Fishing, nature reserves, historical estates: weekends for tired Muscovites. – Road.Travel

Fishing, nature reserves, historical estates: weekends for tired Muscovites.

Road Trip Route. Go fishing, To wander along the Mozhaiskiy Kremlin and Petrovskoye ruins, Discover waterfalls in the reserve, Visit the most unusual church in the village Dubrovitsy.

If you can't stay in the stuffy city anymore and you can't go to the country house, you can go on a mini-trip to the beauties of the Moscow region at the weekend. On this trip you will find walks around the reserve, quiet fishing, abandoned estates on picturesque lawns and the most soulful lunches in the open air. All this will allow the tired townspeople to regain strength and feel cheerful and fresh again. The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Amarok](

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Fishing, lunch outdoors, Mozhaisky Kremlin

How can we make a clear sunny day a truly festive day? That's right, go fishing! Dedicate the first day of the mini-journey to rest in the fishing club "Raskaty", and the evening can be met while strolling among the walls of the Mozhaisk Kremlin, once the most important western outpost of the Russian state.


Супермаркет Мираторг

Early in the morning you need to stop by the supermarket ("Miratorg" is ideally located on the way) to buy some food for lunch outdoors. Put peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and eggplants in your basket and you can bake them along with freshly caught fish. And don't forget to bring fresh herbs and spices for the marinade.

Fishing club "Raskaty"

Club "Raskaty" opens its doors to all lovers of fishing all year round. In the lake of 15 hectares you can catch trout, carp, sturgeon, catfish, pike and so on. Stocking is done here every week. Fishermen have a choice of three areas for fishing: main, VIP and wild. The trip is purchased for each fisherman, female guests and children under 14 years old are free of charge. At the end of the fishing trip you need to go to the inspection and pay for all the catch. You can have lunch here, too. You can rent a pergola with a barbecue and a smokehouse on the club premises. Caught fish cleaning service is available. Details can be found [on the official website](

Можайский Кремль

The Mozhaisk Kremlin is as historic as the Kremlin in Moscow. Here before the battle Alexander I prayed, the residence of Ivan the Terrible was located next to it, and along the walls stretched the Old Smolensk road, along which Napoleon entered Moscow. Not much remains of the once large-scale structure: an 11-meter section of ancient walls, fortress gates, remains of towers, fragments of a stone bridge. The complex also includes the New St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Church of Peter and Paul, chapels and a local history museum. The Kremlin gates are open from 06:00 to 22:00. Entrance to the territory is free. Schedule of the museum and details of the preliminary appointment can be found [at link](

Piu del Cibo

You can have dinner here, in Mozhaisk. The restaurant ["Piudelcibo"]( offers a wide range of the most famous Japanese and Italian dishes, many popular snacks and drinks.

Day 2: Seven Keys Reserve, Petrovskoe and Dubrovitsa Manors

The Seven Keys Nature Reserve near Mozhajsko is the center of attraction for lovers of beautiful nature. From there we'll go to the abandoned Petrovskoye estate, and then take a walk around the estate in the village of Dubrovitsy, where one of the most unusual churches in Russia is located.

Seven Keys Sanctuary.

The Seven Keys Protected Area in the Naro-Fominsk district covers a huge area of 145 hectares. Here you can see waterfalls (several small streams flowing down rocky slopes into the Protva River), plants from the Red Book and unique travertine terraces - rocks that were formed after calcium deposition. You can leave the car at the end of Vereya village and start walking from there. It is better to plan a trip on a dry and clear day: if it rained the day before, you can't do without rubber boots. We recommend wearing long pants, as in some places the path runs through tall grass and thick forests.

Пончики и блинчики

After a walk in the fresh air you may develop a vicious appetite. You can have a tasty and cheap lunch at the roadside cafe "Doughnuts and pancakes". The main "feature" of the institution is pancakes with a wide variety of toppings (from traditional chicken with mushrooms to whipped brynza and red caviar).

Destroyed Petrovskoye Estate

The ruined estate in Petrovskoye village was built at the end of XVIII century. Rich industrialist Demidov lived on a full leg - in front of his estate was laid out a luxurious garden, and in the enclosure of the estate lived marals and American deer. In Soviet times, the villa was given to a hospital, and then it fell into total disrepair. Today there are ruins in its place, but this place still attracts lovers of unusual sights. The red brick building is striking in scope and technology: the thickness of the walls, brickwork, the remnants of the decor are stunning. Nearby there is an abandoned park with access to the river Gums, it is without paths and benches, but with the remnants of the sculptures' pedestals.

Усадьба князей Голицыных в Дубровицах

In the village of Dubrovitsy, Podilsky district, there is a boyar manor, which dates back to the 17th century. Once it was owned by boyars Morozov, Golitsyn, Potemkin, the Romanovs and ambassadors of other states. Now there is a Registry Office, a concert hall, an animal breeding research institute and a Georgian restaurant. Around the estate there is a beautiful park with an old oak tree, which, according to legends, was planted by Peter the Great. A unique Baroque church with a golden royal crown on the dome is located 100 meters from the estate. For a long time there was a wooden church here, but by order of Boris Golitsyn the builders built a stone church with the famous icon of the Sign of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The grounds are open at any time of day, but the church is only open from 09:00 to 17:00 every day.

Fish Point на Симферопольском шоссе

You can dine at Fish Point, a country restaurant on the Simferopol highway. The restaurant serves the freshest fish caught in the morning, and the tables are placed in a rustic house in a warm atmosphere. You can't think of a better place to finish a trip! It's best to book [in advance](