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Farmer's cheese, bison and rare cars

Road Trip Route. See a collection of vintage cars, Milk a goat and taste country cheese, Come and visit bison.

Choosing a holiday destination with children is not an easy task, but quite realistic. This fascinating trip will please both kids and their parents. Exhibition of retro cars and race simulator, tasting of delicious farmer's cheeses, visiting Zubrownik - a great way to spend time outdoors, bond and introduce your child to the wonders of technology and wildlife.

Families with Kids, Animals and Farms. From: Saint Petersburg

Elena Sadchikova. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Cars from the movies, a cheese farm and mighty bison

Start the day with a visit to the Museum of Retro Machinery, which will fascinate children and adults alike. Sign up for a tasting at the Village Cheese Factory: you'll taste the tastiest rustic delicacies and get to know the farm's inhabitants better. And the final event will be a trip to the bison.

Saint Petersburg

Monument "Moose"

Make family selfies at the unusual monument, which is installed on the 50th kilometer of the highway A-121 in Priozersky. The sculpture, depicting a family of elks, is designed to attract drivers' attention to the problem of accidents involving wild animals.


There is a very interesting exhibition of retro cars on the territory of Igora resort. See rare examples of the automotive industry and cars that played an important role in famous films. Afterwards, you can imagine yourself as a racing driver in a virtual simulator. The tour takes about 1.5 - 2 hours, tickets must be purchased online [in advance]( If you get hungry, you can have a snack at the entertainment complex, cafeteria, or one of the restaurants.

Ferma-Syrovarnya "Derevnya"

At the farm "The Village" you can not only taste the tastiest varieties of local cheese, but also learn about the peculiarities of animal housing, and the most daring ones can even milk a goat. Tours can be booked up for weeks in advance on weekends, so book in advance by calling [website](


Meet the bison, majestic creatures and the same age as mammoths. Afterwards, take a walk to a mini-farm where goats, sheep and rabbits live. Those who are hungry for even more vivid impressions can take advantage of the ATV rental service and take a ride along the forest paths. Please note! Only cash payment is accepted at the reserve, other payment methods are not accepted.


If you don't have enough to eat at the tasting, take a last look at Levada. Prices here are above average, but the interior, atmosphere and author's dishes will not disappoint you. For children there is a special menu with light soups, chicken cutlets and spaghetti with cheese. Book tables by phone at [site](

Saint Petersburg