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Florida Attractions and Beaches

Road Trip Route. Discover the incredible fairy-tale world of your favorite movie characters, Conquer breathtaking rides and enjoy bewitching shows, Visit Florida's legendary beaches and unique zoos.

There are many tourist routes along the Florida Peninsula, but not all of them can guarantee a quality and fun family vacation. Dear friend, we've tried to make this scenario a classic idyll of a family trip. First, visit the famous and incredible amusement parks in Florida, ride the most terrible and original attractions in the world, plunge into the world of miracles and fairy tales of the familiar back and meet beloved characters. Enjoy a dream vacation on the most beautiful beaches of North America. Drive to Miami along the coastline. The gentle white sand and the warm blue sea leaves unforgettable memories and has a positive impact on your health. In general, if you are stuck in a hectic everyday life, a routine of working days and do not know how to get out of it, the route is perfect or you. On the seventh day, you will feel a new person, cheerful and full of energy.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Welcome to Orlando, the City of High Spirits and Fun

Dear friend, our journey begins with the beautiful city of Orlando, known all over the world for its incredible atmosphere of a non-ending holiday, a flight of fantasy and a fairy tale in reality. Today we only have time to make important preparations for the journey, but do not worry, a lot more coming.

NYPD Pizza

NYPD Pizza is a fairly well-known and popular place with locals and tourists. It is popular for the high quality service and, of course, excellent quality of pizza and snacks. Cheesecake pizza and Sicilian pizza are the highlights of the restaurant’s menu, which is not limited to pizza, it offers a wide selection of salads, soups, pasta and other favorite snacks.

Day 2: The Universal Incredible World

It's a crime to visit Orlando and never see the world famous amusement parks. And the best place to start from is Universal parks, because here you will find everything that destroys the dullness of routine everyday life and fills you with bright colors and impressions.

Panera Bread

It is always a pleasure to start the day with a cup of strong, invigorating coffee and warm fragrant pastries. Panera Bread has everything to set the tone for the day. Enjoy excellent coffee of different varieties, desserts of own production, which sometimes resemble works of art, and fresh pastries fresh from the oven here. A friendly and competent staff will help you choose something to your liking.

Universal Studios Florida

Probably both children and adults dream of living in the world of adventure and miracles, in the world of cinema and magic. Universal Studios Florida is one of Orlando’s many theme parks that brings our dreams to life. Here you can plunge into the atmosphere of childhood films, conquer breathtaking roller coasters, participate in incredible shows and much more. You need more than a day to see all the most iconic zones of the park.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

It is always a good idea to take a short break during a fun and busy day to eat something and recover, and the small, cozy restaurant Bubba Gump Shrimp is perfect for this. Here we can have lunch with salads with seafood, sandwiches with fish and meat, and delicious desserts and cocktails.

Universal's Islands of Adventure

Universal's Islands of Adventure is a real gem among Universal's park zones. There are dizzying rides, favorite characters, and a fest on every corner. Discover the magic world of the park and see the very best the park has to offer in the tour. The atmosphere of the park is complemented by spectacular special effects, and the style of attractions and pavilions causes nostalgia for films and cartoons of our childhood and youth. To see as much as possible, it is recommended to purchase a VIP ticket, which, of course, is more expensive than a regular one, but allows using the express queue, which saves time.

Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

A bright and eventful day comes to an end, and before going to the hotel to relax, we will have a dinner at the authentic African Nile Ethiopian Restaurant. They cook extremely tasty chicken with red pepper sauce, homemade spices and eggs here, and many visitors like beef slices marinated with onions and green pepper. It is also worth saying that the vegetarian menu here is quite extensive and offers pretty great dishes.

Day 3: Dreams Come True

Today is a very special day, because we are going to explore the unique world of Disney. Many of us have dreamed of taking part in the adventures of our beloved characters as children, and we can live the dream here now.

Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich is a simple and comfortable sandwich bar serving classic American dishes. Over the years, the bar has developed its own unique style of preparing burgers and sandwiches, the basis of which, of course, is exclusively fresh ingredients. For lovers of healthy food, there is also plenty to choose from, for example, you can order strawberry yogurt parfait, assorted fruits, or oatmeal with berries for breakfast. Different rolls are also the highlight of the menu.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Another legendary Orlando theme park is Disney's Hollywood Studios. It is full of pleasant surprises even for those who have been there, because the organizers always seek to add new attractions and shows to available ones. Watch the Star Wars stormtrooper parade, ride thrilling rides, have fun on the racetracks and season it all with cotton candy and ice cream. The park different themes cater to both adults and children tastes.

Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie is the perfect place to have lunch during a fun day. In this traditional French bakery, you can enjoy delicious delicacies and good meals for lunch, from soups and salads to fresh sandwiches with baguettes and pastries. Tea, coffee and various cocktails are also very numerous in the menu. Many visitors like great croissants and chocolate buns.

Magic Kingdom® Park

Your fairy tale trip continues, and we move to Magic Kingdom® Park. Secret dreams of living in the wonderful world of your favorite characters finally come true. Take part in the adventures of Jack Sparrow and Peter Pan, meet Pluto and Daisy, ride on themed attractions and watch outstanding shows. To have a good time in the park, you can take a fastpass, which is quite expensive, but provides the express entry.


Norman's is a classic representative of gourmet American cuisine. You will be fascinated by the sophisticated atmosphere and beautiful interior from the minute you got there. Autumn apple salad, Norman's salad and Havana steak and stewed green tomatoes are the highlights of the menu. Barre de chocolat or sweet summer pears are great for dessert.

Day 4: LEGO Magic Land

Today we are on our way to wonderful Legoland. Get ready for unforgettable emotions, breathtaking attractions, and plunging into the atmosphere of your favorite cartoons. In addition, the theme zones of the park have a lot to interest you.

Fortuna Bakery

Before you go on a long trip, it is important to be full and fit. To eat not just hearty, but also tasty, check out Fortuna Bakery. It offers welcoming attitude towards guests, and pastries of excellent quality. The highlights of the menu are magnificent fruit cakes, croissants and toasts are also great. By the way, the menu is not limited to sweets, you can choose meat dishes to your liking.


LEGOLAND Florida is another small fairytale world where dreams come true. The park covers more than 60 hectares of land with fifty attractions, a water park, venues for shows and performances, and even a botanical garden, to say nothing of small shops and cafes. Visit the LEGO Star Wars universe and the pirate bay, feel the realism of the man-made world on 4D rides and, of course, be sure to check out the botanical garden, where incredible natural beauties are complemented by various LEGO figures and designs.

Tijuana Flats

Only something really good is worth taking your eye off the amusement park. Well, what could be better than unsurpassed Mexican cuisine? Tijuana Flats is a place that proves simple dishes can be extremely tasty. The menu provides a huge selection of different burritos, tacos, chimichangas, enchiladas, fresh salads and many other classic dishes of Mexican cuisine.

Star Wars Miniland

One of the most popular areas in Legoland is Star Wars Miniland. Enjoy the most beautiful sights of the world small-scale model, made of construction toy. Walking here, you can literally feel like a giant Godzilla.

J. Burns Pizza

On a long road trip, cozy cafe serving delicious food is a kind of an oasis in a stuffy desert for a traveler. J. Burns Pizza is our oasis, where we can enjoy quality pizza in a relaxed atmosphere. Highlights of the menu is chicken pizza and pizza barbecue. Delicious hot dogs are also great, they are quite numerous, so it shouldn't be hard to find something to your liking.

Day 5: Entertainment in Tampa

Today is going to be a very vibrant and eventful day. We visit one of the largest and brightest amusement parks in Florida. A rather long road, offering incredible natural beauties, is also ahead.

Oxford Exchange

Oxford Exchange is a gourmet restaurant located next to Tampa University. The atmosphere here is really sophisticated, the staff is polite, professional and always ready to help you choose. For breakfast, you can order an omelet with bacon, onions and tomatoes, tacos with jalapenos and vegetables; a fruit smoothie, parfait or granola are perfect for dessert.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

On an area of 136 hectares, there are many thematic zones dedicated to Africa. In each zone there are attractions, water slides and other entertainments stylized as a certain country of this continent. The variety of roller coasters alone is great, so you need more than a day to see them all. In addition, the park has a unique zoo where animal housing is as natural as possible.

