, Pavlovoposadskaya manufactory, Sergiev Posadskaya toy, Zhostovskaya painting. At the factory of miniature painting you will see the production and visit the art workshop. Besides the excursion program you can take part in various master classes. You'll also take a stroll around the Marfino estate of the nobility.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Crafts and Marfino Manor

The trip will start with the Museum of Folk Arts, where we will get acquainted with folk arts and crafts of Moscow region, visit the factory of miniature painting and see the process of production and painting of objects and participate in master classes. And in the afternoon we will walk around the beautiful territory of the Marfino estate.


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Музей народных промыслов

The first point of our trip will be a museum dedicated to folk arts and crafts of Moscow region. Here you will learn the history of their origin and development. The museum holds photographs, memorabilia and a collection of Fedoskinsky lacquer miniatures. From July 10, the museum will host an exhibition entitled "Folk Arts Crafts of the Moscow Region in the 21st Century," which will feature such famous crafts as "Gzhel", "Dulevo", "Verbilki", "Bogorodskoye", "Pavlovoposadskaya Manufaktura", "Sergiev Posadskaya Toy" and "Zhostovo". The museum holds master classes: painting of a wooden spoon, traditional Fedoskin's painting on a black brooch, making a doll-shore, painting a wooden matryoshka doll. Attention: the master classes are held according to [preliminary booking](

ГУП МО Федоскинская Ордена Знак Почета Фабрика Миниатюрной Живописи

Here you will get to know Fedoskin's lacquer miniature in more detail, visit the production and visit the art workshop. And at the master class you can paint a casket or a panel yourself. At the factory there is a souvenir shop with branded products. Excursions and master classes are conducted by [advance booking](


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Усадьба «Марфино»

It's a great place to take a walk and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. The estate has a Gothic-style arch, the main building is a two-storey terracotta palace, ponds with artificially created islands, and two large statues of griffins on the marina. Attention: to get to the estate, you must bring your passport!


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