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Fishing and outdoor adventures in the Moscow region

Road Trip Route. Fishing club "Savelievo-2", Khotkovo Rope Park, Riding on quads, Park-hotel "Yakhonty Naginsk", Air Force Central Museum.

The script is suitable for those who love fishing, outdoor activities and extreme adventures. In these 3 days we will enjoy fishing, nature and active rest. We also plan to visit the largest rope park in Russia, where everyone has a chance to overcome fears and try their hand at the obstacle course. In addition, we will have the opportunity to ride with the breeze on ATVs and much more. Don't forget to bring comfortable clothes and shoes! The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Amarok](

Active Leisure. From: Moscow

Volkswagen Amarok.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Recreation in nature

On the first day of the trip we will go to one of the picturesque regional lakes to fish, have a picnic, explore local forests and enjoy the silence and harmony of nature.


Азбука вкуса

On the way to the shop. We will buy all the necessary products for a fishing snack and a picnic in the woods.

Fishing in Pirogovo

Let's go to the fishing pond Fishing in Pirogovo. Here you can rent fishing rods and all the necessary gear. In the pond there are: carp, sturgeon, trout and others. There is also a sturgeon and trout zone. More information is available [on the website]( club.

Пироговский лесопарк

After a long fishing trip we go for a walk in Pirogovsky forest. It is very quiet and picturesque, mothers and children walk along the paths, people go jogging. There are also more secluded corners, where you can settle in for a picnic.

Советская площадь

For today our plans are almost fulfilled, so we can afford to just walk around the central square of Pushkino. In summer and autumn, there are fountains and a lot of people walking around. As in many other cities, the center here is very well equipped for recreation.


It's late hour, so it's time to go to dinner. For this purpose let's have a look at the restaurant "Skazka", located near Yaroslavskoye highway. Facility's menu is quite extensive, you can find a lot of meat and fish dishes, as well as popular salads and snacks.

Day 2: Extreme adventures and relaxation in a resort hotel

On the second day we will visit the Adventure Park, where we will walk obstacle lanes in the rope park, ride quad bikes, and then go to a resort hotel, where we will swim, visit spa treatments, play bowling and much more.

Едим в дороге. Бургер и кофе

Before today's adventure, you should have a good breakfast, because we will need strength and endurance. We can stop for a while at a small café serving burgers and sandwiches. A cup of coffee and a homemade hamburger will quench your hunger in the morning.

Парк приключений

We'll visit an adventure park. It is the largest rope park in Russia. The park has 18 tracks from the simplest to the most extreme, there are also tracks for small guests. In addition to the rope park, here you can play paintball and lasertags, shoot at the shooting gallery. More information about the park can be found at [site](

QuadRider Club

We will ride on quad bikes and get a portion of adrenaline! There are several routes of different lengths to choose from. Proposed routes and prices can be found at [site]( Telephones for booking are also available on the website.

Кафе "Браво"

We stop for lunch at a small cozy cafe "Bravo", which serves Russian and European cuisine. The place is very popular among locals and tourists, and no wonder, because the atmosphere here is created not only by the hospitable attitude of the staff, but also by the real live music.

Yachonty Noginsk

Spend the rest of the day in the Yahonty resort hotel, which is located right on the shore of a small lake and surrounded by a coniferous forest. The guests are offered here spacious rooms of different categories, SPA, swimming pool with water slides, 3-time buffet meals, entertainment events, bowling, cycling and much more!

Day 3: Air Force Museum, walk in the city park.

On the third day of the trip we will visit the museum and learn all about the Russian Air Force, as well as live see the planes and other equipment, after a walk in the central park of Reutov. The trip will end with a dinner in a cafe.

Ресторанный комплекс ПК "Яхонты"

We'll have breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Meals here are organized in a buffet system, so you can not refuse anything. After breakfast there will also be time left to visit the spa and pool.

Museum of the Russian Air Force (Музей Военно-воздушных сил РФ)

Let's go to the Air Force Museum. Here you will learn about the emergence and development of aviation in Russia, you will see the planes of the Great Patriotic War, aircraft of the postwar period, modern aircraft, unique aircraft and other stunning examples of technology. Monday and Tuesday are weekends in the museum.

Бисерово озеро

After a tour of the museum, we can make a short stop at the lake Biserovo. Here you can fish, swim, stroll and enjoy the fresh air.

Reutov City Park (Парк г. Реутова)

We'll rest before dinner in Reutov Central Park. There are small fountains, playgrounds for active recreation: football, table tennis, volleyball and a variety of simulators.

Кафе «Станция»

The journey ends with dinner in a cozy cafe with panoramic windows. The menu includes cold and hot appetizers, salads, soups, pasta, Japanese dishes and desserts. Polite staff and pleasant atmosphere!