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Film City, Lighthouse, Homesteads

Road Trip Route. Visit the filming site of "The Last Bogatyr" movie, Climb the lighthouse, Visit old estates.

A weekend getaway that will provide the ultimate experience. You will walk among the tridevyatogo kingdom teremoks on the site where the fairy tale "The Last Bogatyr" was filmed, climb the lighthouse near Senezh lake, visit the manor, which was the place of inspiration of poet Alexander Blok, and the ruins of the manor, where Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky often stayed.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: In the kingdom of Far Far Away...

Today you will visit the fairytale location, wander among the carved teremts, climb the lighthouse and see the manor house that inspired Alexander Blok.


Film City

Did you know that the film "The Last Bogatyr" was shot not far from Khimki? Now everyone has an opportunity to wander amongst the scenery and imagine themselves as inhabitants of the fairy tale Tridevyatoye Tsarstvo.

Смотровая площадка «Маяк»

It is pleasant to take a walk around Senezh lake in any weather: the town park is nearby, there are rest areas on the shore, and almost by the water itself all travelers are met by a local landmark - the Mermaid of Solnechnogorsk - dressed to keep warm in the Russian winter. But there is another curious point on the lakeshore, where you will definitely get the best photos - it is a sightseeing platform in the form of lighthouse. The height of the lighthouse is about ten meters, you can climb to the top level.

Mamma Italia

There are a few more interesting places to see, but for now it's worth taking a break for lunch. Visit a cosy Italian café with a catchy name, quench your hunger with pasta or pizza and grab a hot coffee to go.

Усадьба «Шахматово»

Shakhmatovo Estate is the historical centre of the memorial museum-reserve of A.A. Blok. It was here that the poet spent his childhood and adolescent years, and where his talent first revealed itself. After the revolution, the estate and the park fell into disrepair, and were restored only by the early 2000s. You can visit the manor house and the park from Tuesday to Sunday.

Усадьба Демьяново

On the other hand, the Demjanovo estate, where the famous philosopher and lawyer Vladimir Taneyev lived, and where Pyotr Tchaikovsky stayed many times, has suffered a sadder fate: it is still in a state of ruins. Fifteen minutes will be enough to see the estate, and then you can look at the ancient Assumption Church, walk along the embankment of the river Sestra, where there is a beautiful small chapel, and take a picture on the bridge.


Finish your trip in the Nekrasov restaurant. The menu here is quite varied, you can find Japanese, Italian and French dishes. The interior is a pleasant mix of loft and classics.