Ruben's Cubans

Ruben's Cubans Restaurant is a place where classic American cuisine and extravagant Cuban culinary canons and traditions merge. Here we can taste so familiar sandwiches and burgers, prepared with a special flavor of the island of freedom. In addition, many visitors like a fried chicken with quesadilla. Such drinks as coffee and tea of different varieties are the highlights of the menu. Please note that the restaurant is closed on Sunday.

Cypress Point Park and Beach

Cypress Point Park is a very popular park and recreation area. There is a beautiful beach, a jogging track, a beach volleyball court, a playground for children, a golf course, and numerous gazebos to have a family picnic. Incredible natural beauties, soft sand on the beach and warm waters of Tampa Bay will create an atmosphere of complete relaxation and rest for you.

Red Lobster

Red Lobster is a cozy roadside restaurant serving seafood and classic American snacks. The interior of the place is quite simple, it is not full of special delicacies, but it creates an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Crab Linguini Alfredo and Dungeness Crab are the highlights of the restaurant menu. In addition, the menu offers many drinks and desserts.

North Pier @ Lake Okeechobee

The beautiful Okeechobee Lake is an ideal place to make a quick stop. It offers incredibly beautiful landscapes of the lake, a well-equipped park area along the coast, and equipped areas for water sports. Many people also adore the fact that there is everything necessary for good fishing.

Day 6: Miami Nature and Beaches

Today will be a day to remember, because we will visit amazing and legendary places, including famous beaches of Miami and unique zoos, so free up some space on your camera SD card for new incredible photos.

Morgan's Country Kitchen

Morgan's Country Kitchen is a great place to start the day. Strong, invigorating coffee is served here, combined with classic breakfast dishes. The restaurant has also received many positive reviews for its excellent meat dishes. Steaks, pork chops, and corned beef are the highlights of the menu.

Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari is a unique place where you will be able to see a lion, tiger, giraffe and other exotic animals as close as possible. The main feature of the park is the recreated environment of the African continent. It’s your choice to drive in a specially equipped car next to the animals or just take a walk in the area with regular enclosures. In addition, the park has a small amusement park, perfect for a visit with children.

Ocean Ridge Beach@Boynton

A distinctive feature of the beaches of Florida is their excellent organization, and the Ocean Ridge Beach is no exception. The coastline is always clean, there are also toilets and equipped changing rooms. For an additional fee, you can rent umbrellas, volleyballs, deck chairs and much more. Enjoy a wonderful vacation on the white sand with friends and relatives.

Blaze Pizza

There is nothing like delicious thin crust pizza after a long journey. Blaze Pizza Restaurant is well known for its friendly atmosphere and great pizza. Meat and barbecue pizzas are the highlights of the menu. Another nice feature of the restaurant is that visitors can choose the ingredients to their liking. In addition to pizza, a variety of salads is also great.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is so iconic words can't describe it, you need to see it for yourself. The huge coastline, equipped with everything necessary for an unforgettable vacation, from the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas to changing rooms and toilets. Miami Beach is the dream of many tourists, and your dream comes true today.


The Fratellino restaurant is just excellent. The special attitude to each client is integral to the service here. Elegant and well-designed interior creates a comfortable atmosphere. The menu provides a wide selection of dishes and snacks. Pay attention to Caprese salad, spaghetti Bolonese Carbonara, as well as meat dishes such as Pollo Francese and Pollo Sorrentino.

Day 7: Last Steps

We've traveled half of the Florida Peninsula, visited various amusement parks, legendary beaches, and today we have to end our journey. In order to dilute this slightly sad moment with a hint of fun and positive, we go to a unique zoo.


Versailles Restaurant is the most famous Cuban restaurant in the world. For four decades, it has been preparing excellent traditional cuisine. The atmosphere of the place is moderately elegant. The menu offers the variety of dishes. Look at the snacks on the menu, because most of them are new to the familiar American taste. Soups are also great, especially onion soup with casserole, black bean soup and chicken soup familiar to everyone.

Jungle Island

Jungle Island is a unique zoo located near the city center. It offers rich collections of exotic birds, fish and mammals. You have the chance to see tigers, lions, flamingos, penguins, parrots, kangaroos, orangutans, baboons and many more other animals in their almost natural habitat. The variety of unusual plants is also truly remarkable.